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2 years ago




2 years ago

Hello Everyone,


Well, today's the big vote on the low cost spay/neuter clinics in Alabama. I had way too many obligations to be able to make it to Montgomery. I'm a wreck waiting to see how this turns out. I found another petition concerning this & I just posted it.


Check out my latest. Please crosspost anything you'd like. Here's the link to my news:






2 years ago

Hi! I hope your week is going well! I have posted 18 articles, if you have the time. Thnx so much for the support! It is very much appreciated! Please enjoy your day and be happy my dear friends! TTFN Cher~

2 years ago

Hello there,




Hope everyone is ok. Having a good week!!!


So many stars and comments. You all rock, thank you. Thank you for hanging in there as my friends. Sorry that I can´t be there as I usually am. New computer will be on the way, but I got some waiting to do still




So I got a computer for today, and managed to get it for a second day. So tomorrow I will do some bombarding ))


Here is a news I just put it up. You will be getting more from me tomorrow.Update on Buster. This is all I could find on him.





BBC News - 'Dangerous' Pit Bull With No Teeth Gets Stay of Execution
Animals   (tags: AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animalcruelty, animalrights, animals, animalwelfare, cruelty, dogs, pets, investigation )
Buffy - 46 minutes ago -



Wish you all a great day today no matter where you are, or night.



2 years ago

Dear friends,


to take your minds off from the daily polls and all sorts of bad and sad news I thought I'd send you something to enjoy and relax for a moment, so I'm sending you light. Feel free to visit my post and be sure to watch the videos on site.


Even if you cannot understand German you can still click your way through the top menu and see photos etc. Enjoy, Angie


This awesome spectacle featured each year is expected to attract some additional over half a million visitors to Berlin this October.


Be free, be sexy, be Berlin



2 years ago
Find Out Which Way Your Vet Voted!-Save Alabama's Spay/Neuter Clinics!

Animals  (tags: Alabama low cost spay/neuter clinics, Alabama vets, cats, dogs, AnimalWelfare, ethics, humans, pets, protection )
Ginger - 6 hours ago -

We polled veterinary practices throughout Alabama to see where they stand on this issue. See where they stand on the map below. Then, speak up now and help save nonprofit spay/neuter services in Alabama.
2 years ago

Noted and signed. Thank you Dianne.

ty sandra
2 years ago

Hi! I hope your week is going great!! Here are 20 articles, if you have the time. THNX! Please be well, but most of all be happy my dear friends! TTFN Cher~

2 years ago











====  positive update:  Senator Valesky has responded to our petition and has agreed to co-sponsor legislation that will allow those charged with neglect to be charged with a felony under the penal law! 















    EU, stop the badger cull in England
   Nonprofit spay and neuter clinics won a victory this afternoon as a state board rejected a rule that advocates said would have shut the clinics down.Alabama!


2 years ago












Minister of Environment, Spain: we are asking for a marine reserve in the Serra de Tramuntana, Mallorca.



















2 years ago

  release Shila from this Zoo, she's not a wild cat ; she is a housecat, race Serval Savannah, born in Oklahoma USA. She was taken from her owner.
   Spanish Association Against Cancer: Do not come to collect donations when animal cruelty is involved






   don't allow Video's with (sexual) Animal Abuse




2 years ago   Thousands of animals die of hunger every day; do something about it!













































2 years ago

Hello Everyone, Great news! We won! Nobody voted for it. You'll find all the info in the story. Board Rejects Rule That Could Have Hurt Low-Cost Spay, Neuter Clinics in Alabama Animals (tags: Alabama low cost spay/neuter clinics, Alabama vets, cats, dogs, AnimalWelfare, ethics, humans, pets, protection, GoodNews ) Ginger - 13 minutes ago - MONTGOMERY -- Alabama's veterinary medical licensing board on Wednesday rejected a proposed rule that animal shelter supporters said would have closed low-cost spay and neuter clinics. add comment | demote?: duplicate bad link spam not worthy

2 years ago


2 years ago ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Urgent please, New Mexico only has 58 of these wolves and they just took out the Alpha Female and there is no proof she really attacked some cows, she has pups with here, I see no where that they have any pups retrieved... I have 2 army org's working on it also, But any extra help PLEASE, this is urgent, we need to get her family back together, OMG , I am panic'ing ... not another innocent mama ,please ...our wolves are getting sacrificed and its not fair.... help plz nancy had posted the first part of the story Don't Let The Fox Mountain Female Fall ACTION Animals (tags: wolves, wildlife, endangered,animalwelfare, animalrights, protection, extinction,cruelty, animalcruelty ) Nancy - 13 days ago - Let us stand firm that the removal or killing of critically endangered wolves is NOT a solution to livestock conflicts. NOW..............They GRABBED her!!!! ..... A Female Mexican Gray Wolf Wanted for Killing Too Many Cows in Southwestern New Mexico Was Captured Wednesday Animals (tags: wolf, killing, accused, sadness, crime, cruelty, AnimalWelfare, ethics, death, investigation,killing ) Roxy - 29 minutes ago - The agency said that federal trappers finally caught the elusive pack leader and mother of pups and was listed and found to be in good condition. NO MENTION OF PUPS WITH HER! MORE HERE>>>>>>>

2 years ago

all signed

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