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6 years ago

Thanks patrizia dog fighting site reported

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I joined the cause Patrizia. Thanks

6 years ago

Thank you Wolf. You are the best!!!! 

14 arrested in 4 Philadelphia dog fighting raids
6 years ago


A total of 14 people have been arrested and more than a dozen dogs rescued after four dog fighting busts in Philadelphia.


The names of those arrested have not yet been released.

In the first case, animal cruelty investigators say they had a building, located on the 2600 block of Gerritt Street in Grays Ferry, under surveillance for months.

They told Action News that they got word a dog fight was in progress late Sunday night, and some of the most wanted dog fighters in the city were inside the house.

"We've had some of these individuals, who showed up at this fight, under surveillance for quite some time," said George Bengal from the Pennsylvania SPCA. "To finally have them all get together in one location was a big win for us."

Authorities say they found as many as 20 suspects hiding in spots all over the house - in the sinks, under garbage in the basement. They took them out in handcuffs one by one.



6 years ago

Pit bull bite breeds debate

Recent incidents involving man’s best friend not being so friendly have resulted in Fulton asking some tough questions when it comes to canines.

One particular breed has once again come to the forefront of these discussions — pit bulls, which is what people commonly call the breed or a mix of the breed officially recognized as the American pit bull terrier. Some argue that the breed is a nuisance, others that it is lovable and simply misused by some people.

Although banning the pit bull breed within city limits has not been suggested at any recent city council meetings, both the breed and the current animal ordinance were brought up at the last council meeting on March 28. Forming a committee that would consider amending the city’s animal ordinance was discussed after concerns were raised that it wasn’t effective enough in certain situations.

“In my opinion, the ordinance we have today doesn’t have enough teeth,” Major Roger Rice of the Fulton Police Department told the council. “We’re not making people responsible for their animals.”

Rice said on Thursday that he would like to see people receive higher fines when the circumstances call for it.

The police department or animal control can issue dog owners a summons for an unrestrained or vicious dog.

However, Rice said in his experience, many times the owner will only receive the minimum charge of $25 on the first offense for a dog running at large.

City Prosecuting Attorney Casey Clevenger said that although she hasn’t had any cases since taking her position in January that involved prosecuting dog owners for loose or vicious dogs, she could “anticipate certain facts in cases where higher fines would be appropriate where another animal is injured or a human is injured.”



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Animal abuse bill goes to Texas House
6 years ago

Bill would create online database to track felons

Josh Hinkle

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Texas House members will soon consider a bill that would allow people to track animal abusers online. This week, SB 779 passed on the Senate floor 30-1.

The idea for an web-based animal cruelty registry is something KXAN first reported in November. It is like the state’s sex offender registry but for animal abusers. Anyone convicted of felony animal cruelty would go on this online, public database for 10 years.

6 years ago


She was alive when they found her; covered in 4 generations of maggots her body was decomposing as you can see. She weighed less than the chain on her neck. She could not see nor hear and out of mercy was given a lethal dose injection. She moaned as they moved her body. Once somebody's baby when she was born, literally left to rot to death by human beings.

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6 years ago

18 min ago

Bait Dog’s Torture "the Worst" in Camden: Shelter


A pit bull mix that authorities believe was used as a “bait dog” is recovering from abuse that is “the worst” Camden County Animal Shelter workers have ever seen.

The dog, named “Hero,” was found covered in mud, oil and dried blood outside a Camden apartment on the 300 block of Boyd Street on Monday, authorities at the Camden County Animal Shelter in Blackwood told the Courier Post.

The dirty motor oil had been poured all over the dog’s gaping gashes to seal the wounds.

"He's one of the worst," Laura Buonpastore, who has been supervising Hero’s care at the shelter, told the Courier Post. "Usually they'll have a couple wounds, but he had to get put under right away to clean out his neck."

Animal control officials believe he was chained for sport so two dogs could try to subdue him.

The dog had a quarter-sized wound near his left eye and another on his forehead, with scabs forming on his neck and sides. A vet had to lance a festering abscess, which is still being drained.

And yet, after all of the pain and abuse Hero has been through, shelter workers say he is full of love.

"He has no aggression toward other dogs so far that we can tell," Buonpastore told the Courier Post. "He's very curious. To be attacked by two other dogs -- it's kind of amazing to see him not really be aggressive."

No one has acknowledged owning the dog. No one has been charged with abuse.

For now "Hero" is recovering from his injuries. The shelter hopes that he will be up for adoption soon.

To get info on Hero or to make a donation for his care, contact the Camden County shelter at 856-401-1300.

6 years ago

Pit Bull Abuse


Help Stop Pit Bull Abuse
Pit Bulls are being abused everyday. The main reason for this is Dog Fighting. The "Pit Bull" tends to be the best fighting dog, because of it's strength, high pain tolerance, and desire to please it's owner. People who fight these dogs, abuse, torture and even use them as bait if they aren't good fighters. The "Pit Bull" in short, originally produced from Bull Dogs (known for their strength) and Terriers (known for their agility, energy and courage) the Pit Bull was bred to pin and control large dangerous animals, such as Bulls, Bears and Boars. NOT FOR FIGHTING! People who fight these dogs, abuse, torture and even use dogs as bait if they aren't good enough fighters (not strong enough, not aggresive, won't kill, etc.) These people are trying to live their lives through their dogs because they are insecure about themselves and are cowards. If you know of anyone who participates, promotes or spectates in dog fighting, do not hesitate to report them to the Police. Remember, dog fighting is a felony in 43 states in the U.S., and a misdemeanor in 7 states. Making it illegal in all 50 states! Also, spectating is illegal in all states except Iowa, Hawaii, Montana and Virginia. Please Help in ending Pit Bull Abuse and Animal Cruelity NOW!



