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Ky Senator cited for violating HPA
Just horrible...
5 years ago

 I can't watch videos anymore especially now, but I read the story and have seen it on Animal Cops Houston and the poor horses can hardly walk. Remember we're talking about a 2,000 Lb., animal. So sad.. I hope the Industry steps up to the plate and do the right thing for the horses..

5 years ago

This woman is a real piece of work. She has the nerve to say that she "loves" her horses and they love her; employs the usual scare tactics of saying that evil animal rights activists just want to take their horses away, and that these training techniques only look bad to the uninitiated, because these horses are "very dangerous"!

5 years ago

 Sarah for the article like Vinnie can't watch the video

5 years ago

The video is gone. Did she cause these poor animals to barely be able to walk by soaring their feet? I hope they take her horses away and do not allow her to ever own a horse again.

5 years ago

Thanks Sarah,these people call themselves professonals????

I don't trust them anymore, a farrier can be a horses best friend or worst nightmare.

How do these people get away with these crimes?Just because "she loves them"

doesn't mean she isn't messing up their health .

Just like dogs, there are no "bad" horses,just BAD OWNERS...

which she shouldn't have the privilege of being anymore,I hope they take them away and find more intelligent owners,Owning a horse is a huge commitment,some people should not be committed to anything except the loony bin, where are the men in the white coats when you need them to take some crazy woman away???

5 years ago

There was evidence of scarring on her horses' legs, and it was obvious her trainer had been soring them. She implied that severe methods were necessary because "these are dangerous animals". She and her trainer are the only dangerous creatures I am aware of in this situation! These horses are actually incredibly gentle and forgiving, which is why these revolting people can get away with this sort of abuse.

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