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Path Toward World Peace - Bending Reality Using Mind Over Matter
4 years ago
| Information & Awareness

Attention All Readers:


It is essential that we unite in a meditative state of mind throughout each and every day forward from this moment, in order to focus our combined mental energies upon the big governments and their populations; thus superimposing our VISUALIZATION of world peace over their current directives, personal wills and ambitions.


This is mind over matter and it can render a profound impact upon the very fabric of reality itself, if we agree that it will be so.


True and real change must begin inside our minds first, and then coupled with physical activist actions on a daily basis.


We must maintain a constant and aggressive vigilance toward the above two objectives, that we may obtain the desired conclusion which we seek.


Let us now get to work!



"NEW": Care2 News to Note: Public Debate In Progress
4 years ago


> News to Note, Discuss & Forward -- Thank You!




Path Toward World Peace - Bending Reality Using Mind Over Matter

Path Toward World Peace - Bending Reality Using Mind Over Matter

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Third Eye Open
- 1 hour ago -


This is the public debate to end all debates. The collective mind of humanity must decide whether to extinguish its petty urges of wanton hatred, violence, ignorance, and pursuits of war or accept its inevitable self-destruction through derelict inaction.



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Affirmative Action or Grave Alternative
4 years ago

What would be most necessary is for a nucleus of trained individuals to form and work together in tandem with a common objective.

Quantum physics is active at all levels of existence and not just in frozen-states.

Science is currently unable to explain everything . . . as yet, so we cannot simply exclude something just because it has not been proven or does not conform to a popular belief-system.

Human nature is a habitual creature of negative thinking and prides itself on tunnel-vision, so this seat of ego-empowerment must be eliminated first through right thinking, right speech and right action.

The collective mind of humanity must decide whether to extinguish its petty urges of wanton hatred, violence, ignorance, and pursuits of war or accept its inevitable self-destruction through derelict inaction.

If there are no major changes made within the current global communities' mind-set, then the road forward has no other visible 'off-ramp' of escape from its headlong plunge toward another global war.

A final war over the last resources of water, food, and fuel.

As we all know in advance, the human race has the capability of erasing itself from the face of the Earth using nuclear weapons, therefore it is our obligation to attempt any non-harmful method to stave off disaster.

interference or dharma conviction?
4 years ago

here is a story I wrote that I would like to share with you. I think you of all people have the intellect to appreciate it. I can learn alot from you.

I am very interested in this subject, however, I have mixed thougths about it. thoughts really is what I mean, our thought influences ourselves and others, we as buddhists, respecting all others as equal, would not want to interfer with leaders of others countries thougths, but rather to spread the calm understanding of the dharma to all, and in this way, we hope that the decision makers who choose to imprison human rights activists, murder for territory, or pay workers unfair wages will find the way of the dharma, and learn to respect others with right thougth and right mind, and metta.

as a buddhist lesson, our karma is affected by what we create and do, and any ill will towards otehrs will be created in our thoughts, and literally this is what we have created, illwill, and were will it go? will it make the subject better? we need to focus our thoughts on positive change.

remember, in buddhism there are two hells, one we go to for crime we commit towards others, and one the icy cold hell of hate, that we create in ourselves when we do not forgive those whom have done us wrong,

if we seek peace we must create peace, we must learn to find peace and equality with leaders who commit atrocious crimes, and realize their ignorance and prejudice from such. and our hopes is that they will become educated, and learn compassion.

knowing you Im sure you have the same thougths and beliefs, of what I've read written by you, and what you choose to read, however, you made a statement of "interference with decision making", and this conjures up thought of scrambled brains, with forced wills ,and injuries, rather than a persuasive, dharma convinction.

here is my story I have more similar stories Ive written in my notes of my facebook page. please read it and post an opinion. thanks, namaste ,jill!/note.php?note_id=156869487667099

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4 years ago

Hi Jill,


Third Eye and I have had many similar experiences through our meditations and that is what has led us down the path to you!


Although Third Eye was involved in military application experiments regarding this topic, he cannot and will not discuss that part of this subject in detail; however he has indicated to me concerning what he called 'remarkable occurrences'.


He explained to me that there is some type of temporal censorship governing certain attempted objectives and that it has been referred to as "The Three Wheels of Destiny".


Wheel #1: Things that can be changed or altered and remain changed indefinitely.


Wheel #2: Things that can be changed and altered, but ultimately return slowly to their original state or have some type of very unexpected outcome.


Wheel #3: Things that cannot be changed or altered in any fashion or under any circumstance whatsoever. This is known as the proverbial 'brick wall'.


