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Pentagon Created Arab Spring Over a Decade Ago
6 years ago

Pentagon Created Arab Spring Over a Decade Ago
January 1, 2012

The Arab Spring uprisings were arguably the most significant events of the last 12 months. Protests are still raging across the region, even after regimes were toppled. Journalist and author F. William Engdahl gives his view on the Arab world in 2012.


Editor's Note:

William Engdahl breaks down the Arab Spring with absolute precision. For a documented history of the engineered 2011 Arab Spring, please see, "2011 - Year of the Dupe."

For more research and analysis by Engdahl, see his website Geopolitics-Geoeconomics.

The Revolution Business
6 years ago

The Revolution Business

The history of OTPOR/CANVAS US Government NGO/CIA manufactured revolutions (e.g., Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iran, Occupy Wall Street).




28minutes invested to completely change ones world-view ?

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