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3 years ago

6) New!! Pet.: Stop Palm Oil in Girl Scout Cookies How many of you have ever eaten a Girl Scout Cookie? Girl Scout Cookies seem so harmless, it seems like a great fundraiser. But actually it's not, Girl Scout Cookies have Palm Oil in them. Palm Oil harms the Rainforest & you! The Rainforest is cleared & Orangutans &many othere animals lose their homes & food so that large Oil Palm plantations can be planted. Palm Oil hurts you because it promotes heart disease & raises your cholestrol. I would like to urge you not to eat Palm Oil & to sign this petition (& send it to friends) asking Girl Scouts to stop using Palm Oil so that your kids are able to know what an Orangutan is. Source: Antoinette G.

4 years ago

Palm Oil: an ingredient that causes Clearcutting of irreplaceable Rainforests & threatens the survival of humankind’s closest relative, Orangutans!!

Watch Video!! Make Girl Scout Cookies Rainforest-Safe

News: Girl Scouts censor Facebook criticism of Palm Oil in cookies

News: Girl Scout Activists Win Brower Youth Award

Congratulations to activists Rhiannon Tomtishen & Madison Vorva for winning this year’s prestigious Brower Youth Award! These 2 fearless Girl Scouts are paving the way to ensure that Girl Scout cookies are free of Palm Oil that destroys Rainforests & endangers Orangutans. Their inspiring story in this



4 years ago

News: Girl Scouts Win U.N. Award For Efforts To Save Orangutans By Eliminating Palm Oil From Cookies
Updated: 02/ 9/2012 - A pair of renegate girl scouts accepted a prestigious
U.N. award in New York Thursday for their work bringing attention to the threat Palm Oil production poses to Orangutans & the Rainforest in Malaysia and Indonesia.
Girl Scout Cookies Under Fire For Endangering Orangutans
Video: Rhiannon Tomtishen and Madison Vorva, 2011 Brower Youth Award Winners

Nominated for the award by the Union of Concerned Scientists, the U.N. Forest Heroes Award the scouts received is the first of its kind.

4 years ago

Palm Oil - Health: Blood Lipid and Cholesterol Effects
The U.S. Center for Science in the Public Interest said Palm Oil promotes heart disease; Report cited Research going back to 1970; also said that The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, World Health Organization (WHO), and other Health Authorities urged reduced consumption of Palm Oil; WHO states that there is convincing evidence that palmitic acid consumption contributes to an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. A 2006 Study by the National Institute of Health and the USDA Agricultural Research Service concluded that it's not a safe substitute for partially hydrogenated fats (trans fats) in the Food Industry, as Palm Oil results in adverse changes in the blood concentrations of LDL Cholesterol and apolipoprotein B  just as trans fat does.

5 years ago

Copied the cookie repice I'll make my own plamoil free cookies. *chase*

5 years ago

Have signed now petition 3 from the girl scouts.
It's a shame that only 139 peoples have signed.Does so less people care about our environment?
The most will think that's not my problem,or that's nothing to me,or I cannot change anything anyway.
Too many people it seems no matter what happens to our earth and animals.

5 years ago

from Liz G.Beautiful Quotes – Inspirational Quotes, Pictures and  Motivational Thoughts,beauty,pretty,heart,My dear Michela ~ Just thinking about you and wishing you a day filled with inner peace,calm and many sunny smiles along the way...Loving hugs LizXx

5 years ago

I want to apologize. I was apparently so blotto from being a new group member catching up with any open petitions that I didn't remember that Girl Scouts' use of palm oil was already addressed (and I signed the open one!) I say this because I made what I thought was such a cool "finding" that the cookies used palm oil and thought it might warrant a petition - hah! And you guys got it covered a looooong time ago!

6 years ago

News: The Girl Scouts Work Towards Greener Cookies

June 25, 2011 - The Girl Scouts’ use of palm oil in the cookies they sell annually has become a topic of debate recently, with experts advising that the oil commonly used in these cookies & many other processed foods can be harmful to the environment because sourcing it causes Deforestation. Every one of the 16 varieties of Girl Scout cookies available contain Palm Oil, but official Girl Scout cookie bakeries ABC Bakers & Little Brownie Bakers made a commitment to sustainability.


Source: RC W.

6 years ago

Thank you and let's hope they change the recipe!

