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Executing Preemptive WarsŪ
6 years ago

The USSA® War Script

1. Put a Country on the Pariah List

2. Arrange the Reconstruction

3. Send in CIA Asset Provocateurs and

4. further De-Stabilize the Country by 'Colorful Revolution'

5. Start Propaganda Campaign

6. Accuse of WMD’s

7. Paint as Dictatorship that overtly denies its own people basic rights (like speech and assembly)

8. Lobby the World for Humanitarian Mission

9. Be ‘Creative’, Inventing Charges

10. Order No-Fly-Zone

11. Call NATO to Bomb the S*** out of them

12. Torture, Mutilate, Rape, Execute em’

13. Form a Rothschild Central Banking

14. Devastate the Country, Destroy remaining Infra-structures, Steal, Plunder and Sell Off Natural Resources to International Principals

15. Establish Military Bases

16. Plant a Puppet Government

17. Start with 1.

® stands for Rothschild Elitism (Globalisation in action)

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