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4 years ago

Female baby Orangutan Niu-fang, born 11 Oct. 2013, suckles milk from its mother Xiang-niu, Taipei Zoo, Taiwan

4 years ago

Mary R.

5 years ago

Action: Rescue Sumatran Orangutans
As of today, there are less than 6,600 Orangutans left in the wild, stranded in isolated patches of Forest surrounded by plantations. Sumatra's Rainforests have quickly been turning into farmlands, leaving the Orangutans less & less habitat & taking away their homes. The Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) is helping rescue these incredible & special animals. Orangutan's being illegally kept as pets or stranded in farmlands are being relocated to safer forests they can call home. You can help take care of these wonderful animals as they are relocated to their new, safe, homes. Your donation will help fund much needed veterinary services to care for the rescued Orangutans. Thank you!
Freekibble, the click to donate site we all know & love, are branching out & highlighting other animal causes. To kick it off this months cause they chose the Sumatran Orangutans Source: Vic Bear

5 years ago

Free Click: Care for 5 Chimps for a Month Every year, the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Uganda takes in orphaned & rescued Chimpanzees. The young Chimps receive care & eventual return to life in the wild with a troupe of their peers. They undergo a process of familiarization with the new Habitat prior to being released with the rest of the Chimps. Sanctuary provides fruit, vegetables, & other suitable foods, & veterinary care & provides excellent habitat for other Species, incl. Fruit Bats, Fish Eagles, Otters, & Monitor Lizards. Your click feeds 5 young Chimps for a month!! Source: Richard H.
Rescue Sumatran Orangutans  The Orangutans call Forests home, but are losing Habitat critical to their survival. Today there are less than 6,600 Orangutans left in the wild, stranded in isolated patches of Forest surrounded by plantations.
Feed a Retired Lab Monkey for a Month  Help care for 1 of the 100+Monkeys who found a new home, & a new life, at the Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary.
Protect & Feed Thailand's Elephants Protect Asian Elephants from a life of begging on city streets: help provide food & care in Elephant Sanctuaries.

5 years ago

Each time this video is shared, you'll help protect one square foot of Rainforest!


Video: What You Can Do & The Rainforest Site's 2013 Earth Day Campaign

What You Can Do and The Rainforest Site are teaming up this Earth Day to help protect the Rainforest. Do more and click at

to help protect Wildlife Habitat every day!

Source: Muse M.  

5 years ago
Action: Plant Trees to Save Orangutan Habitat
News: Gardeners Of The Forest Return To Old Habitat

By the end of 2012, the Sumantran Orangutan Society saw the Great Apes moving back into reforested areas. The organization has planted more than half million seedlings in Sumantra since 2003. Currently they are working in the degraded areas of the Leuser Forests in Northern Sumatra, an important former habitat of the Sumatran Orangutan.

The return of the wild Orangutans in 2012 was "absolutely wonderful news, It means that we are truly recreating Orangutan habitat." In Sumatra, the Great Apes are sometimes called "gardeners of the forest, because they help to disperse seeds of fruit trees in their dung" "So the Orangutans that are coming back also are helping to speed up natural regeneration of the forest!" Support of this reforestration project by was made possible by the Gifts That Give More [tm] program at The Rainforest Site.

Source: Pam W.

6 years ago

Video: Bright babies

Phayre's leaf monkey, or langurs, are old world monkeys that inhabit SE Asia Tropical Forests. They prefer to eat lots of immature leaves, flowers & fruits, & have an enhanced salivary gland that helps them break down all the tough plant material. When a group is alarmed, the females grab their young & flee through the forest while the males stay behind to bark at the intruders. Adult Phayre’s leaf monkeys are completely grey while their newborn babies are bright orange

6 years ago

News: Strange Endangered Primates you may have never heard of   like so many other small Primates, are at risk of disappearing before we even really get to know them.

Slow Lorises (Asia: Indonesia) the illegal pet trade's demand for cute-looking Primates is devastating their population. But they are not the only endangered Primates you may never have heard of that are already under threat of Extinction.

pic2 Tarsiers (Asia: Indonesia)

pic3 Snub-nosed monkey (Asia)

pic4 Rondo dwarf galago (Africa: Tanzania)

pic5 Kipunji (Africa: Tanzania)

6 years ago

News: New monkey identified in Africa

A new species of Monkey has been identified in Africa, the 2nd one in 28 years. The Primate was discovered in the Dem. Republic of Congo where it is known locally as a "lesula". The species is separated from its nearest cousins by 2 rivers: the Congo & the Lomami.

Conservationists say the discovery highlights the need to protect the diverse wildlife of the Congo basin. "Species with small ranges like the lesula can move from vulnerable to seriously endangered over the course of just a few years." "This discovery may be only the 1st from this remarkable but poorly known forest, located in the central DRC

Biologists suggested that the previously unexplored Forest could be home to more unidentified Species.

6 years ago

News: Remarkable new monkey discovered in remote Congo Rainforest

Sept.12, 2012  The discovery of a new primate species is rare nowadays, & when discoveries are made they are usually in the Amazon or SE Asia. In a massive, wildlife-rich, & largely unexplored Rainforest of the Dem.Republic of the Congo (DRC), researchers have made an astounding discovery: a new Monkey Species, known to locals as the 'lesula'. There are monkeys out there between the 3 rivers that no one recognizes. They are not in our field guides. This area is so remote that we are the 1st binocular sporting biologist to venture into the depth of it. The lesula is apart of the Cercopithecini family, which are commonly referred to as guenons. It's most similar to the owl-faced monkey (Cercopithecus hamlyni), which is also found in the region. But the lesula sports a lighter coat & has unique calls. Genetic testing proves the Species are distinct from each other & have likely been separated for a few million years, probably by impassable rivers.


Close up of new Species: lesula (Cercopithecus lomamiensis). This is a captive adult male


A lesula killed by an eagle

6 years ago

News: Strategic Protection of the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil

The lush Rainforest carpeting Serra Bonita mountain range in Eastern Brazil represents the last significant example of a unique habitat that supports rare & endemic Flora & Fauna. The area is at the heart of an urgent conservation initiative by our Brazilian partner, Instituto Uiracu to strategically purchase private properties to expand the Serra Bonita Reserve.

Chris O.:


Other opportunities to help our Forests at these sites - just click your mouse!



6 years ago

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Only around 20% remain today of the original Earth’s Forests. Forest Watch helps the Forests & People in Malaysia & Brazil by fighting against the Illegal Logging.

6 years ago

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7 years ago

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