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11 months ago

About that Emrys person.

I am not 100% that Emrys is gone but I am 99% sure (I never say anything is 100%) I looked at several sites he/she was on and I also looked for his/her page. I found another "past member" that may be the same person. He is a she, haha! Maybe? The good thing is that a lot of us reported him/her and that's why this person is no longer here. Or they left on their own. Nothing but an empty square now.

Care2 members/friends rock!!! -julie

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Hey Julie, i had a quick look around & it looks like Emrys is gone! Do you know for sure? xOx

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Several of us are flagging/reporting him for harassing and inflammatory comments. Many people have complained about him here. It's time for him to move on and squawk somewhere else. -julie


Cher told me that if enough people flag his comments, they will be removed.  So that's what I think we should do.  Every time we see his crazy comments ~ let's flag them.   Just the fact he thinks he's a friend of the wolf is insane !  He doesn't even understand what ESA protections are.   Anyway ~  you are so thoughtful and kind.  Sweet Sunday to you ! 


Am hoping too,I did make a comment to him in your news.

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I did report/flagged Emrys's post as inflammatory and harassing. Maybe if enough of us squawk about him, just maybe he will get banned. Crossing toes and fingers. -julie


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Care2 member:

Well Julie, you wrote a very rational, respectful and honest comment.  And to any rational being, it will have an impact, but I think Emrys is off his beanie.  I think he is irriational ~ as in sick with an axe to grind.  Maybe he will reflect on your words ~ god I hope so because I am sure finding his ranting disturbing, but I am thinking we should flag his posts and state they are inflammatory or harrassing if we can.  Maybe that will do something.  I really don't know what to do.  But it needs to stop.  


Emrys's replies back to me from below, sheesh!

#1 it's the truth julie. and i'm sorry if i views offend you.

but i'm a gun owner and i'm not giving them up while people are walking around with weapons like pits.

and i am a friend of the wolf and you guys aren't.


#2 please stay out of my mailbox. cause i will never stop protecting the wolf and i will never ever stop trying to get fighting dog breeds banned from this country.



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Let me know what happenes,he is horrific,he  has been repotred sooo many times.he need to be gon,he is in my news,nancy's news and magenta's news.

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i kinda feel sorry for Emry's, i think he's not a well person & probably is so negative in his posts to gain some attention. You said it well. xOx

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I just wanted to share a message that I sent to Emrys. He made a comment on a post, below, and I took it upon myself to send him a personal message. All of the comments from him that I have read are always cruel and negative. -julie

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What is with your negative attitude here on Care2? If you noticed, most of us are here doing positive things with a positive attitude. And picking on Pitbulls, geez, they have just as much of a right to live and breath on earth as you do! And so do wolves, pertaining to a post you commented on about wolves and poisoned carcasses.

Why are you here if you do not have anything nice to say? Seriously, why!? fighting "dog breeds" had nothing to do with this petition!  

We are about protecting and saving the lives of all creatures, big and small.

We are animal advocates! 

-Quick facts ICCWA - Injury Control Counsel of Western Australia.

-Almost 1,400 Australians are hospitalised per year from a dog bite1 Children 0-4 years have the highest rate of serious injury, particularly facial injuries2 

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