And this is a mystery of our unknown Universe!



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static on the brain
4 years ago

Ive had experiences of enlightened thought, like conceptutal thinking ,and all at once or over time, I think of possibilties that take our whole reality beyond what normally perceive it to be.
I have been in situations, during my beginning of jumbled mental illness and psychic phenomenon, wherin I thought that there was some type of higher power, that continuosly shrinks those who would choose to discover energies which disturb their peaceful state.
on the level, of science fiction, it would be like planet of the apes, where the apes would seek to keep the humans supressed, and without technology, in case they advance to their level.
sometimes simply writing about it can cause attacks. such as internal harrasssment, or static brain, interference that interfers with normal thinking processes. or even bullying and black mail of containment in the mental hospital, which is suppressive and reduces freedom of movement.
these thougths I've had and experienced over years, however I've since found ways around them, finding that fought and believe in freedom of speech, I have found ways to realize that new technology, whether it is imagination or hardwired computers what seems to be new and mysteriuos today, possibly creating paranoid thoughts of undercover agents seeking to cover up and protect the technology, will some day be 8 track tapes of yesterday, and so is not that mysterious and shus shus, on the larger scale of things.
also with my newfound buddhist beliefs, I realize that there is also states of mind, where-in one day or at one moment, may think that the same experience I have with undercover agents, is god or mara, covering up some ultimate one truth of the composition of the web of the universe, and taht like the buddha already knows, there is no hell really although we can live in hell, but there is only fear that it is scary to be there. once I thougth that this fear of hell would actually protect heaven, and this is not unlike the lesson of the buddha under the tree the night before his enlightenment , being barraged by all manners of temtaptions and demons in order to scare him from discovering the truth.
what is fear anyway but what we imagine to be there that is not there, what could be there that we have not encountered yet?
what happened to the static interference to me? it drifts from being completely subsided, to becoming prominent lifethreatening forces that swipe my breath, and threaten my very life.
I ride out the storm, and keep thinking, it will get better.
whats to stop us from wishing this on president Hu Jintao of China. What if I think every day that he will change, that he is somehow a buddhist at heart.
will my thougths change him all the way from connecticut to china?
or will I write a letter to him summoning his buddhist heart to have compassion, altered by own teachers lessons, and online reading, that will be read not just by him, but by 382 other people who will then be influenced by the faith in compassion, who will then spread their own ripple effect,
does this have any comparison to your concepts?

Ripple Effect Begins
4 years ago

I know you can sense that something extremely unusual is going on here and you are so very right indeed.


I have personally witnessed the proof-positive you are searching for, but will only divulge the full experience in due course and when I am ready.


*Here is a vague and very general preview though:


I was selected in 1980 for Project Stargate (Psychic Information Warriors), which was supposed to be dismantled, however it continued its operational attempts at 'actions at a distance' under the table.


*Note: I will not at any time endanger U.S. National Security within this current or future disclosure.


I have successfully sent a message backward through time to myself and it has manifested itself by changing our family photos and other personal items of my recorded past ... including my brother's actions and memories of that same 'past'.


If I took this evidence into court, then it would be considered by most to be more than just circumstantial in its very nature.


The point is that it can happen and it can be done, so let us focus this partial testimony forward onto our extreme goal of World Peace right now.


The personal message that I refer to is what is causing the creation of this group and its forward-looking objectives.


I will give more exact details regarding this very unusual experience in the near future, as I develop a much larger concept for our group effort and as it becomes a new world movement.


You are now just looking upon a very tiny seed and have no idea what potential it shall yield, but therein is where faith must reside.




"Peace Is Within You!"


Third Eye Open

I Second That!!!
4 years ago

I have seen Third Eye's evidence with my own two eyes and it would fill a large dininig-room table . . .


It sends chills down my spine every time I think about it!


All I can say is that it's true and we are trying everything to change our future world history ... before it happens.

peace from distance
4 years ago

o.k., I'll follow for a while, and try to learn something, and if we gain any steps towards peace, all the better,
I just hope my dyslexia doesn't get in the way.
in the meantime, won't you please sign my altest petition?

I have hopes that every person of evil will not go to hell, and there is compassion in the people of China, such as president Hu Jintao, to appeal to his buddhsit heart, if he is a buddhsit or not, adn find a way to feel for Tibet.
I decided to be as polite as possible, persistent, and persuasive.
I try to write new petition every one to two weeks, in letter form, enclose it in a manilla envelope with copy of signatures, usually one to two hundred, adn mail it to him.

4 years ago

Jill, Third Eye and I have both signed and forwarded your petition to Facebook and Twitter to many followers ... But ...


