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3 years ago

We must face facts, detached from stigma, taboo and dogma : The way the world is being marketed today by advertizing, internet, cinema, media and television, to keep global industries and economies running, we cannot rely on abstinence alone. Sex and violence oriented messages soar worldwide and to all audiences and both those deprived of education and those holding degrees are targeted by the "ideals" the functional consumerism will claim to keep markets blooming. The church must admit the dangers of banning contraception and the consequences of censuring the overpopulation facts over time. Sexual Education and family planning must be available and accessible to all as part of a basic education program and media must help promote this and question airing irresponsible messages. I see vunerable teenagers biting into dangerous ideals no end and parents too busy surviving or unconscious of facts themselfs to guide the future generations up a safe and substainable path. They cannot be relied upon alone to make the right choices and are under constant unethical and sexually charged influence tailored to glorify seduction and adapt the means of succeding at it.The quantity and quality of our common global ressources are at stake as is the economic wellbeing of worldwide nations. We need leaders that endorse and defend the right, concious and educated message. Contraception and gay couples are free will gestures to combat overpopulation that should be welcomed and acclaimed, not condemned or questioned. Those who oppose or complicate the difusion of this information need education, their intentions need clarifying and their longterm global vision needs scrutiny.

3 years ago

Thank you Xil for making what I think is a very good post indeed. I think that the world of humans needs to become more just and environmentally sustainable, and I think that responsible choices and responsible messages should be part of this. This includes education, entertainment and advertising. 

That's true.
3 years ago

Yeah. That's true. The lack of proper awareness about the need of population control in many countries especially in poor countries like India is the main reason for the what we call population explosion.In India, some families will have more than twenty or thirty children which they call god's gift out of superstitions. So, there's an urgent need to work on this serious problem in the world. NGOs all around the world have to work on the population growth and its control.

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