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Help Raise Millions For Charity Through "Pixels For Peace"
4 years ago
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PinkMindy says; This is an absolutely fantastic concept and the Care2 community should get behind and push this idea forward!

The companion Youtube video has received 68,000+ views in just 30 days ... it's cooking.

I am forwarding to Facebook, MySpace & Twitter too.

Raise Millions For Global Charities Through "Pixels For Peace" - Best Idea For Humanity

Raise Millions For Global Charities Through "Pixels For Peace" - Best Idea For Humanity

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Third Eye Open
- 46 minutes ago -

A revolving globe will contain millions of pixels and as each Pixel for Peace is purchased it will act as a Pledge for Peace, transforming the world as quickly and as easily as possible; potentially even shape-shifting our global community into a new era.

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This is Hot!
4 years ago

Absoluetley for ones as great as we can preceive the positive changes in the world today by opening our gifted centers to bring forth peace in a crumbling universe.

As for many centeries other countries have used tecniques as this to change dementional thought.

Push forward and allow our greatest thought to be of who  we really are and what we can actually do with using our higher sences.


Although as scriptures have been written on the wall so too has the changes been already made in the other World as our replica.

Important News Alert!!!
4 years ago

Matthew Fry is the actual author of the brilliant concept idea of "Pixels For Peace" and he has arrived in person on this Care2 articles' comment-line . . . We are in shock and amazement, so please do check this out.


An extremely unusual event!

Big Turnaround!!!
4 years ago

Since Matthew Fry has shown up in person on this article, there has been a big turnaround of public opinion regarding "Pixels For Peace" concept!


Go Matt Go!!!

4 years ago

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