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6 years ago

Should city dog laws target specific breeds, like pit bulls? Published: Saturday, April 09, 2011, 8:00 AM



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6 years ago

Thanks Patrizia, all noted.

6 years ago

Thank you Wendy 

6 years ago

Release Ban on Pit Bulls

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6 years ago

Reform the NYC ACC NOW!!!

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6 years ago

Face Book - Please clean it UP!! No animal abuse allowed on your network

There are many groups supporting animal abuse on face book.  These groups, mostly dog fighting, have graphic videos, pictures, and are selling and trading pit bulls, and other dogs to fight, some until death.  Fighting dogs is illegal in the United States, and in most countries.  Face book is based in the United States and should not allow these groups to continue.  Just deleting the videos or pictures does not stop the problem.  The entire groups need to be deleted off...


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6 years ago

All signed and noted..

6 years ago


6 years ago

Thank you all signed.

6 years ago

all signed and noted. that poor innocent pit covered in maggots and still alive. how horrific is this! i pray the cowardly cretin who did this experiences nothing but bad luck the rest of his worthless life and rots in hell on earth and the hereafter.

6 years ago

All noted and petitions signed. Thank you Patrizia.

6 years ago

Allow people to adopt PitBulls, Chows and rottweilers from Guilford County Animal shelter


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6 years ago

thank you patrizia both signed

6 years ago

All signed.

6 years ago

Diamond, second dog victim of alleged puppy killer

Oshkosh, WI – Snoop was not the only victim of Bryan Hutcherson’s cruelty. The Oshkosh Area Humane Society(OAH has just been allowed to release information on Hutcherson’s second victim – a brindle Pit bull pup named Diamond.

On April 2, while investigating the death of Snoop, authorities discovered Diamond.

Officials believe that this pup may be a sibling to the deceased dog – Snoop. Diamond was in poor condition at the time that police removed her from Hutcherson’s residence.

When she was taken to OAHS, she was severely dehydrated and frail – she appears to have suffered from long-term starvation. Her muscles were atrophied and her growth stunted.

Somehow Diamond survived – while her housemate, Snoop, did not.

 Perhaps Hutcherson did not become “too stressed” to feed this puppy until several days after he decided that Snoop was too much to care for….

Thankfully, Diamond is in good hands now.

She has been receiving high quality puppy food which has helped her to regain 25 percent of her body weight – when she first arrived she weighed a dismal 19 lbs. Just yesterday, Hutcherson went before a judge for chargesstemming from Snoop’s horrific death. Hutcherson’s defense attorney convinced the judge that his client needed to be evaluated for “competency”.

Hopefully Hutcherson will face charges of some sort for Diamond’s deplorable condition as well. She is only alive because authorities discovered her in time…had Snoop not been dumped on a sidewalk to die, this sweet dog would be yet another animal cruelty statistic…

Why an individual would acquire dogs, only to ignore and starve them, remains a mystery.


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6 years ago


6 years ago

Recommended Reading /Pit Bull Specific


The Working Pit Bull 

By Diane Jessup 

The American Pit Bull Terrier 

By Jacqueline O’Neil 

The Ultimate American Pit Bull Terrier 

By Jacqueline O’Neil 

American Pit Bull and Staffordshire Terriers 

By Joe Stahlkuppe 


Training and Behavior

How to be Leader of the Pack 

By Dr. Patricia McConnell 

The Cautious Canine 

By Dr. Patricia McConnell 

Fiesty Fido 

By Dr. Patricia McConnell 

The Other End of the Leash 

By Dr. Patricia McConnell 

The Culture Clash 

By Jean Donaldson 

Mine! A Practical Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs 

By Jean Donaldson 

The Power of Positive Training 

By Pat Miller 

Don’t Shoot the Dog 

By Karen Pryor

6 years ago

DOGFIGHTING HURTS Animals, children, communities, and you. Be part of the solution.
5 min ago

 The Humane Society of the United States will PAY YOU UP TO $5,000 for information leading to the arrest nd conviction of a dogfighter. If you suspect dogfighting in your neighborhood, call the police. YOUR IDENTITY WILL BE PROTECTED.


 WHETHER IT’S AN IMPROMPTU FIGHT on inner-city streets or a well-planned tournament at a discreet rural venue, dogfighting is everywhere. And in recent years, it has reached epidemic proportions. The Humane Society of the United States estimates that

there are more than 40,000 people involved in organized dogfighting and 100,000 informal street dogfighters in the United States



What Happens in a Dogfight?

