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Not Just An Irish 'Problem'
4 years ago

Most people beleive that all the Abuse that happened in Catholic Institutions was confined to Ireland. That is wrong. Just as those guilty of Rape, sodomizing and beating Children were wrong when they said there was only a few isolated 'incidents of reported Child Abuse'!


We must *NEVER* forget fellow Survivors who were sent to Australia, Abused severey and never to see England again. We must never forget all Survivors living in the United States/Canada e.c.t....this never was an 'Irish' problem!




In the post-war era, approximately 150,000 children were shipped to Australia while New Zealand, Rhodesia and Canada. Governments have not been able to provide accurate statistics concerning the numbers of children received from the United Kingdom.

In this context, child migration refers to children generally between the ages of three and fourteen; the majority being between seven and ten. These children were sent away with the expectation that they would never return, to start new lives in a foreign land always without their families and often after many years of harsh institutional care.

Many child migrants, British boys and girls, were sent overseas by specialist agencies such as the Fairbridge Society, established specifically for the purpose of migrating young children to populate the e...mpire with "Good White British stock". Well known national charities such as Barnardos, which provided a wider range of child care services, along with the Church of England, the Methodist Church, the Salvation Army and the Catholic Church played major roles.

In New Zealand, children were often placed with foster parents while those in Canada were entrusted to the care of farmers often without sufficient preparation or supervision. Some Canadian farmers were even charged with manslaughter, such was the extent of their cruelty. Very few children were legally adopted overseas and the vast majority spent their entire childhoods in large, impersonal institutions or farm schools which accommodated up to three hundred and fifty children.

Child migration was inspired by a variety of motives, none of which gave first priority to the needs of the children involved. Consequently, child migrants were viewed as a convenient source of cheap labour on Canada’s farms, as a means of boosting Australia’s post-war population and as a way to preserve white, managerial elite in the former Rhodesia. Certain groups of children were excluded as countries would not accept physically handicapped or black children, for example. One of the earlier motives of the schemes had been to maintain the racial unity of Britain’s Empire.

4 years ago

This sad what the children has went through.

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