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6 years ago

No felony charges for officer in DPS dog's death | Phoenix

The Arizona Department of Public Safety officer who left his K-9 partner in a hot squad car will not face felony charges in connection with the dog's death.

6 years ago
  • Yes76% 141
  • No24% 45
  • Total Votes: 186
6 years ago

Ohio must give the man who tortured these dogs more than a "slap on the wrist."

  • 1%no!
  • 0%leaning no
  • 0%leaning yes
  • 99%yes!
What is the natural temperament of "bully dogs" (like pit bulls and boxers)?
6 years ago

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6 years ago




Do you feel that the 23-month prison sentence being served by convicted animal abuser Michael Vick is enough punishment?

Poll Results: 7,827 votes


No way! What he did is unforgiveable.


Yes, he's paid his debt.




I don't care.

I want to know what planet the  9% other and the 4% don't care live on!!!!

6 years ago


6 years ago

Vote in the FOX UP Daily Pulse

Read more: Local, Daily Pulse, Poll


Poll: Michigan Wolf Hunt

Controversy continues to surround a proposed bill legalizing Grey Wolf hunting in Michigan.

Republican State Representative Matt Huuki proposed the bill August 15th. In January, the federal government removed the Grey Wolf from the endangered species list. As of now, Wisconsin and Minnesota have legalized Grey Wolf hunting, but here in Michigan some question the necessity of making the wolf a game species.

Keith Creagh, newly appointed director of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, has announced his support for the proposal. Creagh says the hunt is one way to reduce the number of destroyed livestock, otherwise known as depredation.

"History shows us if you make a species a game species, that actually allows for a more effective management of that species," said Creagh. According to Creagh, Michigan's approach to approving a wolf hunt will have a scientific basis. "We'll work with the legislature to identify wolves as a game species," Creagh said. "But it's a Natural Resources Commission that actually, because of Proposal G, does a scientific management along with the department, so ours will be different than Wisconsin's and we'll be more targeted and focused."

If and when the proposal is approved by the state legislature, the DNR will set guidelines for hunting the species.

A DNR study last year revealed less than 700 wolves live in the UP, a number that worries some conservationists like Nancy Warren. "First I think this legislation is being driven by fear and misunderstanding," said Warren. Warren is the Great Lakes Director of the National Wolf Watcher Coalition, and she, along with other researches, provided recommendations included in the DNR's Wolf Management Plan issued in 2010.

Warren says hunting the animals may back-fire, based on DNR statistics that show only four instances of verified depredation events caused by wolves in 2012.

"If now we start killing these wolves that have not caused depredation, then you could potentially cause an increase in depredation because of disruption in a pack," explained Warren. For her part, Warren says she will continue to educate the public on wolves.

She's holding an informational session at the Peter White Public Library in Marquette on September 4th.

Meantime, the bill is currently in the Natural Resources Committee, with no date set for when it will be considered.

Tonight in the Daily Pulse we're wondering: Would you support a wolf hunt in Michigan? Yes or no? Why or why not?

Poll: Michigan Wolf Hunt
Would you support a wolf hunt in Michigan?

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6 years ago
Poll: Michigan Wolf Hunt
Would you support a wolf hunt in Michigan?




6 years ago
Weekly Poll: Is There Life on Other Planets?
1 min ago

Some people believe that there must be life elsewhere in the universe and that it couldn't have arisen only on our planet. This seems reasonable, if you consider how many stars and planets there must be. Others are just as sure that it can't exist -- sometimes for religious reason, but sometimes not. It's often argued that life is so unlikely that no matter how many planets exist, ours is probably the only one where life exists. What do you think about it?

Of course, even if life does exist elsewhere, it might not be very evolved life. The most common forms of life on our own planet is very simple, like algae. So even if life is abundant in the universe, it might be an abundance of algae or lichen. It would be interesting to discover such life, but it's hardly the stuff of dramatic science fiction.

Sometimes belief is the existence of alien life is used by theists to argue that atheists believe in the existence of unknown, unprovable entities as well -- but I'm not sure that the two are genuinely comparable. Even if an atheist had a strong desire that aliens exist and a strong belief in their existence, I've never known an atheist who wouldn't give up that belief if shown that it were self-contradictory or contradicted reality.

Moreover, such a belief is at best tangential to anything and everything else an atheist beliefs, thus rendering it far less important to an atheist's life than belief in a god is to a theist's life. Even in cases where an atheist's belief has a poor foundation, that belief itself does not then become a foundation for an entire way of life, morality, etc. If theists believed in the existence of gods in the same way that atheists believe in the existence of alien life, I doubt that there would be many arguments between then.




