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Green & Clean + Inconvenient Truth
12 years ago
I just did the guilty chore of taking the dry cleaning. It's probably the worst thing my husband and I do to the environment. We drive hybrids, we recycle, we teach students about global warming, we walk when we can....Yeah. And then we dry clean our clothes. What awful people, right? So I just took our monthly load over and LO AND BEHOLD! They've gone green! I went in and hugged the lady after reading their big sign about how they're using only natural, biodegradable blah blah blah. She just laughed at me. But I think it's awesome. And for those of you who only saw An Inconvenient Truth in the theatres, go ahead and buy the DVD (it's in eco-friendly wrapping! Yah!) because they have an update on it which they made after the movie came out. It's really crazy. You've got to see it. Then lend it to a friend! Buy it for someone for the holidays!
Challenge! I love it!
12 years ago
A BILLION TREES In 2004, it was Wangari Maathai who won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work in founding Kenya's Greenbelt Movement and promoting human rights. Now she has launched a massive drive aimed at curbing global warming -- she wants the world to plant and care for a billion trees during 2007. Individuals, children, youth groups, schools, community groups, NGOs, farmers, businesses, and local and national governments are encouraged to enter pledges online for anything from a single tree to 10 million trees. So far, 120 million have been pledged. A billion is one for every six people, so for example in Victoria (310,000 people) we need to plant 50,000 trees to contribute our share. Is anyone willing to assume the leadership for this? I'm sure there are lots of people who would help. See: If you pledge --- KEEP THAT PROMISE!
12 years ago
Crossposted from Menkit P. Greenfleet - planting millions of native trees down under 3:23 AM Since 1997, Greenfleet has planted more than two million native trees on behalf of individual motorists and organisations - see Our Supporters. Greenfleet's policy is to plant trees to create forests in areas of enviornmental concern, putting back the mix of native species that had been there originally. The trees are propagated from seed collected in the local area to provide maximum ecological benefits - reducing salinity and soil erosion, and providing essential habitat for native species. The majority of our plantings occur in winter because the rains help to get the trees off to a good start. Download our Environmental Policy information sheet (62 KB PDF) It is expected that Greenfleet will continue to grow quickly over the next few years. Currently we plant trees in Victoria, ACT, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia (we are currently seeking sites in Tasmania for 2006). One of our priorities is to become ‘Kyoto compliant', so that we have the ability to measure the carbon uptake from our trees to emerging international standards. (etc) Great photos! I just hope some logging company doesn't bulldoze them in 20 yrs time ....
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