Although we read a written confirmation that we had each signed this petition, it refused to actually add our signatures to the petition page!


You might wish to report this technical difficulty to Care2 Petitionsite Help Support, because Third Eye was signature #3 and I should have shown up as #4.


Perhaps there is a delay in recording signatures ... Care2 Glitch???


Just letting you know.

4 years ago

I just went back to the petition page and our signatures are not being added.


4 years ago

Hmm....I just signed...will check

4 years ago

When I just tried to sign again, it showed that I had already I guess I will take their word.

Mind over Matter
4 years ago

A video about mind over matter -

But, isn't mind over matter so much more?!

There is the ability to cause natural storms and disasters by our frame of mind.  Sending out spiritual negativity towards another can reek havoc on a life.   So, the outward acknowledgement of believing and living a specific religious conviction is not what will change the world.  It is the thoughts that are within our minds that choose to hurt another.  It all comes down to Loving our fellow man and accepting one another unconditionally.  Who can live another person's life better than the One who Gave that life? 

4 years ago

I had the great please of meeting the psychic (healer) Olga Worrall in 1966. She was a friend of the philosophy (and religion) professor (Dr Ira Zepp) who was teaching a class I was taking. Dr Zepp knew from the questions I was asking her that I had a great interest in what she was saying and also knew that a biology major in the class thought what she was saying hogwash. So after the class he invited us both to lunch with Olga and him. At that time in my life I was experiencing a lot of psychic dreams and utterances. I sent Olga a message telepathically, she responded to my message, and then said (out loud) "you have a gift, my dear". At the time I found what was happening to me frightening and I guess I shut off that ability, and it did not reappear until about 8 years ago. Having read all the Seth books, those by Deepak Chopra, and others dealing with quantum physics, I am a strong supporter of "intention". I saw a tv show on the Stargate Project...and lived just a few miles from the National Security Agency and Fort Meade until 19 years ago. I have a strong suspicion that one of the men I dated for several years that worked at NSA had something to do with the project. After reading Lynne McTaggart's book (The Intention Experiment) I sent an email to participate in the next project, but never heard back. I do tune in to higher frequencies for some of my work and would be most willing to help/participate in the group's objectives. Namaste

What Prevails
4 years ago

What most of coming back to this Planet has assured most of many in all directions will be what it will be, we have chosen separate paths individually for many reason to lean in many directions this time to make a more positive movement in the end.

Some here are talking of seeing drastic measurements coming unless we remove the elements of negativity in a whole, yes indeed whether or not we bend the tides of evolution or not we will experience a huge change. We are coming into a cleansing near the year 2012 and spiritually if we do not stop the negativity upon this Planet we will experience the ruins of population.

 I can only say this is happening due to many factors  an  alignment  is way over due for many are out of calculation with their main acknowledgment of self esteem. We will overcome this and ones that turn their energies elsewhere will experience most of an emptiness within of the unknown.

 As far as going to Hell well wake up because this Planet is known to be Hell, for the awakening of centers and removing the veil unless otherwise known as the alignment of expanding your temple enlightenment.

World Peace
4 years ago

Buddhist and Mayan spiritual leaders are joining forces for a unique wisdom transmission and historical cultural unification. This Sacred Fire Ceremony for oneness and world peace will occur on November 6th - 7th 2010. You are invited to attend the webcast free of charge or by simply lighting a candle for peace, joining millions around the world as this special ceremony begins.

World Oneness..
4 years ago

Awakening into the unknown bridges from afar in the Galaxy ~ deepened into the souls of oneness brings now the new beginning in essence all of whom reside here together we shall overcome all obstacles and receive the highest of anarchy.

focus of energy for peace
4 years ago

I wonder if we are not already doing this if our thoughts are of right mind and right behavior and compassionate towards our fellow creatures, then what more is there to do.
every week in my buddhist sangha, we add a token pinch of incense to add our amidas light to the world for all to become enlightened and have peace.
once I participated in a meditation thon to raise money for our sanghas that is trying to buy a building, because we are outgrowing the center we rent.
I focused very hard on what I was assigned to do, world peace was one of the focus'.
it seemed much harder than passive thougths of goodwill, to actually concentrate and use mental energy for a particular focus. like holding an image in your mind for an extended period of time. this then is definately more energy than simple passive thought.
I guess I answered my own question.

