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Global Population Speak Out
4 years ago

Check out the new website for the Global Population Speak Out. We are currently gathering voices for GPSO 2011, February 2011.


Please, if you know activists, scientists and/or concerned citizens, especially from countries outside the United States, please inform them of our efforts.


4 years ago

Many thanks Joseph for this great information.


I think that the Global Population Speak-Out is a very good idea, and it is good to participate in it.  I took part in it for the first time this year, as did some of my Care2 friends.  Good stuff!

4 years ago

Thanks Joseph for the links, I have now signed up for the 2011 Global Population Speak-Out.  I encourage everyone here to sign up!

4 years ago

i've been a member since its inception, and it is very easy endeavor to speak out re population impact. We should promote this organization to other individuals and groups who share our concern.

question for joseph b
4 years ago

why "especially those from countries outside the US"? aren't we the biggest problem?

international advocacy
4 years ago



That phrase was a plea for reaching out to activists beyond the English speaking country of the USA (I could have also mentioned Canada, UK, India and Australia). It is relatively easy to reach individuals in these countries (also because they all have advanced internet connections for large segments of their population); but it is more difficult to bridge the language gap and less wired countries.


Even in this day and age, it is till interpersonal relationships that are most powerful, so I am hoping CARE2 activists with friends and colleagues in  countries outside the United States make an extra effort to inform them of the Global Population Speak Out. Of course, our ultimate objective is to have at least one GPSO participant from every country in the world (around 190); last year we had 39 countries which was good for only our second year.


Good question and thanks for asking.


Joe Bish

GPSO Coordinator

4 years ago

The Global Population Speak-Out is happening in February, starting in a few days. It is easy to participate and it's good to get people talking about population issues, as we did last year.


You can sign up through February at:

4 years ago

Hi all, the GPSO 2011 is now in full swing and in its last week. I hope everyone is enjoying speaking out and helping to make a positive difference.

Thank you to everyone participating. If not, you can still sign up at the link above too. 

4 years ago

Thank you to everyone who signed up for GPSO 2011.  It was an amazing response with over 1000 participants this year.  You can add your actions to the site at the link .

New GPSO Campaign - Population 7 Billion: It's Time to Talk
3 years ago

I have received the following information today from the GPSO - and you can see their page at for further information on how to participate:

"The Global Population Speak Out is pleased to announce our "Population 7 Billion: It's Time to Talk" campaign. Designed to effectively address humanity surpassing the 7 billion mark on October 31st, we have partnered with leading conservation and sustainability organizations like the Post Carbon Institute, the Center for Biological Diversity and Population Media Center for this major effort. It is our hope that our combined forces will draw in many new voices to the population conversation.

We are looking for volunteers to help us get the word out about Population 7 Billion: It's Time to Talk. ...


There are 3 main activities for people to choose from in this program:

Any of these options will raise public awareness about the unprecedented size and rapid growth of global human population. You can choose to participate in one, two or all three activities.  ..."

Please join and participate - at .

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