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Welcome New Members.
14 years ago
14 years ago
Tywla!!!  so much for your invitation.  Am looking forward to posting/sharing recipes here.
14 years ago

 Ivy, I am so happy that you joined,....I am looking forward to trying out some of your recipes.

I will be adding more catagories tomorrow....candy,....beverages.....pork.....and more....

Welcome New Members
14 years ago

Thanks for inviting me, Twyla!  I'll be delighted to join and share recipes with your new group!  You know, in Italy people don't eat pasta ONLY!!  And Naples, in particular, has created lots of dishes in addition to pizza!

Congratulations!  Best of luck to you with this new endevour,


14 years ago

 Giuliana, I am so happy that you joined,....I am looking forward to trying out some of your recipes.....Let me know if there is a catagory that you need that is not created yet....

I will be adding along with what I have mentioned above....casserole's and crock pot recipes as well.....just takes time to think of all the different food catagories..........I would like to have something for everybody....

14 years ago
Thank you for the invitelooking forwart to meeting ev1 and learning new things
Thank You~
14 years ago

Great "Cooking" ~Love to cook!

for the invitation! Sharing recipes with friends too! Delightful!

14 years ago

Nancy and Joan,.....Great to see you here, I see you two have added some recipes for cheesecake...yummmmm.....I love cheese cakes....I am a bit late getting around today....stayed up waaaaaaay past my bed I need to get around to the other groups and see if there is anything needed from me....

Have a great day everybody.....and welcome to all new members that I have missed in my absence.....

Twla P.

Welcome New Members
14 years ago

Thanks, Twyla!

How about "The Italian Cooking Corner", or something like that?



14 years ago
I will create a thread and call it " Ethnic Recipes" ....that way all the ethnic recipes can be in one area....
14 years ago


My friend Ivy C. invite me to meet your group!


I like cook....!

Well... i'm not write so good in english (i'm spanish), but i'm tray to seek in the net recipes to my country ( Chile and Spain, and some places to latinamerica) in english, it's ok?

For the moment i can this, because i'm need so many time for my seek...



and peace to all!!

Carol from Madrid!

14 years ago

 Carol From Madrid,

I think your doing great with your english....I have an ethnic board for your recipes, it you wish to use can also choose one of the other catagories if you want to....

14 years ago

i'm sorry... my english is soooooo bad!

"i'm will tray".... not "i'm tray"

"i can't"... not "i can"...

hehehehe.... patience to this spanish...

mooooooooooooooooore hugs!!!!!!! 


14 years ago

ok,,,, I can read between the lines.....

tray=try.....does that help?

You stop crying now....and have fun....

14 years ago

yes! yes! yes!.... i enjoy this group!!!!


a great smile from madrid!


14 years ago

   Hey everyone. thanks for dropping by and joining. This is the place for    topics and recipes, I believe!  

((((  Twyla ))))   Will probably start with some simple Asian recipes first.  The ones with ingredients that are easily available and easy to prepare.  Will need time to type them out and post it here though. However, I must say that I worry about space constraint here.  

 Carolina. So glad that you could join us.   Any Spanish here other than Carolina? She's been quite industrious in emailing me in English and I appreciate it very much.  It'll be great if someone could help her out should she needs help in the language department.

thanks! it's me!!!!
14 years ago

hello my dear Ivy!!!

i'm carolina (carol) from spain!!!!

it's meeeeeeeeee!

hehehehehe, thanks for you pretty pretty words!!!!

you're great!!!!!

kisses and recipes !


14 years ago
Hey, Twyla!  Thanks for the invite.Hello everyone!
Thanks for the invitation
14 years ago
Twyla, thanks so much for the invitation. I love to cook and I love flavored various of foods. I don't care for foods that makes me feel heavy in my stomach, I like light and I adore chocolates. I am looking forward to share my recipes and everyone to feel free to modify the recipes I shared and let me know about the modifications. I love trying something different all the times.
14 years ago
I put som recipies hope i put them in the right place
14 years ago

Hi Twyla - thanks for the invite.

I love to cook and love to pick up new recipe's where I can!  Already posted one even before I said hello heehee.  Anyway I look forward to browsing your site and picking up some good stuff and sharing a bit too!  Especially looking for veggie recipies :o).


Hi Twyla!
14 years ago

Glad I found this group!  I'll start posting some of my fav recipes!

-Alicia (aka Sharky)

14 years ago

 to the group...I am looking forward to your recipes.

Thank you for joining.


Glad to be here!
14 years ago
I love recipes, and am always glad to share them.  Hope you enjoy my contributions!

Gay Orea
14 years ago
to all new members, looking forward to seeing some great recipes.
Hey Thought I did but Now I am Thanks for the invite I add a Reciepe
14 years ago
 Hi there Twyla, Thought I had put something in here  I am new  Absent minded we speak...  I did contribute a reciepe thought you might to check it out..........  Got a good club, and quite a few reciepes  more time will check out
14 years ago

Hello....thought I'd join as I love to kitchen is the best place to be.

I'm a single Mom of one beautiful daughter and three crazy cats. We live in FL. in a small country town.

I'm looking forward to sharing many good things in thsi group......

14 years ago

 Rebecca..,.....thank you for joining.,.....

Looking forward to trying some of your recipes...we also have a Featured Recipe Of The Week Contest going every week....You can join in on the fun and post a recipe in the thread established for the recipe that you would like to enter.

14 years ago

Good Morning!

I received this from my family & wanted to get this going with some good people that are interested in recipes.   Care2 was my first choice in finding a safe place to have some fun & share good food!  Hope to keep this going !  Thank you.

Hi Friends-
This is an invitation to try a recipe exchange. Please send a recipe to the person whose name is in the number 1 position
below. (Nothing too elaborate, you can find one on the Internet or just jot one down from memory if you want to!)

Then copy this letter to a new e-mail and move my name to the number 1 position and put your name in the number 2 position. Only your name and my name should appear on the e-mail when you mail it out. This is just for fun. You should e-mail it to 10 people. If you cannot do this within 5 days please let me know so it will be fair to those participating. You should receive 100 recipes. It is also fun to see where they come from. Seldom does anyone drop out because we all like new recipes.

Here's how it works:

o       You send a recipe to the first person listed
o       the 10 people that you send this message to will each send a recipe to me,
o       then each of the 10 people that each person you sent the message to will send a recipe to you

So, if everyone participated by sending it on to 10 people, you send out one recipe and receive 100 recipes.

2)      Jane 

3)   Jan   



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