Dogs, usually pit bulls, are bred and trained to fight each other to the death or until one dog can’t continue—all for the amusement of spectators and the profits from high-stakes gambling. Fights can last for hours, as the dogs are trained to continue even after suffering serious wounds. Dogs who can’t fight are abandoned or mercilessly killed by electrocution or gunshot. How Does Dogfighting Affect People? Dogfighting not only hurts animals but also endangers a community’s safety. Illegal drugs and firearms are commonly found at the scene of animal fighting events. Young children brought to matches are desensitized to violence and taught that cruelty is acceptable.



Evidence shows that those who commit dogfighting crimes and other forms of animal abuse are more likely to be violent toward people. According to a three-year study by the Chicago Police Department, 65 percent of the people arrested for animal abuse crimes—including dogfighting—were also arrested for violent crimes against people. Is Dogfighting Illegal? Yes, dogfighting is a felony in every state and a federal felony. 


 Does My Community Have Dogfighting?

Dogfighting is pervasive and can take place in any community. Some signs include: • A large number of pit bulls held in one location, especially multiple dogs who are chained and seem unsocialized • Dogs with scars on their faces, front legs, hind ends, and thighs • Dogfighting training equipment such as treadmills and tires hanging from trees • Many people visiting a location at odd hour.



• If you see any suspicious activity related to animal abuse or dogfighting, report it to local police or humane officers. 

• Urge your local, state, and federal representatives to support better funding for enforcement of animal fighting laws. 

• Write letters to the editors of your local newspapers about the cruelty and dangers of dogfighting. This raises awareness in your community and can persuade others to take action.

• Write letters to law enforcement officials, such as your local sheriff, police department, and prosecutors, urging them to take the issue seriously.

• Volunteer at, or adopt from, your local shelter. Remind people that the dogs are the victims in animal fighting!

• Learn the truth about pit bulls, many of whom make great pets. Spread the word—one of the best ways to help these animals is by dispelling the stigma associated with the breed


6 years ago


Photos: Cruelty of Chaining

These photos are intended to educate people about the cruelty of keeping dogs continuously chained, and the importance of helping chained dogs. Photos below the "warning" label are explicit and disturbing.

Neglected dogs like these need you to make a difference in their lives!


This guy is really a prisoner. I will never understand why having a chained pit bull is seen as a status symbol among some folks. Listen to rap mogul Russell Simmons talk about why animal cruelty isn't cool. 

Why did this dog's owner place 5 heavy chains around her neck?

I'm sure this dog would have appreciated some food, too.


This poor chained dog, living in a barrel with her puppy, is so sad.

Dogs do feel physical pain. Dogs also suffer in extreme cold and heat.

This hungry boy, Charlie, was left to starve on a chain. He went for a week with no food and was finally rescued byBeebee, Arkansas Humane Society.Charlie was fostered by Smilin' Pit Bull Rescue, but he ended up having to be euthanized. I am so glad that Charlie did get a few months of wonderful care and love, though.



This picture says it all. Obviously, this dog's owners considered him no better than trash. Humane society workers in Cumberland County, NJ rescued this dog. His trashcan was packed with enough trash that "Oscar" could barely see over the top. Sadly, Oscar had to be euthanized due to a severe case of ringworm.


Humans in this country used to be kept in chains while waiting to be sold at slave auctions. Slaves were treated as "objects" without feelings. Some slaves were tortured by cruel owners. Similarly, some people now keep dogs in chains and treat them as "objects" without feelings. Dog fighterstorture dogs in terribly cruel ways to make them mean.

This dog was rescued by the amazing animal advocate Desiree Bender withWhere Angels Run.
6 years ago

25 dog-fighting suspects in court; 1 doesn't show
6 years ago

Puppy, bound and broken, found in dumpster


Dallas, Texas – How much hurt can one heart endure -- how long before the endless stories of cruelty squash the spirit and make the most stoic of supporters grow numb or worse, turn their head to hide?

Though my own heart is hurting and I am weary from sharing repeated stories of cruelty, I know that my pain is nothing compared to that of the pain endured for just one moment by these tortured little souls.

So on that note, I will continue to share – if my weary readers can muster up their own strength to continue reading.

Meet Brady – a perfectly adorable butterball puppy – just 3.5 months of age. Brady was discovered in a dumpster this past weekend.

This little innocent had been thrown away – but before someone tossed him like an inanimate piece of trash – they hurt him.

He was discovered with duct tape covering his eyes, nose, ears and mouth – someone had broken his little shin – he was tortured and then abandoned – left to die alone.Moving forward to the positive side of this horror story.

Brady was found by a resident that heard him in the trash – he was discovered before he perished from suffocation, heat stroke, or being crushed in a trash compacting truck.


Duct-Taped Puppy's Rescuer Asks Public to Stay Alert to Animal Abuse 
Animals  (tags: animalsanimalcrueltyabusecrueltydogspetsrescuedsadness
 Maria - 5 hours ago - 
The little dog she named Brady soon would have died of heat and suffocation, all the while suffering from the pain of a broken leg, if her neighbors hadn't noticed him there in the dumpster and summoned her to help.


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Fighting Dog From Mexico Gets 2nd Chance In St. Louis
6 years ago

video news  Fighting Dog From Mexico Gets 2nd Chance In St. Louis

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6 years ago

Saving Fighting Dogs April 11th, 2011 by Whitney Ray

Dogs are rarely seen inside the state capitol, but today… Dolly, a pit-bull and former fighting dog attended a news conference outside the House Chamber in an effort to keep fighting dogs from being euthanized.