4 years ago

I found your signatures at number 7 and 8.
I have that problem alot, but what always happens is the signatures arent always recorded instantly, and show up later.
its not a very popular petition, usually iget clsoe to two hundred, within a week or two, adn so far theres only 18. I think its as somone said, because one of the targets is Hillary Clinton, it looks like an "american petition"

what to start with?
4 years ago

maybe we should all who are here focus on one thing right here and now.
maybe we could focus on Aung Suuu being released on November 13, 2010 as the govt. has promised.
or we can focus rain thoughts like indiginenous people do over africa to save the last of the species there. a calm gentle rain peaceful and life nourishing, that can grow from the change in weather patterns from global warming and climate change, a positive consequence. it can feed the earth and barren sandy soils and make a bed of healthy soil for grasses and shrubs to grow.
maybe we could hope for tranquil wind of compassion to overcome president Hu Jintao, as if he has a buddha nature at heart, that will cause him to feel a kinship to his Tibetan neighbors, and he will choose to reliquish control over their land and their persons, and give them the freedoms outlined in the united nations declaration of human rights.
maybe we can seek to find a cure for aides, an end to overpopulation, we can hope for education in africa and india, with solar power, spreading throughout africa that is actually cheaper than ordinary power generations, they can have access to computers.
in India, also the need eduacation, and fair trade adn to end the caste system- amybe they need to wake up and see that they are all Indians- all creatures of the earth- not divided by their family blood, into heriarchies.
and I don't have a clue as to why they have so many children when they have an overpopulation problem and can't even feed the ones they have.
pick one any one...

What to start with?
4 years ago

Jill, All good ideas...thanks. With the "intention experiment" one issue would be selected and a date and time set for all those participating to focus on it a the same time. Olga and Ambrose Worrall did their regular "work" on the same day and time every week. One different experiment involved their attempt to make rye grass (I believe..can't find the reference right now) grow at a rate faster than normal. They sent their energy (to Canada I think) at a particular time and through some scientific instruments, a sudden burst of growth was recorded at that precise time. Perhaps we could start with the release of Aung Suu since there is a specific time frame to deal with.

Intention Experiment #1
4 years ago

I have been very busy inviting many people from many backgrounds of ability to strengthen our group energy, so now being slightly caught up and reading these new thread entries here . . . I will produce a share for each Intention Experiment suggested thus far being made above, with the corresponding 'date-target' objective, then I will create a Care2 article from the sharebook entry announcing the date-target. Next we then share these on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace . . . etc. one by one.


(Note: I have forgotten up until now, that there were similar successful PSI/Psychic Research attempts being reported in the late 60's & early 70's along these very same lines).


*Intended Plan of Action:


> Intention Experiment #1. Sacred Fire Ceremony - November 6th - 7th 2010 (today & tomorrow), but first I will quickly surf the web to verify this event is still underway.

> Intention Experiment #2. Invoke World Peace - November 10th 2010. This one will be continually be seeded once a month, every month from hereon.


> Intention Experiment #3. Release Aung Suu - November 13th 2010.

> Intention Experiment #4. More date-target objectives.


I'm on it and will be in touch!!!!

4 years ago

Thanks Third Eye. I think it would be great if we could get Deepak Chopra involved with this but I am sure he is too busy. Do you have an "in" with him...or does anyone else in the group? I don't belong to any of the other social networks so I won't be able to share in that way...sorry.

good job. see this link
4 years ago

Good Job!!!
I will participate in the world peace and Aung Su events.
also, I found this site that you might find interesting. Nicheren Shonin believed in creating world peace similarly to you by creating a Dharma frame of mind.
He wrote letters to world leaders, and chants the lotus sutta.

Group Announcement via New Topic Thread:
4 years ago

Please read, note, share and take immediate requested action:


Thank you for your participation as always!!!

Change: Date-Target Focus of "Intention Experiment #2
4 years ago

The date-target focus of Intention Experiment #2 is now changed to read 11.11.10 due to the group article located below:

Done . . . So Far . . . Need More Target Dates
4 years ago

*Attention: Olivia, Glenda & Jill;


All 3 Intention Experiments have now been set in the public's mind-set, so please be on the lookout for more target date events to attempt our intervention.


Excellent job by the way . . . lets keep it up!!!!!

I Dedicate This Video Article To Its Founder: Sarah M.
4 years ago


It's time to peek inside and not be afraid to question the close-minded 'status quo', because perhaps they are WRONG!?!?

