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5 years ago


Subject: Protecting Yellowstone Wolves


To :

Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks Director Hagener

Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks Commissioners:

Montana Governor Bullock

The governor's Natural Resources Advisor, Tim Baker

Dear Sir,

As of December 2012, eight wolves collared by researches and four non-collared wolves were killed by hunters outside the park’s boundary.
Conservation organizations are asking to increase protection areas surrounding the park’s immediate boundaries to ensure these packs are not targets of trapping and/or hunting practices.

A brief history: After mass extermination in the 1900 – 1920s, wolves were eliminated from their natural habitat as these were viewed as pests.
Further studies taking place in the 1940s relating predator-prey ecology built scientific evidence emphasizing the need for wolf conservation.
In 1995 and under large controversy, 14 wolves selected from multiple packs from Canada were released into the park.
In 1996, an additional 17 wolves were released into the park; thus completing a balanced number of specimens for natural reproduction and survival, which has been studied and monitored by scientists, conservation volunteers and park officials. In addition to daily observations (when wolves are within view), typically alpha members of the different packs are fitted with VHF or GPS collars so the packs can be tracked and studied.

Since the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park, yielded data has shown a positive impact in the park’s ecosystem (, as well as a positive economic impact (

Therefore I urge you :

1. To stop trapping/hunting wolves’ in ALL areas adjacent to Yellowstone National Park. This may require modifications to the Wolf Management Units neighboring Yellowstone National Park.

2. Permanently close Wolf Management Units WMU-13 and WMU-16. These are the sections were most of the wolves from YNP were killed.

3. Make it illegal to shoot (collared) wolves as these animals play an integral role within the wolf packs of Yellowstone National Park, research and monitoring.


5 years ago

Signed all and letter sent,thanks Patrizia

5 years ago

signed some,thanks Patrizia

the whales were saved by the full moon...Mother Nature is strong

and this time merciful

The yellowstone situation I am well aware of ,have crossposted a lot of the petitons

to the group I host with Vicky;Moonflower


have a look,it may interest you and others coming to this thread.

5 years ago

ALL signed ,Except no.8 & facbook .Thanks Patrizia .

5 years ago

Signed all and sent letter

5 years ago

some already signed..signed the others  thanks Patrizia

5 years ago

Signed all and letters sent. Thanks Patrizia. I will check out your and Vicky's group Tasunka.

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