Current Florida law calls for dogs seized from fighting rings to be put down. State Senator Norman and Representative Luis Garcia are pushing legislation that would change that. Norman says their bill would require animal control officials to conduct an individual assessment to determine if the dogs are actually dangerous before they’re put down.

“As you can see if dogs are treated right, they’re like man’s best friend, lady’s best friend; they’re just absolutely wonderful creatures,” said Norman.

Dolly is one of 500 dogs seized from the largest fighting bust in U.S. history. Her owner says she’s proof not every victimized dog is a threat.

6 years ago

All noted. It is the middle one.

6 years ago


AC Pup: Seminar to help people recognize signs of dog fighting

As you may know by now, April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month, and have we ever been busy working on it! But this issue will not just be a monthlong endeavor for us. Prevention of cruelty will continue to be a strong focus long after April is over, because I think if we can teach people to be kind to animals, then they just might be kind to people, too.

We shot a great anti-cruelty commercial with the incredible leadership of the Macon Police Department and the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office along with the fabulous K-9s and officers from both organizations and Macon Animal Control. Man, is it awesome!

I am totally amazed by the strong message it delivers in only 30 seconds. Half a minute, and it packs a punch! Why, for a slow moving Southern boy like me, in 30 seconds, I can usually only squeeze in about five tail wags and three kisses, unless I’m around my sweetheart Miss Rosie Flanigan. Then I get a little crazy with turbo wagging and speed kissing.

Be on the lookout for the commercial. It should begin running on local television stations soon.

Unfortunately, I routinely see dogs come to the shelter that have been used for fighting. I see evidence too gruesome to describe to you here, because people who love animals are usually very tender-hearted and couldn’t bear to hear the reality of what I see every week.

But the good news is we’re not plunging our heads in the sand to pretend it doesn’t exist. Dog fighting does exist, and we’re going to face it head on. We’re going to educate ourselves on this issue, confront it and continue to make a positive impact for the animals and people in Macon.

So here’s something you won’t want to miss. Central Georgia CARES is hosting a free community seminar Thursday at 6 p.m. at Forest Hills United Methodist Church. The topic is recognizing signs of dog fighting in our community.

This interesting seminar will be presented by an investigator from Atlanta who is responsible for breaking up dog-fighting rings throughout Georgia. In fact, his organization has worked with law enforcement agencies across the state to rescue and save tons of animals from brutal lives of vicious fighting.

And he will teach us how he has put a stop to bad guys who have been fighting dogs in other parts of the state. You can see more about the successful work they’ve done by visiting www.helpstop

We’re really lucky to have this presentation available in Macon. I hope you’ll be able to come so we can all fight animal abuse!

Send questions for AC Pup to AC Pup is the mascot for Central Georgia CARES and Macon Animal Control. Visit his website at or his Facebook page.
Read more:




6 years ago

No, sorry Kathleen that is not a pit bull. That is ALAPHA BLUE BLOOD BULLDOG 

click on the site there are 25 more pictures to choose 

6 years ago


Only one of the pictures below features the real American PitBull Terrier. Take the test to see if you can find it. To find the breed of a dog, click on image. Note there are no mixes or rescue dogs of unknown background who's breed could be debated. All dogs have been picked from breeders' websites and should be good representatives of their breed.

When you are done, ask your family and friends to take to test and watch the results. For many people, a Pit Bull is a a big headed dog, or a dog with cropped ears. For some it's a brindle dog, a big, stocky dog, or one with an eye patch.

Quite often dogs that attack are identified as pit bulls when they are not. There are 20+ breeds that are commonly incorrectly identified as pit bulls.  Visit Understand-a-bull for more information.






6 years ago

#16 is the american Pit Bull Terrier.

6 years ago

You are rigth #16 IS THE PIT BULL. Good eyes Wolf

6 years ago

ACTION ALERT: Bring Justice for "RED", A Forgotten Dog In Pittsburgh, PA ! PLEASE SIGN ! 
Animals  (tags: redhorrific sufferingtorturous deathstarved to deathcrime,chargesanimal cruelty ) 
 Simone - 4 hours ago - 
On Friday, April 15, 2011, Lawrence Lecote was charged with cruelty to animals for alledgely allowing his pit bull, "RED". to starve to death in the backyard of his parent's vacant home. Red was allowed to die a slow, painful death because noone who hear

6 years ago

Thanks Patrizia. Already signed the petition. Shared on fb too.

6 years ago

Thank you signing and sharing the petition wolf 


6 years ago

Another dogfighting bust - 8 dogs rescued


The SPCA made another major dog fighting bust in Philadelphia Wednesday evening.



The search warrant they served Wednesday was a direct result of the four raids earlier this week.


At least 2 people people have been taken into custody and authorities are tracking down more.

All are facing felony charges for animal fighting.

"This is very shocking to me, you hear the dogs all the time," one neighbor told Action News.

RELATED: Photos from the latest dog fighting raid

Authorities carried out eight pit bulls that officials say bear battle scars and old wounds from a Lawncrest home.