I have witnessed some 'strange' psychic events also and that's why I created "Care2 Save The World?" @ Care2 Groups:


> Care2 News to Note, Discuss & Share with Thanks! :




5th Dimension - Mind Over Matter (Telekinesis) - Youtube Documentary Video


5th Dimension - Mind Over Matter (Telekinesis) - Youtube Documentary Video

Science & Tech   (tags: psychic, mind, mind-over-matter, telekinesis, russia, u.s., documentary, youtube, video, enlightenment, meditation, 5th-Dimension, humans, science, scientists, tech, technology, space, physiology, biology, interesting, unusual, energy, research )

Third Eye Open
- 11 minutes ago -


Journey with the scientific community and other professionals as they search for the latent hidden powers residing within the human mind.

hot!!!  |  4 comments

4 years ago

I watched some of the videos , they are very interesting. It lead me to read about Chi energy, and the Tao.
The energy that flows around our bodies, can be ultilized, experienced, and felt. energy balls, like yoga balls, can be formed in our hands as an exercise exerting our focus of energy, to become sharper of mind.
like water like air is the energy that flows, it is there, like a force, it can be channeled. but will it be restricted ,and impeded the flow of energy, the Chi around us, or is it as free as the wind, and as meaningless as the number of leaves which pass under a bridge?

Star Gate: >>>>
4 years ago

Remote Viewing Programs (Declassified) - The Truth Is Out There! :

4 years ago

Some of us have heard about Star Gate psychic research for many years now, but there are those who have never heard of it and are experiencing it for the very first time ....


And that's what I'm interested in!!!


But it still amazes me, because just think about the possibilities.

4 years ago

Years ago, in the eighties, I had a very profound psychic experience when I was relaxing in my garden. All of a sudden, inside my head shattered, as if bursting into a million stars and my awareness shifted. All of a sudden I knew that everything was aspects of One whole body, like being inside "God". I knew I was linked with everything and could get in touch with this Intelligence anytime and let it guide me. It's difficult to explain it logically because I had a profound "knowing" more than anything I can describe. Then other things happened, I was guided to things I guess I needed to know about, like the ancient Maya and other indigenous cultures who have led the way. My whole belief system fell apart, I was gradually stripped of everything I thought I knew and was comfortable with. My spiritual journey had begun, which took me far away from people or my comfort zone. I was to travel a very difficult and often dark path, as I believe we all do before coming to enlightenment.
But I suppose the point I want to make is that we are all made up of energy, that is the stuff the whole Cosmos is made of, seemingly nothing, yet everything. What we constantly think about links us with similar energies which become one mass. That can be positive or negative mass but it will make a difference to our world and hence our experience. We choose, and the choice is this - do we want good things in our world or bad? What we see as good and bad is simply energy vibrations occillating at different frequencies, but they effect everything.

world peace exercises
4 years ago

well, its Wednesday the tenth. I went outside and did a mental exercise for world peace. I thought about what I could do , and decided t work form what I know best. I am best working from a nature/ environmental issue, and I branched into economics, and came up with a focus of clean breathing, to both in courage alternative transportation, and clean energy, and to discourage traffic which is both polluting and noxious.
I walked along the side of the driveway, at my programs social club where Im working on the computers, and focused on the road pavement to the curb, as being clean the way it is when I walk and ride a bike, no carbon dioxide , or soot, just pure black pavement, and thought of now and in the future how it will be with nothing but pure clean air to breathe, and how nice pure air is for our health.
I thought of the cars as unappealing that are petroleum based, and how I nice it would be with clean alternative vehicles on the road, like electric cars that we have to invent noises for.
And I walked back down the hill towards the social club, focusing all the while on the road and my feet in an even steady rythm of walking meditation that I learned in my buddhist Sangha.
My objection was that if we have less or no need for gasoline and crude oil products, then we will have less need for wars, and more world peace.

RE: Psychic Event Horizon
4 years ago

Today is November 11th 2010 and I am with you Jill and everyone in projecting World Peace, Spiritual Unification and a path driven toward resolution.


Nita; We share a common experience associated with meditation and enlightenment and I recognize exactly what you are attempting to describe, because mine has been etched forever in my memory!


Please check out my latest and probably one of my most important shares ever on this group or even on Care2 for that matter!


RE: "Psychic Event Horizon - The Eve Of Our Societal Transformation" :


Thank you for your continued support!!!

4 years ago

  thankyou for sharing Robert, Olivia shared on another thread. 

4 years ago

INTERESTING SOUND VIDEO                                          



Sound Video
4 years ago

Very interesting video... This approach to frequency and sound has been around for many years.  It is good that people are beginning to Wake Up!

Sound Video
4 years ago

Thanks for sharing Jill. Everything is frequency/energy, that's why it is imperative we be mindful of everything we say/think/feel.

An observation
4 years ago

Did anybody notice that there are like 35,000 of people in the food group and only 207 of us? We are a very unique group. I am glad to belong.


ps Happy Thanksgiving to All