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5 years ago

Research dogs shipped to India under airline’s radar

Nature News Blog

Research dogs shipped to India under airline’s radar

21 Nov 2012 | 19:27 GMT | Posted by Meredith Wadman | Category: Biology & Biotechnology, Health and medicine, Industry, Policy 


Animal activists have known for some time that beagle puppies bred in China are regularly shipped to Indian contract research organizations like Bangalore-based Advinus, which uses them for drug toxicity studies, after which the animals are euthanized.

What they didn’t know was how the animals were getting into India. Most major airline carriers now refuse to transport animals bound for research labs, as Nature recently reported (see ‘Lab Animal Flights Squeezed&lsquo.

It emerged last month that in at least one case, the shipper has gotten around this problem by identifying beagles as &ldquoets.” The discovery was made after an activist snapped the above photo of the crates of 70 beagle puppies in Chennai, India, after they landed on 19 October on a Cathay Pacific flight from China. The puppies were being sent to Advinus from Beijing Marshall Biotechnology, a China-based branch of Marshall BioResources of North Rose, New York, a major research beagle breeder. Cathay Pacific has very publicly refused to transport research animals.

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5 years ago

SAMPLE LETTER - Ban Chemical that is Killing Owls


Administrator Lisa P. Jackson
USEPA Headquarters
Ariel Rios Building

1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N. W.
Mail Code: 1101A
Washington, DC 20460
Fax: 202-501-1450

Dear Madam,

Owls that eat poisoned rats can be poisoned themselves. And its not limited to owls; hawks and other birds of prey are routinely poisoned and die as the result of eating rats that have ingested rat poisoning.
Other birds can also be poisoned if insects eat the rat bait and the birds then eat the insects.

The chemicals in question are used by professional pest-control operators. The chemicals are anticoagulant rodenticides (ARs)-, they work by interfering with the blood's ability to clot. Studies show that the toxins accumulate in birds of prey and other animals.

I ask the Environmental Protection Agency to ban the use of anticoagulant rodenticides in the United States as new studies suggest these poisons get into the food chain and can even kill endangered species.


Ban Chemical that is Killing Owls


5 years ago

 signed Patrizia for the news

5 years ago

All signed and letters sent Patrizia,thanks!!

5 years ago

Going through all now

5 years ago

Thank you everyone !!

NEWS Facility seeks aid to continue animal research
5 years ago
Biomedical research is controversial and concerning, but a boon to the local economy. Target 7 has learned the county could soon be bending its laws to make sure one facility remains here for the long haul.

Read more:

5 years ago

All Shelters are Closing?!?

Animal Friends warns about an alarming situation caused by unreasonable demands from veterinary inspectors

- Adopting of animals in Dumovec shelter has been stopped during the last month; is stray animal care in Croatia collapsing?

In response to the outcries of many citizens over the adoption stoppage of all new animals at Zagreb's animal shelter Dumovec, Animal Friends has exposed an alarming situation that will negatively affect the future of all shelters in Croatia. Veterinary inspectors have issued a resolution for Dumovec in which they only allow the adoption of dogs that have been monitored in the shelter for six months or are negative in high rabies anti-body titration test. Because of this resolution, there are now more abandoned dogs on Zagreb's streets than in the shelter.

This resolution seems to be a result of the constant pressures, monitoring, and controls of the shelter by veterinary inspectors. After closing shelters in June because of alleged rabies situations, and killing 46 healthy animals, unreasonable demands of veterinary inspections could endanger the whole animal adopting system in Croatia.

Testing high titeration of antibodies for rabies at the Croatian Veterinary Institute significantly increases costs to shelters. Is it possible for Zagreb and others Croatian cities to settle these costs, considering that many of them haven't built the shelters yet because of financial problems?!? Existing shelters are often managed by organizations with insufficient financial assets even for basic everyday needs. Every city that finances shelters already has to pay a lot of money to house the animals and to provide food, vaccines, spaying and neutering, and others veterinary services.

5 years ago

Looking at the benefits of partial spays in large dogs

Spaying and neutering dogs is considered standard practice in veterinary medicine. The benefits, as outlined in the latest Integrative Veterinary Care Journal (ICV) include an eight fold decrease in homeless pet euthanasias over the past forty years. In addition to pregnancy, spayed female dogs have a nearly zero percent chance of mammary tumors (if spayed before a first heat) and a nearly zero percent chance of pyometra (a possibly fatal uterine infection).

However, recent research shows that full ovariohysterectomy may not be in the best interests of some large breed dogs. Ovariohysterectomy (OVH) is the current practice for spaying dogs across the US. It involves removing the ovaries and uterus. This removes almost all hormone producing tissue from the female dog, meaning that these dogs will not go

into 'heat' or cycle.

Quoting Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA) articles, Elaine Lissner, the author of the article titled, The Pros of Partial Spay (ICV Fall 2012) demonstrated the need to look into partial spays as a valid option in large breed dogs. Partial spay (hysterectomy) removes just the uterus, leaving the ovaries.

According to Lissner, partial spay, which carries the risk of mammary tumors and pyometra, may, in at-risk breeds, prevent far more dangerous diseases. The diseases cited in the article are osteosarcoma, an aggressive form of bone cancer requiring amputation and chemotherapy, and hemangiosarcoma, a fatal cancer related to the blood vessels. Spayed rottweilers have a one in four chance of osteosarcoma, and an increased risk of hemangiosarcoma.

Additionally lack of ovarian hormones increase the risk of cruciate tears (ACL, CCL), incontinence, and food obsessive behaviors that lead to weight gain and all the concomitant health issues.