"These dogs here were not in that great of condition, the conditions that they were being kept inside were horrible," PSPCA spokesman George Bengal said.

This article give me hope for a better future for pit bulls
6 years ago

Rules on breeding fighting dogs might tighten
ČTK | 
5 APRIL 2011

Prague, April 4 (CTK) - A recent attack by a rotweiler on a pre-school-aged girl, who may lose an eye, has again started a debate on breeding fighting dogs and Czech politicians are considering tightening the rules, daily Lidove noviny (LN) writes yesterday.

It writes that stricter conditions were sought the last time three years ago by Jeronym Tejc, shadow interior minister of the Social Democrats (CSSD).

He wanted to push through legislation that would embed a sort of "arms license" for fighting breeds, LN writes.

It says last year 1358 dog attacks on a person were reported. One quarter of the attacked were children. In 1100 of them people were bitten by a dog. One quarter of the attacked ended up in hospital.

Eleven people have died in consequence of a dog attack since 2000, LN writes.

"Every such attack may ruin a small child's life...We will resume the discussion on a broader responsibility of dog owners and on stricter conditions of breeding fighting dogs," LN quotes Petr Gazdik, head of the government TOP 09 deputy group, as saying.

"We will deal with such an initiative. From the point of view of criminal law, a dog is a weapon," LN quotes Justice Minister Jiri Pospisil (Civic Democrats, OD as saying.

"It must definitely be stated that only a person with a clean criminal record can have such dogs just as it is usual abroad," LN quotes Interior Minister Radek John (Public Affairs, VV) as saying.

The breeding of fighting dogs is not regulated in the Czech Republic, LN writes.

It says all initiatives to tighten the conditions and decrease the number of children attacked by dogs have always failed in attempts to define dangerous breeds, LN writes.

"To classify dog breeds is a problem. It ensues from statistics that people are most often bitten by various cross-breeds, cocker spaniels, Alsatians or dachshunds. The demonised breeds (pitbulls, rotweilers) do not occupy the top positions," LN quotes Josef Duben, spokesman for the Czech State Veterinary Administration, as saying.

He said it is difficult to decide "what criteria should possibly be applied when banning the breeding of certain races."

That is why politicians are reluctant to divide dog breeds into the fighting and non-fighting ones as it is done abroad, LN writes.

It writes that ODS deputy David Seich, for instance, says he would "slightly increase penalties for using an animal as a live weapon and bad training, and introduce a mandatory chipping of all breeds."

Others insist on the owners of dangerous breeds being obliged to have a certificate confirming that their dog has undergone at least fundamental training, LN writes.

"I would like this because every attack destroys our sport," LN quotes Jaroslav Smolik, chairman of the Czech Union of Dog Trainers, as saying.

6 years ago

Michael Vick: Quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles and Changed Man

6 years ago

Groups Try to Change the Image of Pit Bulls

By Lou Chilelli

April 14, 2011Updated Apr 15, 2011 at 8:05 AM EDT

City of Batavia, N.Y. (WKBW) -- Vicious maulers. A danger to everyone. Pit bulls have been used for dog fights and by gangs to guard drug houses. But, as Joyce Clark walks her daughter's dog along a quick street in Batavia...this pit bull mix is a world away from the breeds stereotype.

"People have just grasped on to the fact that these are mean dogs and really they are not," Clark said. Joyce also owns a pit bull mix. Her daughter's dog Cassey was found abandon and in poor health in a warehouse in Buffalo. Cassey has been living with her new family for almost two months.

"I think people hear the word pit bull and they think that it's automatically just this mean fighting machine. And, they don't ever take the time to go to a local shelter...go to a local rescue...get to know the breed...get to see how intelligent they loving they much they just want to be part of a family," Clark added.

For Joyce and her fellow bully breed lovers...raising awareness is a difficult task. For every 700 pit bulls and pit bull mixes that end up in shelters.... "699 will not ever find their forever home. Only one of those dogs will. Unfortunately the other 699 will be euthanized, solely because of their breed," Clark said.

Over the next few months different community events will be held to try and change the perception that people have about the breed. "Given the right training...proper socialization...they can be the most loving, loyal pets you could ever want," Clark remarked.

You can get more information about the upcoming events, by going to our web site, and clicking on news links on our home page.

6 years ago

All noted and petitions signed. Thank you Patrizia.

6 years ago

Thank you Patrizia, all signed.

6 years ago

All signed and noted.


This should be disturbing for all dog owners.


Has Michael Vick done enough to prove that he is a changed individual?
  • Yes
  • No
  • More Time is Needed
  • Total votes: 86
    6 years ago

    disturbing in deed...

    6 years ago

    Pet limits proposed in Warwick City looks to close loophole on owning animals

    Updated: Friday, 15 Apr 2011, 6:15 AM EDT
    Published : Friday, 15 Apr 2011, 6:15 AM EDT

    • Reporting by Alex DiPrato

    WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) - Warwick pet owners may soon need to worry about how many dogs or cats they own.

    Right now, city law contains a loophole allowing people to keep more than three animals, as long as they live outside.

    City leaders want that loophole closed after 15 pit bulls were found chained in the woods off Toll Gate Road in December.

