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5 years ago

The assault continues for four hours, as nearly 300 dogs attack her in quick succession."

PLEASE EMAIL THESE PEOPLE TO MAKE COMPLAINT or phone them if you are able and ask them what they intend to do about this

A black bear cowers in the corner of a pen in rural South Carolina. She is tethered to a stake, surrounded by hundreds of onlookers.

She is foaming at the mouth and popping her jaws, behavior that means she is terrified. Her captors have cut or removed her claws and many of her teeth, leaving her defenseless.

Three hounds run at the bear from one end of the arena, barking furiously. Some of them bite her face and legs. Others jump on her. She backs up on her hind legs, trying vainly to shield her face. The assault continues for four hours, as nearly 300 dogs attack her in quick succession.

This spectacle is a bear baiting competition, called a "bear bay" by participants, and is practiced only in South Carolina.

This is not a sport, it is animal cruelty. I ask you to ban it and prosecute those who continue to participate with felony animal cruelty.


5 years ago

SEND TO:,,,,,

DAYTONA, stop selling FUR!
5 years ago


Subject: DAYTONA, stop selling FUR!


I understand that your online stores are selling many fur or fur-trimmed items, made with real fur. We are sure that if you knew what goes on behind the scenes in the fur industry, you would not want these cruel products to be a part of your collection.

Millions of animals, including rabbits, raccoons

, and foxes, are painfully trapped in steel-jaw leg hold traps each year. 
Those who don't freeze or starve are usually beaten to death or suffocated when the trapper arrives hours or days later. Animals held captive on fur farms spend their short lives crowded in wire cages where they suffer from inadequate water, disease, parasites, and stress. 
These wild animals never get used to the human contact and some of them even chew their own flesh, because they go mad. The animals are killed by anal electrocution, poisoning, or suffocation. 
Those who don't die immediately are skinned alive. 
Sometimes they are only hit in the head and then skinned in order to better preserve the fur of the animal. After that some of them wake up and die after 10 minutes of great suffering. 

People assume that a scrap of fur on the collar is fake and I assure you that many would be appalled to learn that it is real. I trust that you cannot, in good conscience, support this unnecessary torture inflicted upon millions of animals each year.

I hope you will decide to eliminate all fur from your online stores after considering this information. Thank you for your time and attention.

5 years ago

Subject: QVC

QVC Incorporated, Office of the President
1200 Wilson Drive 
West Chester PA 19380
Phone: 1-484-701-1000
Dennis Basso Couture Inc.
765 Madison Avenue 

New York, NY 10065
Phone: 212- 794-4400
Fax: 212-288-2947

Please use the Online form:

click on - Using is not in use (anymore)

To whom it concerns,

Your fur skin designs once belonged to animals that were born in that skin. It belongs to them, and 
so does their freedom. 
Other animals, like us, deserve to live free of exploitation and harm, and I urge you to join the modern 
aera and become the premiere purveyor of extraordinary faux-fur garments to the stars.
I pledge to boycott your products until Dennis Basso ditches real fur.
Ban the Import of All Research Animals
5 years ago


Subject: Ban the Import of All Research Animals

California Governor Jerry Brown
State Capitol
1st Fl.
Sacramento, CA 95814
Fax: 916-558-3160
Tel: 916-445-2841

Eric Larson
Environmental Program Manager
California Department of Fish and Game
Phil Ginsburg
General Manager
San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department
Dear Sir,
African clawed frogs released from a research laboratory in San Fransisco are now considered an "ivasive species", leaving the California Department of Fish and Game to consider draining Lily Pond at Golden Gate Park leaving the African frog, and every natural species, to slowly suffocate to death and killing the ecosystem of the pond.
While releasing this frog may have been intentional, natural disasters (such as earthquakes) could destroy research facilities, allowing many non-native species into an environment that could potentially destoy entire ecosystems.
I ask California to ban imports of all animals used in research facilities.

Save Finland's Ringed Seal from Extinction
5 years ago


Subject: Save Finland's Ringed Seal from Extinction


Jari Koskinen 
Ministery of Agriculture and Forestry
Hallituskatu 3 A, Helsinki

PO Box 30
FI-00023 Government, Finland
Phone: 09-1605 3301 
Fax +358-9-1605 4202

Päivi Räsänen
Ministry of the Interior
PO Box 26, FI-00023 Government
Kirkkokatu 12, Helsinki
Tel +358 71 878 0171
Fax +358 71 878 8555

Ville Niinisto
Ministry of the Environment
Kasarmikatu 25, Helsinki
P.O. Box 35
Tel: +358 20 690 160
Fax: + 358 9 1603 9320

Dear Sir,
Found only in Lake Saimaa, Finland, the Fish traps can also be dangerous for the ringed seal., Pusa hispida saimensis, is extremely endangered with only 310 of them left.
Faced with many threats from human activities, the Saimaa ringed seal is vunerable to climate change, disturbed nesting places from coastal developement and violations of fishing restrictions. Fish traps can also be dangerous for the ringed seal and net fishing is the biggest threat for the Saimaa ringed seal- drowning many pups.
A fish trap with a loose funnel is a threat to the Saimaa ringed seal pups. Fish traps with loose or wide funnels are prohibited on main ringed seal territories, but nonetheless, almost half of the fishing gear that were inspected in 2011 were in violation of the recommended guidelines.
I ask Finland to continue to upgreade fishing gear and follow recomended guildlines to save the Saimaa ringed seal from extinction.
5 years ago

Done my best Patrizia

5 years ago

Working on them now

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