Because a traditional spay does not remove all uterine tissue, partial spays are much harder to do. This is due to the fact that in traditional spays there is no hormonal activation of the retained uterine tissue. In partial spays the uterine tissue must be completely removed because hormonal activation can cause dangerous uterine infection, even in small pieces of retained tissue.

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5 years ago

ACTAsia becomes official representative of the Fur Free Retailer Programme in China

ACTAsia for Animals is a fantastic and effective organisation that is campaigning for animals in China.

ACTAsia becomes official representative of the Fur Free Retailer Programme in China ( This programme recognizes and supports retailers who have committed, in writing, to a no-fur policy.

Mark Glover, CEO of Respect of Animals, said: “I am thrilled that ACTAsia has joined the Fur Free Retailer programme as a partner organisation. Fur Free Retailers are now a major force for good, giving consumers a clear and compassionate choice enabling them to shop in places where they know there will be no fur.

This is important as fur is a cruel, unnecessary and morally bankrupt product that the majority of people want to have nothing to do with. Many people are simply offended by the idea of real fur being sold and want to shop with retailers with a conscience that have taken the step of not profiting from cruelty. Sometimes real fur is not even labeled and some consumers are buying real fur without even knowing it. They can be sure that this will not happen when they shop at the many retailers who are now officially Fur Free.ACTAsia is a fantastic organisation that will bring a great deal to the FFR programme helping it to go from strength to strength.

5 years ago


Subject: Make the switch to faux-fur in all your designs!

QVC Incorporated, Office of the President
1200 Wilson Drive 
West Chester PA 19380

Phone: 1-484-701-1000
Dennis Basso Couture Inc.
765 Madison Avenue 
New York, NY 10065
Phone: 212- 794-4400
Fax: 212-288-2947

Dear Sir,

Dennis Basso fur show &mdashhoto credit: NY Magazine

How sad that these women still think they look good in murdered animal skins. How much shame should the industry feel? 
“In spite of his fabulous faux-fur reputation on QVC, Dennis Basso is also known as the “furrier to the stars,” and his Madison Avenue boutique is filled with the pricey skins of mink, foxes, coyotes, rabbits, wolves, chinchillas, lynx, sable, alligator, raccoons, goats, and other animals that are trapped, snared, shot, clubbed, gassed and electrocuted, all to produce frivolous garments and trim for which alternatives exist and which Basso already uses for his lucrative faux-fur designs, “says Edita Birnkrant, NY Director of Friends of Animals.
“While we applaud his decision to sell only faux-fur products on the QVC shopping network, we also believe that Basso is in a unique position to transition to an entirely faux-fur line, in addition to ceasing the use of suede and leather in his designs,” says Valerie Kaye, Communication Director for Friends of Animals.
Elena Bass, resident of Steelton, PA and a longtime QVC shopper informed us that she was looking to buy a faux-sable coat and in an internet search came across a QVC Dennis Basso coat she liked. But to Elena’s horror, she discovered that Basso is also a major designer of real fur by clicking on a link to an article about NYC’s Fashion Week that showed a photo of a real chinchilla coat designed by Basso.
Elena explains, “Before that, I had no idea that Mr. Basso used real fur. When I told my friends, they were shocked; they didn’t know either.” In fact, Elena says she used to buy Dennis Basso pants on QVC and loved the way they fit, but now says, “My QVC card is empty since I found out about this. I won’t buy anything from QVC until Mr. Basso changes. And I had no idea QVC would even consider selling products by someone who uses real fur in his designs. I thought that fight was over.”
Elena adds, “I can’t believe that QVC would be so archaic in their thinking. Most reasonable people understand that there is no need to wear real fur anymore.”
Whether trapped in the wild or bred in captivity and skinned, real fur has no place in an enlightened society, and the tremendous popularity of Dennis Basso’s faux-fur designs on QVC shows that the public believes the same. 
Your fur skin designs once belonged to animals that were born in that skin. It belongs to them, and so does their freedom. 
Other animals, like us, deserve to live free of exploitation and harm, and I urge you to join the modern era and become the premiere purveyor of extraordinary faux-fur garments to the stars.
I pledge to boycott your products until Dennis Basso ditches real fur.

5 years ago

SAMPLE LETTER - Dogs, Animal Welfare, Popesti, Romania]


Cc:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; consaustria@mail.dntt;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Subject: Dogs, Animal Welfare, Popesti, Romania]


Mayor Iacob Petre:

Several dogs have been found poisoned and killed in Popesti.
All were sterilized and known to the locals as being very trusting and friendly. 
We wonder if this is the new strategy ? You even canceled the sterilization campaigns for the coming year!
Romania signed and ratified the European Convenvention on the Protection of Pet Animals (which considers stray animals to be abandoned pets!)
These sadistic killing actions should be severely punished.
We also advise you to publicly condemn this.

5 years ago

All noticed!! How can someone shows their childrens to hunt birds?These childrens will be also animal murder and possible murder of humans,because you know "From the murder of an animal to the murder of a human is just one step away." *Leo Tolstoi*
Thanks Patrizia.

5 years ago

Thomas you hit on some interesting points. The connection between hurting animals and people brought to mind a recent story in my area. There was mention about why the story is so concerning because whoever did this to the animals could be a danger to people as well. Here are three links which contain three articles about the same issue. There were 11 small skinned corpses found that are believed to be either puppies or foxes. There is also mention of a large skinned corpse believed to be a dog or coyote that was found with its feet cut off and a rope tied to it about a week before about 20 miles away from were the 11 were found. Where I live is definitely no different than anywhere else because of the crime against people, animals and the environment. Still many blessings to all.

5 years ago

It doesn't matter if are puppies or foxes.No animal has to die in such cruel and brutal way.
How sick brained must someone,to do so what to a living being.
The humanity will reap what they have sown.
We destroy the earth,then our earth will destroy us.Sooner or later.

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