    If approved, only people who own a kennel or have a breeder's license would be allowed to have more than three animals.


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    6 years ago

    All noted..

    6 years ago

    noted&signed thank you

    6 years ago


    The Pit Bull Project's youtube contribution click here.

    To watch the "Pit Bull Problem" flash video, please click here.
    To watch the "Message to the Media" flash video, please click here.


    ~ A note from the webmaster


    The Pit Bull Project is dedicated to the education and preservation of the 'pit bull' breeds. Through this website, I hope to share some of my findings and research, combining some of the most useful and reliable information on and off the net, into one website. Through this website, I aim to raise awareness about responsible bully-breed ownership, as well as to provide bully-breed owners and the general public with excellent resources, whether they deal with breed specific legislation or breeding.

    The Pit Bull Project IS NOT a rescue group. As the creator of the website, I work WITH rescue groups in helping to spread the word about adoptable bullies and responsible ownership.

    The Pit Bull Project does not support dog fighting, animal cruelty or irresponsible breeding.

    For clarification purposes, the use of the term "pit bull" includes the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and any mix of the previously mentioned breeds.

    Photographs of pit bulls throughout the website have been kindly donated by the wonderful people who have rescued them. These dogs are not meant to represent defined UKC/AKC breed standards of the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, or the Staffordshire Bull Terrier - they are simply wonderful photographs of family pit bulls at their best.

    Thank you for taking the time to visit The Pit Bull Project.


    ~ V.M

    6 years ago

    Pet Friendly Properties Increase Value

    Sending Rover to the doghouse is no longer the punishment it once was because many of today’s pooches of panache live lifestyles of the woof and famous. According to a recent review of properties by Move, Inc. (NASDAQ:MOVE) , the leader in online real estate, man’s best friend today receives more than just bones for treats as many homeowners are rewarding their dogs with custom-built doghouses, deluxe dog runs, custom “doggy-doors”, pet-friendly landscaping, private patios with personal fire hydrants, and other features that add value to their master’s property with many buyers.

    “Pets have become important members of the family, and their needs are often high on the list of must-haves for many buyers, sometimes even higher than priorities of the two-legged members of the family,” says, Eileen Healy at Prudential Rocky Mountain Realtors® in Colorado. “Calling out features or local pet-friendly amenities can make or break a buyer’s interest in a particular property.

    6 years ago

    All noted. Thank you for the information Patrizia.

    6 years ago

    all noted. tried to leave a comment on vick. very upsetting results. he's fooled so many people. i hate him, once an animal abuser, always a loser. i still say he shd be incarcerated in a feces encrusted dog cage the rest of his worthless life. spawn of the devil!

    6 years ago

    All noted.

    6 years ago

    All noted.. Did anyone catch The Ellen show yesterday, where Wayne Parcelle was on there promoting his book and saying that he thinks that Vick has changed his ways. That he is speaking to 2 youth groups per month for the rest of his life, to change the image that they have about dog fighting? Do we ever hear of the 2 groups that he speaks too? He also, spoke about the Missouri law being overturned by the legislature in favor of puppy mills.

    6 years ago

    Jay Nixon brokers compromise to Prop B that's still %#&!*% for dogs

    Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon announced yesterday that he'd reached a compromise on the contentious puppy-mill law, which he called a "Missouri solution."

    Nixon said in a statement that he worked with animal-welfare activists and commercial dog breeders as well as lawmakers to broker a deal to keep a few of Proposition B's provisions, namely bigger cages for dogs, while also throwing dog breeders a bone -- allowing said cages to remain stacked on top of each other and allowing the dogs on the bottom to get %#&!*% on, as our friends at theRiverfront Times pointed out. Of course, the real losers are still the dogs in the bottom cage, but Gov. Jay is OK with that. 

    "The agreement that was signed today upholds the intent of the voters, protects dogs and ensures that Missouri agriculture will continue to grow," Nixon said. "I look forward to continuing to work with these leaders as we move this proposal through the legislative process as swiftly and efficiently as possible." 
    Upholds the intent, huh? The Humane Society of the United States disagrees. (However, the Humane Society's Missouri chapter is cool with Nixon's deal.) The national organization's president, Wayne Pacelletold the Star's Barb Shelly that Nixon's solution "falls short of Proposition B."  

    On top of the stacked cages, the Nixon deal doesn't require rest between breeding cycles or limit the number of breeding dogs. This sounds like a weak compromise by someone who could just as easily have sacked up and vetoed the bill -- honoring the voters' will -- as cut a deal to look good to the ag lobby.

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    6 years ago

    Rescue of the Week: Igloo Dog Leaps into Warm Car

    Rescue of the Week: Igloo Dog Leaps into Warm Car

    I first saw Beauty in early December on a country road in Liberty County, Texas.  It was obvious she was lactating and desperate for food.  Because of traffic, I couldn't stop, and when I got to a point I could turn around and go back, she was gone. 

    Two days later, I saw her again and immediately stopped my car and got out food, water and bowls I had been carrying around in the trunk of my car.  She wouldn't come near the food until I had gotten back in my car and started to drive away.  I had to take pictures of her through the back window of my car, as she would run off if I got out of the car.

