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The Key..
6 years ago

It's All About Personal Empowerment
People wonder why things don't change.

It's because people observe and follow, observe and follow.

Same old same old, hoping someone will do something.

Choice is within carefully constructed confines to where they think they're free, but it's all within a tightly restricted playground created by social engineers and executed via their academic and media minions.

Yes, it's that controlled.

Or so they attempt it to be.
The wild card is the all-powerful eternal human spirit.

When we come to the realization of what we truly are, we are an unstoppable foe to these tyrannical beasts.

They've turned our planet into a human farm with the people hypnotized to behave as cattle convinced of their own helplessness.

Sorry, boys.

The jig is up.

This marvelous planet is OUR space station and you have no business trying to take it over, so get the hell outta here.

Humanity is rising...and you're in the way.

The Key..Wake Yourself Up Fully And Everyone Around You!
The only way to fully wake up is to take action.


If  you don't open the spigot of your life by researching the Truth, communicating, withdrawing from the system, turning off the mainstream media in every form, alerting others as to what's going on, you'll go back to sleep.

It's that simple, and it's that urgent.

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