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Psychic Event Horizon - The Eve Of Our Societal Transformation
4 years ago
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It is extemely difficult to share private experiences with others, especially when it involves unusual psychic events!

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Psychic Event Horizon - The Eve Of Our Major Societal Transformation

Psychic Event Horizon - The Eve Of Our Major Societal Transformation

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Third Eye Open
- 1 hour ago -

This is my personal journal entry regarding my very much condensed personal experiences involving psychic phenomena, the U.S. Government, and the possible future of the human race. I freely submit this testimony into the permanent public record.

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Special Thanks Go Out To:
4 years ago

I would like to personally thank Olivia S. for not only noting the above article, but for also making an excellent comment that inspired others to comment with their thought-provoking perceptions as well.


Thank you Olivia for your special efforts and please keep up the excellent work you do, because you inspire us to achieve our short and long-term goals here on group!!!


RE: "Psychic Event Horizon - The Eve Of Our Societal Transformation" :

Another Brick Out Of The Wall
4 years ago

I just posted the following comment at other site locations and sharing it here also:


I am completely exposing myself to the best of my current ability and then you must decide for yourself, because I am (at this time) not absolutely sure what's going on or exactly why.

However, the only thing I am absolutely certain of is that someone is making a desperate attempt to send an aggressive warning message updating repeatedly using psychic phenomena and that it is connected to my 1980-1984 U.S. Army tour of duty . . . and further is connected to Project: Star Gate in some fashion (I have experienced missing time).

In short, I was involved in an experiment between 1980-1982 on Fort Knox, Kentucky and I cannot completely remember everything, but I know they were trying to send message and communicate warning messages backward in time (using psychic ability only).

I also know that this was then coupled with the U.S. Navy high-energy electronics programs, in order to also send laser encoded warning messages backward through time.

Whether it is possible or not, that's exactly what they were attempting to do!

It has taken me since 1985 (when I started experiencing flash memories) until about 1997 to retrieve the bulk information, but the sub-project I was in was locked-down so tight that I can only recall "the room" and only pieces here and there.

After you read my journal sharebook entry at the link below, then you will obtain a slightly better perception of what I am jabbering about and then you will have to decide.

The psychic phenomena that I have been experiencing to date is real and ongoing . . . and is visible to other objective witnesses who are not my family members.

I tested the theory that my entire family might have been somehow programmed and that we were all seeing it happen a certain way via mind control. But that turned out not to be the case here, when I asked a neighbor to tell us what they saw (in a isolated control observation) . . . And without hesitation or pre-knowledge of what I was even having them look at a targeted photograph for, they replied seeing the very same exact thing. That's when I knew for sure, that this was something more involved.

Most of the 'past' image alterations and past event changes are encoded very small and therefore we must use a magnifying glass to see them, but they are clearly there nonetheless.

These warning messages that I refer to are now coming in more frequently and getting much stronger in energy transmission, so therefore I have been compelled to come forward and try to do something about it.

I am doing the very best that I can under the circumstances.

I am going public in order to enlist the help of others who might have more information than I have on this subject at this time.

4 years ago

well, it sounds like you could qualify for post traumatic streess disorder. You need a strong mind to both believe in what you do and process it into our curent time.
In any case, I choose to be optimistic about our future, even knowing that all the things you say are possible realites for us, as the buddha says nothing is permanent, and, our destinies are not set in stone, and even was the spirit travels the path of caves in the barhdo between lives can alter his path and new life of new parents before he reaches them, so too can we create our futures positive.
Imagine this as mathematical proof. is is generally assumed that civilizations rise and fall, like the roamn empire, to the point of peak production, and then past it, and then down, like oil and the industrial revolution, it reaches its peak of prodcutio and then exhausting its supplies ,it crashes.
But we know that. waht if we are to learn from opur hsitory of civilzations, and make a purposeful decision not to crash. how would we do that, we would ahve to examine socites like the Tibetans, and the idigenous aborigines, and the amazon people, what is different about these people from us, and our oil , industry, pollution, plastic, automotive, stock market, corporation society?
they live sustainably. they respect the land and all the creatures who live on the earth. they don't take more than their share, more than they need to live and they are happy that way.
so the race is on, will we bring alternative fuels to the raod before oil crashes?
will we propogate africa with solar power, bringing marketing to africa, so that they can support themselves? education and caste disposal to India, like China has and reduce population?
Is the glass half empty or half full?
aren't we here to decide that for ourselves?
And make our own destiny?

Attention Jill >>>>
4 years ago

Hi Jill,


Here is a copy of my response on the Care2 Article and please feel free to go and make a comment, because we need all the insight that 'we' can get!!!:



Third Eye Open (411) - Thursday November 11, 2010, 8:55 am

I could not possibly agree more with your perception Patricia and that is why I have been calling publicly to engage the proverbial 'two-edged sword' regarding :

#1. Focusing meditation of internal human imagery and will-power. Envision it mentally and make it happen through deep meditation; especially at night as your going to sleep, because our abilities are closer toward the conscious mind.

#2. Take physical proactive daily actions like signing petitions for example, making phone call, marching, protesting, debating, discussing, or become a political leader without losing your humanity . . . and any other humanly possible physical action in order to intervene.

When large groups of people commit to intertwining #1 around #2, then and only then will there become a visible and measurable impact outcome.

Now is the time to take these necessary steps on an unending daily basis!

Important Article Update - Clarification Statement
4 years ago

Friday November 12, 2010, 4:45 am - Taken From Article Link Below:


I have missed reporting an extremely important aspect regarding this entire chain of events, the real reason that I believe that the incoming intelligence information should be considered as a possibly accurate future outlook (thus far), so I therefore insert the following clarification statement here and on site:

I am not completely certain as to the identity (who) is originating these messages, because it is most likely myself during the time I was involved in one of the Star Gate psychic research for warfare operations.

From 1985 through the 1990's I was successfully able to understand what these messages were clearly indicating, which had produced a very long list of pre-event-indicators producing a time-line constructed along the premise of 'when this happens, then this will happen' type of effect.

What made me realize that there was at least some validity to all of this, was the fact that as each year past to date, all of the pre-indicators came into existence as foretold - Yes, everyone of them one by one.

This woke me up and made me take extreme note of the more forward-looking indications, and furthermore ignited my decision to become an activist at all levels possible.

So for me experiencing this first-hand, I have to be convinced that if the first part was accurate and true, then the more forwarding looking warning messages is therefore also to be considered as possibly true . . .

But the main objective of these messages is to use this information to alert the U.S. Government, in order to seek change and high-level intervention, which I have sought and am currently continuing to seek this resolution on and off Care2.

I reestablished a communication line with the government as of 1995 and they were reacting and making attempts until around 2006, but something has changed their willingness to carefully move forward in the prescribed directions.

Another reason for my coming forward at this time, is that the U.S. Government appears to have stopped responding to their own alert messages; either they are unable to respond due to the intensity and multiplicity of the problems that they (we) are beginning to face or else they have just begun not to care.

We must continue to make them listen, care, and positively intervene as we move forward through time . . . on the environmental issues, the business/finance/economy related issues, the social/freedoms/rights issues, the science/tech issues and within the general politics and government policy-making decision process.

We must not surrender our future!