    It took about 4 days of feeding her for her to let me get close enough to touch her and see the beautiful nest she had built in the woods for her two pups.  Of course that nest had no cover, so I think she was grateful for the igloo I was able to obtain and drag into the woods next to to the nest.  However, on the 5th day, after a freeze the night before, she decided she was ready to be rescued.  


    6 years ago

    Dog fighting and criminal dog breeders

    Compulsive Spay and Neuter Mind Set on pet dog behavior Part 3


    Society faces the consequences of one group that is using selective breeding to move a large group of dogs in a predictable direction. There are good reasons for these dedicated breeders to engage in sophisticated selective breeding. One big reason is the same one governments have for wanting to curtail dog overpopulation, MONEY. This group of breeders is not overly concerned about obeying breeding laws set up by governments. These breeders don’t care about laws because they are criminals. Many times their self identity revolves around a criminal mindset and lifestyle. It should be no surprise that criminals want to breed dogs with criminal traits.

    These breeders are the ones who support the dog fighting industry. Large amounts of wealth can change hands in a dog fight. This wealth ranges from cash to property and drugs. Dog fighting is a criminal enterprise that demands more attention than it gets. Not only does it promote suffering as entertainment, but it also pollutes the minds and values of our youth. If unchecked, dog fighting’s culture of crime will harm the future role of dogs in a modern society.

    A growing problem with fighting breeds is that criminal youth and gang activities have started to produce human aggressive fighting dogs. Aggression towards humans is a trait trend most professional dog fighters don’t want to see. From what I have read, a human aggressive fighting dog is harder to handle in a match. One of the traits fighting dog breeders have enhanced is the dog’s ability to be handled while in an aroused fighting state.

    Join our new dog website when our new site reaches a critical mass we can really impact the future direction and role of dogs in not only our society, but in the world. We offer a free membership as well as enhanced donation supported memberships

    Part 1 
    Neutering and spaying dogs and the impact of a compulsive spay and neuter mind set on pet dogs

    part 2 Puppy mills and care-less backyard breeders influence dog behavior

    part 4 Solutions to mandatory spay / neuter dog laws training, testing, and good breeding

    firsr article about act AB1634
    Anti Healthy pet act act AB1634 Read Why it is bad California dog legislation

    next article about 
    un healthy pet act AB1634 California sick dog law - euphemism healthy pet act Learn the Secrets of its Unseen Dangers



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    6 years ago

    All noted.

    6 years ago

    All noted. Thank you Patrizia.

    6 years ago

    Thank you Wolf GREAT VIDEO!! share on FB

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    6 years ago

    Thank you for noting and signing GIRLS!!!

    Another great video from Wolf about pit bulls image- Please share
    6 years ago
    6 years ago

    All noted.. Thanks for the vids.

    Dog Fighting DVDs On Sale At Houston Gas Stations
    6 years ago

    I just came across a old story about a gas station selling dvd about dog fighting. 

    Selling of dog fighting DVDs is illegal and is punishable with fines and up to five years in prison.


    Dog Fighting DVDs On Sale At Houston Gas Stations

    Dog fighting DVDsWhen Houston resident Jonathon Paull was getting gas at a Southeast Houston gas station, he noticed dog fighting DVDs were on sale in the store.

    Paull was completely shocked that these were being sold and displayed so openly. He said: “And they glamorize hurting animals and it’s sick. It’s disturbing and I’m outraged. This whole subculture of hurting and killing animals is just absolutely disgusting.”

    Selling of dog fighting DVDs is illegal and is punishable with fines and up to five years in prison. But the store clerks said the DVDs are big sellers.

    A local legal expert said that law enforcement can only do so much. He added: “The federal government has shown more interest in the folks that are making these videos than selling them.”

    A local district attorney also added that she can’t do anything either.

    “It’s disturbing to me that they’re actually selling these videos, but unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about it. If we were able to identify the participants in the videotape, the location and the date, then I could prosecute them,” said Assistant DA Belinda Smith.

    This is challenging for prosecutors because most of the people in the DVDs disguise themselves when they are interviewed.

    A Humane Society investigator said it is frustrating that they can’t prosecute stores that sell the DVDs. He stated: “We have to prove that they are knowingly selling a product that was depicting an illegal act and that in itself is very difficult.”

    For now, Humane Society investigators can only politely ask stores to stop selling the dog fighting DVDs, but nothing can be enforced in the stores. This means that for now these DVDs depicting animal cruelty will remain on store shelves.


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    6 years ago


    Four Arrested in Halifax Co. Dogfighting, Drug Operation



    VIDEO Pit Bulls--Punish the Deed or the Breed? by Tsarouchas
    6 years ago
    6 years ago

    WHAT MAKES A PIT BULL TURN 'BAD'? Read this Study

    • POOR BREEDING PRACTICES. Breeders must be aware of how genetics work and must consciously breed to produce dogs that are physically and emotionally sound. Ignorant breeding practices can produce unsafe, dangerous dogs.
    • POOR SOCIALIZATION. They need to be socialized with other dogs more then any other breed because of their past. Start this as soon as possible, and never stop. It is important to socialize them with all walks of life at a young age. The more they experience, the more it will help them cope with the world around them.
    • BAD TRAINING. If you train your dog to be aggressive and do not know what you are doing (not a professional) bad things can happen and you can have a dangerous dog.
    • HARSH TRAINING. Very harsh, forceful training techniques can cause a dog to resent his training and trainer. Unfair or overly hard corrections or punishments can cause a dog to fight back.
    • CHAINING THE DOG. Pit Bulls that live their life chained in the backyard are prone to develop problem behaviors. A chained dog is vulnerable and feels tormented, by everything passing by him. (Every child who wishes to tease or torment the dog, stray animals that pass by freely, etc.) These dogs often are bored, frustrated, depressed, angry and lack needed exercise.
      The majority of Pit Bull Attacks that are in the news are from dogs who live life secluded (chained up, caged, etc.) and never got a chance to be a dog and explore the outside world.

