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Obama's One-Term Promise Video - A Must See It For Yourself & Share
3 years ago
| "News to Note" & Forward

If President Obama fails to keep his conditional 'One-Term' promise, then why would any of us expect him to keep all of his other promises either; especially those contained within his latest 'State of the Union' Campaign 2012 Re-Election Bid speech!?!?
... PinkMindy.


US Politics & Gov't

- 21 hours ago -


Watch as the DNC Chair fails to properly respond to normal news questions ...

And which of the myriad of empty broken promises will President Obama actually keep, because that's the biggest real question going right now!!!

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Thank you for watching this video, noting and commenting & especially for sharing it too!!!


3 years ago

Just A Few Good Reasons NOT To Re-Elect President Obama:

#1. President Obama created the Green Energy Jobs Myth, lost $535 million hard-earned tax-payer dollars in the Solyndra (Solar Panel) Energy Scandal -- plus other Green bankruptcies that are being revealed right now.

#2. Guantanamo Bay prison colony is still in full operation today.

#3. Obama has continued much walking in the GOP footsteps by using the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld wartime playbooks right down the line.

#4. Obama has allowed Lobbyists, Special Interest Groups & Republican control over the Healthcare Reform, which is still suspended in legal court battles to this day.

#5. Obama is gridlocked by the GOP, which translates into national stagnation!

$6. Obama most recently signed the National Defense Act (NDAA), which is a continuation of the Patriot Act on steroids!!

#7. Obama kisses so many different rings, that none of us are ever sure if he is a Democrat, Republican or just a wishy-washy Radical out on an aimless adventure.

#8. Obama is still nothing more than a loose-canon-unknown with NO established kudos of greatness to command the highest office in America.

#9. Obama has nearly NO TRANSPARENCY at all, and this started when he sealed-up all of his personal records and transcripts right after his January 2009 Inauguration Day.

#10. Obama is definitely NOT the one!!!

Have I missed any???

Oh Yes I have, about 99 more; such as Obama legalizes horse slaughter for human consumption and his unleashing the police brutality squads against those Occupy Movement activists also!!!

And on and on and on ...etc.