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14 years ago
HI... I want to thank everyone whom sent me words of encouragement today and wished me well with protest. The day started very cloudy here in Chicago we were expecting some major rain… But I think Mother Nature was with us because the day might have been cloudy but not one drop of rain came down until the protest was over. At exactly 2:00 p.m. when we started to pack up we felt the 1st drop of rain…. The protest began at exactly 11:30 we had a very small group. I want to thank my best friend Diana and some new friends that I made who will not be forgotten, Tom, Tony and Jeffrey who came out to give us a helping hand. Before we started the protest some members of the consulate were outside smoking and as soon as we took out our signs they began to speak to each other and I think make jokes. They were smirking and giggling the entire time. We did not let that bother us and we continued with our mission. At 1st it was a bit slow people just ignored us and refused to sign or even take the brochures that we were offering them. We did not get discouraged and just continued to speak on the devastation that was occurring in Japan and how these beautiful animals were being massacred and that by the end of February 23,000.00 Dolphins were going to be killed. By 2:00 p.m. we had acquired 150 signatures and had given out almost 500 brochures. Some people who did not want to sign the petition and just took the brochure with them ended up coming back to sign after they had read the brochure. I was amazed on how some people could just walk past us and refuse to listen or even take a brochure. How could someone just walk away after seeing the pictures of the dead dolphins in a bloody lagoon? Even after they heard that 23,000.00 would be massacred during a 4-month period. This is just completely inconceivable. To the 150 people who took five minutes out of their busy day to listen to us and sign the petition I am extremely grateful. Lets just hope and pray that the Prime Minister in Tokyo will look at these signatures and realize that he must step in and take action against the slaughter of these beautiful animals that God has given us. If you were not able to attend a protest near you please go to the Sea Shepherd website at and print the petition form and obtain more signatures. In about two weeks after today’s Protest Sea Shepherd will deliver the original pages to the office of the Prime Minister in Tokyo. Please mail your signed petitions to: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society PO Box 2616 Friday Harbor, WA 98250 U.S.A.* Thank you once again for your words of encouragement.
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