    BSL ARTICLE / Published: Wednesday, April 13, 2011
    6 years ago

    Kirksville’s new code unfairly targets pit bulls

    After reading the article about the banning of the pit bulls in Kirksville in the March 31 edition of the Index, I was in a state of anger toward the new code.

    I think it is a bit extreme when a city bans one type of animal because they think it is too dangerous. In the article it says that there has been reported dog violence around the city with dogs having pit bull characteristics. The banning of the pit bulls have raised many problems.

    The first problem is that restricting just one type of dog won't cut down on the dog violence. Pit bulls have a stereotypic view of showing anger and aggression toward other dogs, but they only have those stereotypical behaviors if the owners treat the dogs terribly.

    The second problem is the article states, "Kirksville has had reports of violent dogs with pit bull characteristics and there are concerns for city workers who have to be near these dogs," which means they aren't even sure if the dog violence is coming from the pit bull family.

    Later in the article, it says if your dog has pit bull characteristics then you need an "AKC Canine good citizen certificate." If you don't obtain one of these certificates, then you must have a series of parameters you must comply with. These ordinances are you must have a 5 foot fence surrounding your property, the dog must be registered, you cannot leave the dog alone in your house and you must have at least $100,000 worth of liability insurance on your dog. Realizing most people in Kirksville don't meet the financial qualifications, most of the owners will have to give up their dogs.

    This post was modified from its original form on 20 Apr, 16:11
    6 years ago

    Links to more information

    Don't Bully My Breed - a rescue and great resource on pit bulls

    Mid-America Bully Breed Rescue - Kansas City based rescue

    PBRC - a great resource and a great place to find a new family member near you

    Pet Pit Bull -

    Casa Del Toro - Anti-Dogfighting

    Indy Pit Crew - Fighting Cruelty and Prejudice

    Diane Jessup - Samples of dogfighters in their own words

    Consider adopting a dog rescued from fighting

    available through MABBR

    Pit Bull Rescue Central

    Mid-America Bully Breed Rescue -

    Don't Bully My Breed



    What you can do to help

    • Ask Amazon to stop selling animal fighting magazines. They are only perpetuating the problem
    • Urge your local government to support funding for enforcing animal fighting laws
    • Alert law enforcement

    6 years ago

    Driver's License Photo of Jahi Masud Morrow

    Driver's License Photo of Jahi Masud Morrow
    Dog Fighting Fugitive Jahi Masud Morrow Sought - PHOTO
    Crime Stoppers and its Law Enforcement Partners are seeking the public's assistance with help in locating Jahi Masud Morrow.


    The Texas Department of Public Safety, the United States Department of Agriculture- OIG, and the Harris County District Attorney's Office conducted an undercover investigation into illegal dog fighting occurring in and around the Greater Houston and Harris County Area.  During the course of the investigation, it was determined that Jahi Masud Morrow had participated in a dog fight by providing one of the dogs that fought. 

    Morrow was charged with Dog Fighting, he was indicted on February 11, 2009.   Warrant number 1203003 issued by the 351st District Court for his arrest.  His bond is set at $2,000. Morrow also goes by the names Masud Morrow Jahi or Jay. 
    Crime Stoppers will pay up to $5,000 for any information called in to the 713-222-8477 tips hotline or submitted online at  that leads to the arrest of Jahi Masud Morrow.    All tipsters remain anonymous.

    6 years ago


    Alfred Ramirez
    up to $5,000 Reward


    End Dogfighting in Houston

    6 years ago

    All noted.

    6 years ago

    WANTED FOR: Possession of Cocaine Sale/Delivery of Cocaine
    Trafficking in Cocaine
    Cruelty to Animals/Dog Fighting
    Possession of Marijuana over 20 grams
    Possession of Paraphernalia
    Possession of Firearm or Ammunition by a Convicted Felon

    6 years ago

    Thank you for the videos Wolf.


    All noted and forwarded. Thank you Patrizia.

    6 years ago

    All noted..

    6 years ago

    Batgirl - Beaten With a Baseball Bat and Waiting to Die in Austin, Texas

    Animals  (tags: animalsanimalcrueltyabusecruelty,dogspetsrescued ) 
     Maria - 1 day ago - 
    According to the kennel notes at Town Lake Animal Center in Austin, Texas, a neighbor saw this girl chase a dog and attacked her with a baseball bat, hitting her five times. She has behaved perfectly at the shelter with the highest scores given for behav

    6 years ago

    So where is the girl with the bat? Where are the parents?

    4 years ago


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