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Save the Whales! Please help!
13 years ago
I have just signed the petition to try to stop commercial whaling of the humpback whales. I am almost in tears. I was out on the ocean last Sunday, July 31, about 75 miles out and we saw a large group of whales. I was not able to identify them, but they were majestic, no matter what the type. I have seen Grey Whales, Blue Whales, Right Whales, Orca Whales, Humpback’s in Hawaii, multiple types of porpoise and many other whales I could not identify in the past 22 years I have been going way out there. They must be saved, each and every one of them from human killing and consumption. I am appalled that there are people on this earth who would want to kill these spiritual animals. They are awesome! There is so much more to eat without needing the "luxury" of a $100 or $200 bite of whale meat. Please, those of you whom I have never met, who might read this, please go sign this petition to stop this barbaric practice. I read a book recently titled, "The Last Whale". Actually, I almost read the book. I could not finish it. It is a glimpse into the future of what could happen to the oceans when they die. And without action, this could be a reality. Please, please help. Thank you, Patti
Some other important whale petitions
13 years ago
End “Scientific” Whaling, The Whale-Killing Loophole Support the Ban on Whale Hunting!! Sea World Needs Larger Killer Whale Tank Tell Wal-Mart to stop the sale of whale meat in Japan! Ban Fishing in US Territorial Waters for all Countries that Hunt Whales Create a Marine Sanctuary Wanted: A Good Home for Lolita the Suffering Orca! Australian and South Pacific Whales Under Renewed Threat From Whaling Say "No" to Japan's Plan to Kill Humpback Whales Save Whales from Navy Sonar deployment A petition to SAVE THE WHALES Lolita, Miami SeaAquarium's Orca Needs a Better Home! Protect Unique Caribbean Coastline Change orca space requirements, help Lolita! Please sign! Thanks.
13 years ago
Please sign guys, thanks.
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