Do you think there is life on other planets?

Yes, and probably intelligent life as well.Maybe, but probably just rudimentary life - like algae.No, probably not.I don't know.I don't care.

Current Result



Poll Results


 About Poll
Do you think there is life on other planets?
Yes, and probably intelligent life as well.  (946)


Maybe, but probably just rudimentary life - like algae.  (184)


No, probably not.  (70)


I don't know.  (144)


I don't care.  (72)


Total Votes: 1416



6 years ago

Is animal testing ever okay?

Poll Results: 4,760 votes
No, never.
Only if the testing is for legitimate medical purposes.
I'm not sure.
Yes. It's unpleasant but necessary.

Read more: Is Animal Testing Ever Okay?





6 years ago
5 min ago
If a couple gets divorced, who should get custody of their pet? »

(364 votes)

If you see your pet get killed, should it legally be considered emotional distress? »

(578 votes)

Are you concerned about how drought conditions might harm migrating hummingbirds? »

(640 votes)

If you could, would you raise quails in your backyard as a local source of eggs? »

(846 votes)

What is the natural temperament of "bully dogs" (like pit bulls and boxers)? »

(980 votes)

Imagine that you were dating a new person and your pet couldn't stand them. What would you do? »

(951 votes)

What do you think about all the news coverage of homosexual animal couples? »

(948 votes)

Do you see hummingbirds or butterflies in your yard? »

(1,169 votes)

What do you do to keep your pet entertained while you're at work/school? »

(1,047 votes)

Would you ever consider keeping bees? »

(1,139 votes)

Do you celebrate your pet's birthday? »

(1,179 votes)

Should there be a registry for animal abusers? »

(1,335 votes)

Do pets have healing powers?  »

(1,322 votes)

Should cats be kept inside? »

(1,248 votes)

Should our pets be vaccinated annually?  »

(1,443 votes)

Should driving with a pet in your lap be illegal? »

(1,564 votes)

Have you ever been bitten by an animal? »

(1,668 votes)

Have you ever owned a black cat or dog? »

(1,741 votes)

Would you shop at a store that sells fur? »

(1,664 votes)

Should dogs be allowed in outdoor patios of restaurants? »

(1,712 votes)

Should chickens and goats be banned within city limits? »

(1,645 votes)

Would you ever clone a pet? »

(1,772 votes)

Should cats be kept indoors or outdoors? »

(1,965 votes)

Petowners: Do you sleep with your pet? »

(2,062 votes)

Should horse-drawn carriages be banned? »

(2,697 votes)

Are pets a luxury? »

(2,710 votes)

Is it cute or cruel to dress animals in costumes? »

(2,841 votes)

Should people have to take a test to own a pet? »

(2,493 votes)

Can you tell what kind of person someone is based on their choice in pets?  »

(2,578 votes)

Would you consider raising goats for milk? »

(2,687 votes)

Should Michael Vick be forgiven? »

(2,777 votes)

Do you think San Francisco should ban pet sales? »

(2,661 votes)

Does your company allow dogs in the office? »

(2,688 votes)

Is it ever okay to send animals into space? »

(2,915 votes)

6 years ago

polls and voting done

5 years ago

See our other polls and how your answers compare to other pet owners!

5 years ago
5 years ago

Ohhhh My goodnes Diane I'll have to get back with you on this one :-0 ) ) ) ) Hugggs Barb ..

5 years ago

I am not into PETA but this poll is important!


online poll regarding use of animals in entertainment

please vote !!! We are losing!


55% say that animals are not harmed, only 42% that its wrong to use animals in entertainment!


NBC is about to start airing a new show called Animal Practice which will feature regular appearances by animals, including a capuchin monkey named Crystal who will be forced to appear in every episode.

Please cast a vote against this terrible show here- the pro-exploitation side is winning by a lot right now:

http://www.sodahead .com/entertainme nt/peta-is- protesting- the-new-show- animal-practice- whose-side- are-you-on/ question- 3184885/



5 years ago
Cats Vs. Dogs: Cast Your Vote - America's Pet Debate! And.....ACTION!

Animals  (tags: Good News, cats vs dogs, purina, pet partner's, veteran programs, animal-assisted therapy, dogs, cats, America's military )
BarbCat - 13 hours ago -

For every vote, Purina will give $1 to Pet Partners' veteran programs, up to $100,000, to help provide America's military heroes with animal-assisted therapy.
will not be posting in this thread,will post in my new group--ty
5 years ago
will not be posting in this thread,will post in my new group--ty
5 years ago
will not be posting in this thread,will post in my new group--ty
5 years ago
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