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Meditation: Harvard Medical Scientists Discover Brain Structure Changes
4 years ago
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Meditation: Harvard Medical Scientists Discover Brain Structure Changes
Meditation: Harvard Medical Scientists Discover Brain Structure Changes

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- 11 minutes ago -

Buddhist monks have been practicing meditation for more than 2,500 years and have been aware of its far-reaching physical and mental benefits in life, but now Harvard Medical School has verified alterations occurring in the human brain that supports this.

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4 years ago

Good to know . thank

Harvard Science
4 years ago

Interesting. While Gopi Krishna was head of the Psych dept at Harvard, late 80's..gads it's been many years since I read this forgive my memory lapse. Anyway, the research done was how Kundalini effected healing in people who had Epilepsy, Downs Syndrome, Alzhiemers, ??
probably more but it's gone..
With Epilepsy after a set period of meditation there was a marked reduction is severity and number of seizures.
If the Downs sufferers were able to concentrate enough to count the breaths and follow simple instructions there was a marked increase in IQ at or above average..
It was the same for Alzheimers, memory improved, the convolutions of the brain returned.. radical stuff, which prompted the American Psychiatric Association to lobby hard to have his work suppressed and killed great a threat to their monopoly and very existence..
Clark Institute in Toronto did the same job there and made negative findings..claimed no living adepts.. although i had written them and offered to go and participate.. they ignored me completely.gave the project to a couple of eastern origins who stole the funds and disappeared..
Since those early day thankfully there are groups now teaching and protecting the technique from unscrupulous liars with psych degrees. The fire spreads.
I have also had alleged adepts of eastern and european roots call me aliar and a nut bag, denied there is any sort of rising or orgasmic event at all..the uninitiated would listen to them every time and follow Transcendentalism or some quack from any obscure ashram would "take" them..and take them they do
The vehemence of the attacks over the early years was shocking..vile and disappointing. It seems Gopi was quite correct in saying that as in all things spiritual the closer one is raised to it the farther away they are from ever really understanding it..I make allowances for exceptions and am happy to seethe growth and scope of the transformation in western thought today..phew.
It would be interesting to revisit Harvard and see what become of the data but I am fairly sure it is hidden away some where..Timmy's lsd experiments suffered the same fate..and he we know was locked up a decade and never charged..gee how things never seem to change in some circles But we are paranoids right
This focusing of attention is also played with by psi..? well energy sucking pseudo vampires..drain your life force and leave one feeling just that.. weak..depleted..they also play games with causing injury and death..controlled direction..doing things caused by focused energy attacks for control..where the spiritual force and defenses are vital protections.. staying in ones heart protects.. nothing can pierce that..unless the distractions are so intense that focus is lost in fear or angry responses..
And it works..sadly before I was aware I too played these games and caused great damage..suffering..not realizing i was..
reading L Ron Hubbard before the mob high jacked him and his work for their own gain I discovered a way to ventilate..may have been a different author.. geez..lotts books passed my eyes..
the way was to imagine..key word..imagine I was doing dorrific thinks to people had or would try to harm me..
only a few years later did I find out that the imagining had killed my subjects and caused horrible cancers by design..I was never so frightened in my life when i realized the karma i had generated for myself.
I don't enjoy going to these memories.. but feel it is important to offer any validation I can to the group founder and members.. it's vital..and I do want to change the world..for the better.
Needless to say I do not play those games for many years and have i know earned some absolution by hard work and putting back good energies in place of negative mistakes.. and since it wasn't intentional..until later..that karmic load is less than first thought.. but a sucker for punishment i let emotions get control of me and did lash out and that too I hope has been neutralized.. feels like it..
We all have these abilities, some more developed than others.. all the things we are told are impossible are frankly VERY possible..innate and good bad or indifferent..dangerous.
I didn't come here to fool around..scare people or blow my own horn..I came here to participate..learn and refine, for the betterment of our world.. and my own abilities.
I also came to teach, what ever I have to give I will give it. Lets hope i have learned something in 62 years
peace and love to you all. Will