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2 years ago

All Noted, signed and current Dianne

2 years ago


I Don't Hurt Animals - Cesar Millan
Animals  (tags: Cesar Milan, accusations, news, society, media, internet, ethics, AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animals, pets )
Dianne Ly - 26 minutes ago -

A week ago, Hollywood dog whisperer Cesar Millan scarcely registered in the British consciousness. But now, after a single appearance on ITV's normally sedate Alan Titchmarsh Show, he has become one of Britain's most controversial characters.

2 years ago

I have been off a few days,I live in Pa. where the storms are hitting,my power was off and I am a few days behind in posting.Hope everyone else is safe.

2 years ago

Saving a Pit Bull Named Mani, How It Forever Changed Two Lives - National Dogs | Examiner.Com

Animals  (tags: Mani, pit bull, rescued, happy ending, animaladvocates, goodnews, GoodNews )
Dianne Ly - 55 seconds ago -

Saving Mani's life was not easy - she took multiple trips to the facility, answered numerous questions, spent hours inside of the animal care and control and filled out a considerable amount of paperwork. Suffice to say, without her "above and beyond"

2 years ago

Quick Poll
Do you think Cesar Millan's training techniques are questionable?

Yes, there is absolutely no justification for using violence towards an animal

No, he's been credited with being able to train the most troublesome dogs


Millan, a New York Times best-selling author, stuck to his guns, insisting his actions were no more than a touch, at which point Titchmarsh pushed the point, stating: "But you also work with electric shocks and collars and spikes on collars that really hurt them.

"You know, this is pretty barbaric treatment. What's your reasoning for treating dogs like this?"

Millan continued to insist his methods are simply used to 'snap the (dog's) brain out of it'.

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2 years ago
Amazing Greyson Puppy Recovering After Neighbor's Dog Severed Puppy's Leg - National Pet Rescue | Examiner.Com

Animals  (tags: Great news, Greyson, health, GoodNews, goodnews, AnimalWelfare )
Dianne Ly - 3 minutes ago -

Just three days after a five-month-old puppy named Greyson was brought to the Fort Worth Animal Care and Control in excruciating pain, covered in blood, and missing his front leg, the adorable all white canine cutey with the soft grey eyes is already

2 years ago

A court hearing that had been scheduled for today for a Detroit rapper charged with animal fighting was adjourned until next month.

In addition to the animal fighting charge, Toranio Hightower, also known as Young Calicoe, 22, is charged with conspiracy to gamble and conspiracy to commit animal fighting, according to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office. The most serious charge, conspiracy to gamble, carries a possible five-year prison sentence.

Savay Chokbengboun, 32, and Cassandra Worthington, 26, both of Detroit face even more charges in the raid, including cruelty to animals and possessing animal fighting equipment.

All three now face preliminary examinations Nov. 27 in 36th District Court.

An undisclosed number of dogs and roosters were removed from the house on West Outer Drive on July 11 after a video was posted online featuring a man identified as Young Calicoe giving a kind of home tour where he showed off pit bulls and roosters apparently used for fighting.






Young Calicoe Still Remains Under Investigation for Dog Fighting, Arrest Warrant Request Submitted to Prosecutor | MLive.Com

2 years ago


A Espera De Um Milagre... Terminou! - YouTube   video
Animals  (tags: Davi, Brazil, up-date, dog, AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animalwelfare, GoodNews, goodnews )
Dianne Ly - 10 hours ago -

Davi is better!! Will translate below in the article.
This is what it says:

The story of King David

Well a while ago I went to the market and butcher shop market noticed my shirt which had photo of an angel (before and after) and beside her a question: "I am protector! And you?"

He promptly called me, I went up to him and he had a dog that comtou full of tumors from a river.

I took the address of the place and went looking for the dog. So that before he asked the number from my phone.

Arriving on the scene unfortunately not found the angel in the river.

I returned to the market and there was not a dog to be found.

I continued to make my purchases.

Two months later, I answered the phone and a woman's voice says this number was given to her husband who worked in a butcher shop.

Then she loudly asked me please help me.

There is a pitbull in a thicket in a makeshift hut which is lacking a good part of her ass.

I grabbed the phone and the address of hers.

I called my friend Lucilia Martins and she promptly answered me.

Along with my sister Katia we went to the location using a GPS cell phone.

Thank God we reached our destination.

The first image I saw is engraved in my memory.

I saw an angel completely helpless, his face showed permanent sadness, thin and with a very large wound.

On his whole body I saw bite marks.

This told us that he was bought as a puppy in PetShop and its previous owner dropped it after he lost a fight in a ring of dogs.

At that time I lost the senses of the body.

And my heart took hold of my actions.

I rescued the angel and gave him the name of David.

Many have asked me why this name and I promptly say: "From what I know of the story of David, he was simple, fragile and became a King!"

David was rescued on September 20, 2012 and was the very next week at home assisted by Dr Izabela Berbert and the following week was attended by two veterinarians.

They found that he has anemia, but is recovering very well.

He loves to play with anyone who comes to visit him.

2 years ago

Noted and Thnx Dianne

2 years ago