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The Economy Post
4 years ago

I blamed high gas prices but it's really the economy to how driving schools have waiting lists. I have a petition below.  Here's the petition below for you people to sign.


It might take years to fix the economy or for recovery from the economy in bad shape since later 2007. We could also blame the Bush/Cheney administration for the economy in bad shape as they were in the white house from January 20, 2001 to January 20, 2009.


We also need to take responsibility for our own actions. I have replies with taking a stand against greed in businesses and also about things affected by the economy in bad shape. Also one about waiting lists for things.

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Other Things
4 years ago

In New Jersey it's the 6 hours of behind the wheel. It was supposed to be tripled for me but the driving instructor after my first lesson was out sick and left after being out sick. It's worse for me stuck on behind the wheel than the written test. There are also issues with joining emergency services. That's more important than driving schools on waiting lists.


George W. Bush blamed the democrats for high gas prices and could blame democrats for driving schools on waiting lists.


I know of a site called I am on I have a petition for the economy on this link below...

I blamed high gas prices for many things. Let's take action.

Explanation for the Petition
4 years ago

From the economy in bad shape there have been issues with getting jobs and people laid off from jobs. It's more important for taking action against issues with getting jobs in emergency services. Also there are waiting lists on things like driving schools. The more important thing than waiting lists on driving schools are people not getting jobs in emergency services and there are things affected by the economy in bad shape. More could be explained on a group that connects to this petition.


There are other businesses than oil companies that are greedy which could also be upsetting the economy. There might as well be other businesses greedy that upset the economy.

4 years ago

I am also on Any of you go onto that site. I have a petition on the link below...'


There might as well not be novelizations to some movies like those based on comic books or video games because of the economy in bad shape. There are many things going on as we know from the economy in bad shape that's not all in politics.

4 years ago

thanks tim. just signed. union of concerned scientists sent me this petition this morning. if i accidently copied my info, just erase it and add your own. don't know why it does that sometimes.

4 years ago

There have even been cut backs on girl scout cookies. My boss's son is looking for a job. This is my boss's husband who's a PC repairman that does web instruction. No more new signatures on my petition for this site.

4 years ago

There have also been full time workers having thier hours cut. We should take action on that as well.

4 years ago

Also there aren't novelizations to so many of those movies anymore. There were novels based on the 2 Iron Man movies and The Incredible Hulk. There's only a junior novel to the Thor movie. Also the 3rd Resident Evil movie had a novelization to it but not the 4th movie. It has to be the economy in bad shape.

4 years ago

That petition has 295 signatures so far. I need 1,000. Many people don't believe the world economy will recover. We must have faith. Americans have to take responsibility for thier own actions as there are other businesses than oil companies greedy. The economy in bad shape nearly affects everything. The world economy could collapse as predicted in the Running Man starring Arnold Schwarzenegger taking place in 2019. Jesse Ventura is also in that movie.

4 years ago

The petition on here has 300 signatures so far. There is also the greed in businesses that can affect us. I signed other petitions to go with mine even on It's got to not just be the greed in businesses that upset the economy in the world. As of the world economy in the worst shape there had to be cuts on things as we are affected. Even budget cuts.

4 years ago

This is being updated. The petition for this post has 314 signatures so far. There are 1,000 needed.

3 years ago


My petition to this group is mainly on the economy. I have 334 signatures on here so far and 56 on Those are the best sites for taking action. As gas prices are getting too high again let's take action. 

Update on this thread
3 years ago

This is the most important on my activist network. There are high gas prices that affect things but also the economy in the worst shape it’s ever been in. There are also driving schools on waiting lists as of the economy in bad shape as there had to be cuts on things. This isn’t all political or undoing the damage of the Bush/Cheney administration. Let’s take action on this one. We are in the worst times of the unemployment rate being high. We kind of saw coming in 2007 the economy going in the worst shape as cuts on things have started along with businesses having to cut short on employees or work hour cuts. We kind of saw it coming soon that the economy is in the worst shape and we also need to take responsibility for our own actions. I got into reshaping the world as of not getting driving lessons with having a learner’s permit as driving schools have too many people on waiting lists and most driving schools in the world are on long waiting lists. There are more important reasons to take action for reshaping the world than waiting lists on driving schools like joining emergency services and power companies so people aren’t without electricity for too long. There is allot of greed for money as not just oil companies are greedy and stock market crashes with the economy out of shape. This petition started off on high gas prices. Let’s all take action on reshaping the world as it’s mainly on the economy.

3 years ago

 This was maybe written in 2008 as driving schools started to go on waiting lists in 2007. We discovered the economic issues in 2007 as cuts on things were becoming common. This really started but in 2008 when prices of things had to go up because of high gas prices. Here’s a link below for talking about driving schools affecting by the economic issues.


We had the economy recover before after the great depression and before even my parents were born so it could happen again. The petition is even about putting things back together from the economy out of shape on the economic recovery.

3 years ago

Also there are jobs over seas causing the economic crisis. High gas prices is part of the problem. There have been banking issues too as the economy out of shape affects us. My petition here has 343 signatures in total and 1,000 at least are needed.

3 years ago

I have a petition on this link below. You could all sign in with comments and could say signing for others who would sign it if they had a chance. This is the reshaping the world one.

2 years ago

Everything really needed should be affordable and we’re taking action on fair shares.


There are petitions to search for on sites like and Along with reshaping the world to improve our lives other petitions to link with it to search are “greed”, “fiscal cliff”, “gas prices”, “high gas prices”, “greedy”, “corporate greed”, “American Greed”, “car insurance”, “ridiculous gas prices”, “recession” and “economy”. There could be petitions to search for on prices of generators and putting power lines in the ground as of power outages getting common. There are many links to what the reshaping the world petitions is about. We could also search "sequester/sequestion", “fair shares”, “affordable”, &ldquoet insurance”, “animal rescue costs”, “budget cuts/balanced budgets”, “car insurance” or “car insurance prices”. Let’s be realistic as people can tend to be like on how much the price of gas should be. So much greed or prices just too high that could cost people business. This is economic. Those other petitions or those things mentioned above could be searched or be on any sites for petitions. Those are to all go around the world.

1 year ago

Years of war in the middle east is the real part of the problem the economy is out shape. We should be against war for that. Many combat veterans are against war. There's a facebook group below on this link...

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