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Vaccinations: A Vaccine Form You Can Give to Your MD
2 years ago

Medical Declaration of Inoculating

(Material only for these people with kind of aversion against vaccinations or compulsions in general for certain reasons)
Although 'Your ...' MD ... or vaccinator probably will not sign this form, so this it can still be an interesting experience or a salutary lesson for him.

In addition to the common market- practice and the product package inserts, admissions by various pharmaceutical corporations (if at all still in use ...) to meet a 'patient' who is concerned about the responsibility of the ingredients and so, vaccinations itself.

Concentrate aware of his re-action !

Neither the doctor nor the vaccine manufacturers to take responsibility for vaccine damage !

However this form gives you a sense of security.
Especially when you become compelled to contaminate your body or your children with proven toxic and proven to be highly hazardous substances.

You recognize the policy of fear - and fear-mongering of the pharmaceutical cartel.

As you now continue lies in your own discretionary.

You may alter the form any time and adopt your countries requirements, therefore, I recommend downloading the .doc format - it can be edited easily.

You may download the vaccineform to your machine and share with your email contacts in two different forms - .doc or .pdf

more info:

Aloha Dianne, I am aware this post does not really fit into your group and you may delete it as you deem neccessary. However, it might contain info your group won't like to miss - Parsifal

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2 years ago


2 years ago

Thank you Dianne, I appreciate.

My opinion was to share my thought and this form as a possible solution with gentle people and thus faciliate a platform for further question about vaccinations as such in order to contribute my part for raising awareness of the 'benefits' of vaccinations and its influence to human tissue.

Currently mandatory vaccinations are out of question but to be prepared in 'good times' can not be a mistake.

Let's face it, what is todays medicine about ?

To cure someone, make people healthier ?

None of above.

It is about to keep us in a condition between suffering and death.

The Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex can not live from the healthful !

The entire machine is built on deceit.

It's about money.

Impossibly I can go into details, it would blast the frame of your group, other people have a better knowledge and some would like to put me cold for speaking out.

I'm telling this only to you Dianne.


The following is addressed to your imagination power.

Imagine, you hear something like 'mandatory vaccinations, obligatory....'

See 'your' doc, asap, imagine to bribe him.

Imagine, to offer him a 50 USD and tell him the truth what you think of the Big Pharma  and if he's an Ar****** or not.

This procedure for a long time works in the medium and higher levels of corporations, government and other mafia agencies, 24/7....

Imagine, for the 50.- he has to attest to you in your vaccination card, he has inocculated you and your family today.

And add your 'vaccinations' to the records.

Imagine, just in case, the FDA is playing again the flu pandemic game, you are on the safe side.

A hint:

Croatia is a most corrupt country.

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