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Demand Justice for Herbie the abused Lorain, Ohio dog


Demand Justice for Herbie the...
Demand Justice for Herbie! Herbie was found severely abused and emaciated out front of an abandoned home...
start date: Feb. 4

Demand Justice for Herbie! Herbie was found severely abused and emaciated out front of an abandoned home in Lorain, Ohio on December 1, 2012. (

Patrolman Rick Broz found the Pit Bull mix starving to death. The dog was blind in one eye, with a fractured skull and his head swollen with infection. Herbie's former owners have not yet been found or charged. 

Help share Herbie's story to bring greater awareness for the need for stronger animal cruelty laws in Ohio. Voice your support to make abuse and neglect of companion animals a felony in the state!

4 years ago


Hundreds of people gathered over the weekend at Lakeview Park in Lorain to raise awareness of animal abuse in honor of the ever-recuperating abused pitbull Herbie.

4 years ago

Noted and signed current Dianne So Nice for KinshipCircle expression to give Positive Muchly appreciatel Barb

4 years ago
Dutch was accused of being a "vicious" or "dangerous" dog and is now in danger of euthanization by...
start date: Feb. 6
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4 years ago

Signed. I heard where Legion finally made it to Best Friends in Utah! I love that place!

4 years ago

great news sandi!!!

4 years ago

UPDATE! Legion is on His Way to Best Friends!
5 min ago

Everyone who loves dogs should take the time to send a message of support and appreciation to the wonderful, caring staff at Longmont for their work with Legion and other troubled dogs like him. Thanks especially to Rhea Moriarity, Behavior and Training Department Manager; Marianna Langan, Training and Behavior Coordinator ; Annie Wyatt, Training Specialist; and 4th level volunteer Michael Schupp. Their dedication to dogs is nothing short of inspirational. Special thanks also to shelter Executive Director Liz Smokowski who supported the efforts of Rhea and Marianna in assisting Legion. Annie and Michael will be accompanying Legion and Mitchell to Best Friends.

Before Longmont Humane Society took Legion in, Lewis & Clark Humane Society Shelter in Helena, Montana had the custody of Legion. We would also like to thank those folks – especially Tanner, the animal behaviorist there, who first tried to make a difference for Legion.


And, lest we forget... before all... Legion was temporarily fostered with the original heroine of this story, Tammara Rosenleaf (known to those of us at Legion's Legion simply as Gypsy), who found and rescued Legion from his abuser, laid the groundwork during his early stay at Lewis & Clark Humane, followed through with his ultimate reprieve from death row, and kept charging steadfastly on to his intensive rehabilitation in Longmont, Colorado, and finally, through the fund-raising efforts that won him a forever safe place at Best Friends. Without her love for all dogs – and for pit bulls in particular – Legion would not be alive and well today. The group, Pit Bulls 4 Peace, of which Gypsy is the Founder and Rescue Manager, was vital in saving his life. We can never thank her enough for her dedication to dogs! Though circumstances prevented Legion staying with her, Gypsy loves him dearly, and will continue to monitor his progress through life, and keep us posted. (Read Gypsy/Tammara's story with Legion here... )

4 years ago

Fortunately, Gypsy was able to fly up to Longmont, Colorado this week to say a personal goodbye to her “boy” before he goes to live at Best Friends. Longmont generously made arrangements for Gypsy and James Travers -- webmaster for Pit Bulls 4 Peace, and another of the very early and dedicated Legion rescuers – to spend a special day and “sleep-over” with Legion. These photos capture some of their visit with Legion and friends from Longmont HSS.


created on: 2013-01-31

Saying good-bye (for now) at Longmont HSS.

And finally, all of us here at Legions' Legion would especially like to thank YOU, the Dog Heirs community for your commitment to Legion, and for the donations that made his transfer possible. Give yourselves a big pat on the back!



created on: 2013-02-01



Deborah Stephenson

~for Legion's Legion


We invite you to send a personal thank you to:

Tammara Rosenleaf at Pit Bulls 4 Peace –

Longmont Humane Society Shelter in Longmont, Colorado


For more information, you can direct questions or comments to us at:

Pit Bulls 4 Peace –


Legion's Legion – (a Care2 community of pit bull lovers and advocates organized by PitBulls-4-Peace)

4 years ago

Thanks for posting Dianne is I didn't know how to do it. I donate to Best Friends!

4 years ago

Please sign and share this petition, thanks:
Disabled veteran asks for public support; service dog faces euthanasia for biting woman who beat him with metal pole!!!

An Army Veteran with disabilities is asking for the public's help in saving his service dog, Dutch, from court-ordered euthanasia. After being punched, kicked, and hit with a metal pole for several minutes, Dutch bit his attacker and has now been accused of being a "vicious" dog.

Dutch is a 4-year-old American Allaunt, who is a registered service dog and an important part of Jeremy Aguilar's life. Dutch has never shown any aggressive behavior before or after the incident and is a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen.

Jeremy served in the Army, and fought in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He also was also deployed to Hurricane Katrina with the Oklahoma National Guard, which was the first unit to show up. Dutch came into Jeremy’s life a month after he married his wife Heather three years ago. Heather says that Dutch has been "the most therapeutic thing that could have ever happened" to her husband.

The Incident

On November 14, 2012, Jeremy and Heather left Dutch with his former owner while they drove a family member to the airport.

According to Heather, Dutch's former owner admitted to animal control officers and in court that she was beating Dutch before he bit her.

Heather says that Dutch's former owner said, "I started punching him in the face and kept punching him until my hands hurt so bad I couldn't hit him anymore," after which she grabbed a metal pole and used the pole to beat the service dog. She then pulled Dutch from her backyard into the house by his collar, and grabbed his mouth as soon as they got inside. Dutch then bit her. The woman was bitten on her leg and buttock and Dutch sustained injuries to his face and head.

Read more:

We need much tougher penalties for animal abusers. Keep speaking out and sharing this page:

4 years ago

I am praying for a miracle for this beautiful dog - this woman should be beaten to a pulp - she doesn't deserve to have animals - would love to lift a metal pole to her head. The flipping bitch.

4 years ago
Stop the Restricted Dog List! All Dogs Have Feelings and Rights!


Stop the Restricted Dog List!...
Dogs that are currently on "Restricted Lists" for Apartments/Condos/Etc should have equal rights as the...
start date: Feb. 8
4 years ago
dangerous dog act
to change the law for the dogs who are on death row because of the why they look
start date: Feb. 9
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Signed everything , thanks

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Noted and signed Current Dianne and Monika :-0 11/2

4 years ago

all signed

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