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Fear not. Enjoy the ride !
6 years ago

STOP letting the creatures of the dark scare you with threats of WWIII, the nwo and the End of the World.

It is all put out there to spread lies, steal your hope and keep you in a fear based, lower vibratory state.

Remember above all else...

WE create our own reality.

All prophecies are self-fulfilling.

If we all want to evolve our consciousness and purge the negative entities from this planet, that is what will happen.

To purge the negative, you must focus on the positive.

Whatever we all focus on most, WILL HAPPEN.

Naysayers need to learn this above all else.

Its not about knowing EXACTLY what is going to happen..

Its what you hope for that matters most.


Remember always, God and You are a Majority, despite the next few months which can be very challenging for mankind.


It is essential to remain in condition of Love (everything which does not feel like Love is the opposite)


Thwart the plan(s) of a complete insane gone unloving minority who accidently is in the strange believe to control the planet.


Help spreading truth, this is what the dark cabal really dislikes and do not fear.


Yeah, don't Look for Answers - Find the Questions Within You !

Choose Love, Choose Compassion, Choose Life !

Fear not. Enjoy the ride !

Spread the Truth !


Be The Change !

We each make a HUGE difference !


Let this heartfelt presentation bypass your mind and break your heart:


- Parsifal






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