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Please don't remove children because their mother owns a music video
6 years ago
  • Target: Robyn McSweeny, Minister for Child Protection Western Australia, Prime Minister Julia Gillard
  • Sponsored by: Phillipa Watson

Please don't remove children because their mother owns a music video Taste in music doesn't indicate parenting style, or competence, nor how much or little a child is loved. This is no reason for Child Protection to commit character assassination and hold "concerns" as to any mother's parenting ability, yet this is what they did to me and my children. My children have suffered immensely due to this act, yet nothing in their behaviour is any different to normal effects of separation, and they chose to deem their distress as "evidence of neglect", despite knowing otherwise, and have built an entire case around this. They KNEW my children were not neglected, they had documented evidence clearly indicating they were not neglected, my children showed no sign whatsoever of being neglected - case workers were actually impressed by how happy, outgoing, sociable and healthy they were - yet concerns about me as a person have somehow meant to them that I'm possibly an incapable mother. I want them to come home and they want to come home. It's breaking all our hearts, and has caused so much trauma and damage it's indescribable. If you can't rectify our situration, can you please ensure nothing like this ever happens to anyone else? It would be nice if they were more forthright and put an end to the perception they can refer you to services available and give advise and provide assessments and opinion - following their removal I was told that that isn't their job, and the sole focus of their work is to determine what is concerning them, and concerns mean removing children, and returning them after a period of time. I approached them for assistance and legal advise, and instead had my children removed, and have since been told "If you want your kids back stop fighting us in Court". More information included in the petition letter.

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