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Please Oppose Legislation That Will Allow the Proliferation of Captive-Dolphin Facilities in the Bah
14 years ago
Legislation currently being considered by the Bahamian government would rescind policies agreed upon by the last government to prohibit the capture and export of dolphins. This represents a regression for the animal welfare policies of the country as a whole and makes a mockery of the country’s Marine Mammal Protection Act. Dolphins are highly sentient beings who live in large, intricate social groups. Female dolphins spend their entire lives with their mothers and sisters within the family pod. They communicate with each other through whistles and body language, and whenever dolphins are injured or dying, others will come to their aid, supporting them at the water’s surface so that they can breathe. Captive-dolphin facilities spell misery and doom for the imprisoned dolphins. Captured from their ocean home, where their natural range covers hundreds of miles, these dolphins are relegated to swimming in endless circles in small, barren concrete tanks, never again to experience the exhilaration of swimming free through ocean waves. These highly social and sentient animals also lose the joy and comfort of their communities. Please contact the government officials listed below. Politely ask them to oppose any legislation that weakens protection for wild dolphins or that permits the establishment of captive-dolphin facilities in the Bahamas. Remind them that the Bahamas is known as an eco-sensitive tourist destination and let them know that the Bahamas will be excluded from your vacation plans if this legislation moves forward: The Right Honourable Perry Christie Prime Minister of The Bahamas 242-327-5806 242-328-2526 (fax) Honourable V. Alfred Gray Member of Parliament and Minister of Fisheries 242-325-7502 242-322-1767 (fax) Mr. Obie Wilchcombe Minister of Parliament and Minister of Tourism 242-322-7500 242-328-0945 (fax) Mr. Michael Braynen Director of Fisheries Please send a copy of your correspondence to Sam Duncombe, Alliance For Marine Mammals, at
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