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6 years ago

Polar Bear Cub

6 years ago

Noted and Thnx Dianne

vote daily
6 years ago
Promoting Human/Bear Coexistence Through Education and Action Please Vote Now!!

Animals  (tags: animalwelfare, bears, humans, coexist, wildlife, vote now! )
BarbCat - 2 hours ago -

We only have until Oct. 12th to vote for bear/humans coexisting through education and action. Do you believe humans and bears can, or should, coexist? Please Vote Now!
Captive bears
6 years ago


6 years ago

All singed!!! Thanks Dianne!
I think it is great that you have done those different threads!!!! Great idea!
Have anice weekend!

Best wishes

6 years ago

All signed and have been voting daily on the Aviva site. Thank you.

6 years ago

Signed and voted.

6 years ago

All noted and signed. Thank you Dianne.

6 years ago

Noted and already signed. Thank you Monika.

6 years ago

All signed Current Dianne and Monika :0 Thnx

BOYCOTT South Carolina until they Ourlaw Bear Baiting
6 years ago

Signed Monika :0 Thnx

6 years ago


6 years ago

Success! Global Vote Shuts Down Bear Bile Industry

The thousands of black bears held captive in Asia’s bile-farming industry will finally be released after the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) moved to end bear bile farming at its World Congress.

More than 67,000 Care2 memberswere part of a worldwide protest that succeeded in ending cruel bear bile farming practices.

Endangered black bears are hunted and harvested for their gall bladders in Asian countries where bear bile is considered a delicacy among traditional medicine. The bears are taken from the wild and confined to extremely small “crush cages,” where a catheter is painfully inserted into their stomach to milk them for their bile twice a day. Bears often bang their heads against their cages in frustration, or even starve themselves to death to escape the torturtuous farms.

On Friday, September 14th, these heinous crimes against bears became globally recognized as intolerable — and a formal movement to end the bear bile trade is underway. Bear bile farms will be shut down, industry growth will be capped, and supporters of the bile trade must defend their stance with scientific evidence proving that the process does not diminish endangered bear populations.

Bears will no longer be smuggled and trapped in cages where they cannot move, their gall bladders farmed for a substance that holds no medicinal value, but is still hunted to the point of mass-scale animal cruelty.

Thank you Care2 members for supporting this successful movement by signing Care2′s petition opposing the bear bile industry!

6 years ago

Bear Bile Farming Is Not Ending: A Heads Up? Conflicting Stories

Animals  (tags: bear farms, bile farms, Psychology Today, Care2, Facebook, bears, conflict )
Thubten - 2 hours ago -

Care2 published a story announcing that the bear bile industry has been shut down and that the bears being held captive on farms will be released. The story is also circulating on Facebook. According to PsychologyToday, this is not accurate.

6 years ago

Hi Dianne and Thubten It still will come .... Will Pray ...

6 years ago

Mexico : Fireman torturing baby bear ! Pls SIGN!

Forwarded message

Please do not let these pieces of lowlife excuses for humans get away with
this. Please sign petition below.

October 18, 2012 Zaragoza, Coahuila (Mexico)

The photos of a small bear mistreated by members of the local Civil
Defense Secretariat caused outrage in the town of Zaragoza, Coahuila.



https://www. es/peticiones/ castigo-ejemplar -por-maltrato- y-tortura- a-una-osezna- en-zaragoza- coahuila




The photos of a small bear mistreated by members of the local Civil
Defense Secretariat caused outrage in the town of Zaragoza, Coahuila.

http://www.adnpolit 2012/10/18/ que-oso-exhiben- maltrato- a-oso-en- un-municipio- de-coahuila

Below, online translation:

A few days ago, workers of the Coahuila government agency received a call
to alert an animal that roamed the town.

About 12 workers moved to the area and apprehended the osezna-as known
to-female bear cubs, tied his legs and photographed her while suspended in the
air and holding her ears.

The images quickly circulated online, especially on Twitter, where he
created the # OsoZaragoza to request a penalty on workers.

Secretary of Environment of Coahuila, Eglantina Channels, said just last
week workers received a training workshop to capture wild animals without
abusing them.

The evening news on Radio Zócalo an interview published on Thursday the
head of those responsible, the head of Civil Protection of Zaragoza, Erick
Pichardo, who said the law punishes only kill animals, not other behaviors.

"Is it not the violation or respect for animals," asked the reporter
Yesenia Ramirez.
"The law is very clear, nothing says 'not to kill,'" said Pichardo, who
agreed to investigate whether such conduct warrants a sanction.

Internet users already created a digital campaign on page
called "exemplary punishment for abuse and torture in a Osezna Zaragoza,

Attorney for Environmental Protection of Coahuila, Javier Rodriguez,
tweeted from his account: "# OsoZaragoza Thank you for your complaint, we will
act immediately. Shall not go unpunished."

(http://www.facebook .com/l.php? u=http:// www.zaragoza- coahuila. contacto& h=LAQGhb2w4& s=1)

Carcel para los que torturaron a la Osezna Bella, en Zaragoza, Coahuila.

6 years ago

Noted and signed Monika :0 :0 Poor Baby Cub :0!!!

6 years ago

Michelle S.

Dear Friends:  More signatures are needed for the petition below. We cannot continue to lose precious members of wildlife due to human ignorance and stupidity! The wildlife agents claim this was an "unprovoked attack." The woman was walking three dogs on the border of a national park when a mama bear and her cub crossed the road! Animals don't recognize borders! These dogs were clearly a threat to the bear and she reacted accordingly! What the hell was this dingbat doing walking her dogs in bear country!? PLEASE HELP SAVE THIS MAMA BEAR! SIGN, SHARE AND FORWARD! TY. Michelle

URGENT! STOP CALIFORNIA FISH & GAME FROM KILLING MOTHER BEAR IN OJAI! Petition | California Department of Fish and Game: Give Th 
Animals  (tags: Animal WelfareAnimal CrueltyCalifornia Fish & Game To Kill Ojai BlacURGENT ACTION! ) 
 Michelle - 10 hours ago - 

The CA Dept. of Fish & Game plans to capture and euthanize one of our very few local black bears after a minor attack on a woman who came too close to the bear and her cub while walking her dogs. Like all good moms, the bear was protecting her baby. HELP!

BEAR TO DIE BECAUSE WOMAN WALKED DOGS NEAR NATIONAL PARK! Bear That Attacked Woman Will Be Killed, Officials Say - Latimes.Com 
Animals  (tags: Animal WelfareAnimal CrueltyWildlifeBears,Ojai Bear Will Be Killed If FoundINJUSTICE! ) 
 Michelle - 10 minutes ago - 

Game wardens with the California Dept. of Fish & Game will attempt to capture the bear that attacked a 50-year-old woman Friday morning in Ojai. If they are successful the bear will be euthanized. "Public safety is our No. 1 priority," say the agents.

6 years ago


6 years ago
This year a Chinese festival has sparked controversy by including black bears doing balancing tricks for...
start date: Oct. 27

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