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1 year ago

I agree with you Dianne. I am vegan but give my butterfly credits to the humanely raised animals.
I obviously do not do it for me, but because I know it will take a long time before people move away from meat and open their eyes and understand the holocaust behind a glass of milk, a piece of cheese or a hamburger..
But ASPCA... what a disappointment.
Thank you for all you do xoxoxo

1 year ago
17 secs ago

Yes, I have heard negative things about the ASPCA in the past. it is disconcerting to say the least and I never know what to believe. I guess I don't want to believe that this is happening but it doesn't mean it isn't. I had many butterflies to redeem and I did give them one but gave the rest to marine life, Austin and others.
I am always at odds about humanely raised animals who do indeed end up dying. On one hand I abhor the idea of them dying for food being a vegan; on the other if that is going to happen which sadly it is I want them to be treated well. I totally get what you are saying Dianne. Those who consume dairy but don;t eat meat seem to miss that point. Even if one doesn't eat meat the animals giving them their dairy and eggs are still slaughtered in the end. I started out vein vegetarian but learned things and yes, that they do die after serving farmers until they are no longer useful to them. Again I do want them to be well cared for as this is not going to end. Its a conundrum

1 year ago
56 secs ago

One of the hosts in my goup was posting this ASPCA Killing info quite a while ago.

I had no idea until this point!!! Dianne, ff you remember there was a "Click for Pets in Need" on the Click to Donate page ( ) and the donations went to ASPCA! After an outcry on Care2 they removed it and put "Animal Rescue" instead


I tried to find Lenicka's informative posting about ASPCA but  it disappeared in the archives....

1 year ago
6 min ago

I only pass on the info that is sent to me,I can say that the 5 people that have said this I do know very well and trust...proof I do not know where to find that,but will look into Eric's groups and see what he has to say about this

1 year ago

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C2 Veg'ns assume that Raise a Farm Animal Humanely is a sanctuary. NO! A woman profits $$ greatly from slaughtering / selling the meat, while we donate credits based on title. Not a "cause" many C2 Members think of as being "humane". 

Please share !

1 year ago

For real? Is there another source for prove?

CARE2 BUTTERFLY CREDITS*************************
1 year ago

Dear friends,

obviously you are free to use your butterfly credits as you like, but please inform yourselves before giving gifts to organizations that kill animals or send them to slaughterhouses and, nevertheless, are supported by Care2.

Up to some years ago I also gave gifts to ASPCA or Humane Farm Animal Care, before reading that the former kills thousands of animals in its "shelters" and the latter eventually sends these "humanely" raised and handled animals to the slaughterhouse.

Now I found another petition that confirms my negative opinion about ASPCA:

I kindly invite you to reconsider your decisions about butterfly credits and use them to donate gifts to NO-KILL organizations.

Thank you so much for your kind attention and best wishes for 2014!


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