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End of American Woes Mount As Obama Takes 'Another' Vacation!
3 years ago


It is inconceivable how the U.S. American 'leadership' could possibly leave their posts at a most critically emergency time as this!


- 5 hours ago -

Fourteen million people are out of work with no job prospects in sight and no 'real' job legislation on the books in congress, and with many more millions losing their fortunes and retirements in the stock market; but Barack & Michelle take vacations!?

Democrats Doubt Barack Obama's 2012 Re-Election Chances
3 years ago
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> Please note, discuss & share this important 2012 re-election outlook ... of course with many thanks! ... PinkMindy



Democrats Doubt Barack Obama's Re-Election Chances

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PinkMindy - 5 hours ago -


President Obama is facing mounting doubts within his own party about his re-election prospects, with fellow Democrats beginning to ask if Hillary Clinton would have made a better president. Only hardcore Dems still pledge their political faith to Barack!


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