7 years ago

Signed last 5/25 but forgot to comment to our group,again so sorry.Thanks Eileen,Michela!

7 years ago

good on the 2 girls who started the petition! signed far 68,825 signed...


bummer! i guess if Girl Scouts wipes messages off of FB page, it will show up for a little and in other people's feed as they won't be on there 24/7 :p

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7 years ago

Signed and shared

7 years ago

Thank you for the information. Our family loves girl scout cookies and how sad for the girls. But this recipe can easily be changed and it will be better for everyone.

Girl Scouts - NO PALM OIL in GSA cookies
7 years ago

I hope the GSA doesn't offer a merit badge for helping to save the rainforests, helping to avoid the extinction of the Orangutans, or helping people to avoid cardiovascular disease --because if they did-- they would certainly be hypocrites!

I've already ordered two boxes of GS cookies from my neighbor's daughter, but I certainly won't be ordering any more until this ingredient is eliminated from their recipes!

Gladly signed!

7 years ago

Gladly Signed No Palm Oil in Gril Scout Cookies. Facebook ought to be ashamed of themselves when they don't care about nature, people and animals. They just want the greed of money. They ought to be shut down unless they change their ways as being a caring website.

7 years ago

signed and shared

7 years ago

Done and shared.

7 years ago

Signed and Shared this petition.

7 years ago

Signed. Thanks so much for posting about this! I just joined this group today, and this discussion immediately caught my eye. I always knew those cookies aren't the healthiest thing out there, but I had no idea they had palm oil in them! I used to buy at least 8 boxes a year, but not anymore. I am shocked that GSA cares so little about this.

7 years ago

Signed and shared on Facebook.

7 years ago

signed, too bad I use to buy every year.

Thanks for the update
7 years ago

signed!  When companies start censoring information that is a direct indication of their wrong doing for a profit.

7 years ago

Thanks Michela. Iv'e been on this for a while. The GS *Leaders* need to be fired for turning a blind eye on palm oil.

7 years ago

E-mail sent! Let's hope this helps! Thanks for all your efforts.

Update: Girl Scouts wipes messages off of FB page!
7 years ago

Here's an update: Girl Scouts didn't like the attention and wiped our comments from that thread!'s a link to email CEO Kathy Cloniger directly! :)

Great work, guys!

7 years ago

Thank Eileen. This is just "not on". My petition comment:

"It is important for everyone to knows the impact of what they eat.

If the Girl Scouts knew that  they were complicit in destroying oranghutans, by having the organization produce products containing palm oil, then would they want to be associated with the cookies. To use their name to make money by exploiting the environment is socially irresponsible.

Not to tell them is deceit. So take the easy path and do away with this unnecessary environmentally damaging product."

7 years ago

Thanks everyone....I'm a teacher, constantly hit up to buy these things and wanting to support my students. You can't believe how mad they are when they figure this out. Palm oil is just cheap, that's the only reason any manufacturer uses it - the price they pay has no calculation for the harm it does, sadly, so we MUST be vocal and specific in opposing the use of it!

7 years ago

Signed.Ruth S thanks for the great recipe.Girl guides should stat using it too.:)

7 years ago

Already signed & forwarded - thanks Eileen.

7 years ago

Gladly signed. I was not aware of this. Thank you, Eileen for bringing this to my attention.

7 years ago

You do not need Palm Oil to make good cookies, I have a recipe for Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, that is really good, I will post it on here for everyone who would like to make some, enjoy.

Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Recipe

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutesIngredients:

•3/4 cup margarine (make sure it's vegan margarine!)
•1/2 cup sugar
•1 cup packed brown sugar
•1 tsp vanilla
•1/2 cup soy milk
•1 cup flour
•1/2 tsp baking soda
•1/2 tsp salt
•1 tsp cinnamon
•1/2 tsp cloves
•1/2 tsp nutmeg
•1 cup chopped walnuts (optional)
•1 cup raisins
•3 cups rolled or quick cooking oatmeal

Preheat oven to 350°F.
Beat together the sugar, brown sugar, vegan margarine and vanilla until smooth and fluffy. Add the soy milk and mix until combined.

Add the flour, baking soda, salt and spices, and stir until well mixed. Add the remaining ingredients. Batter will be very thick.

Drop by 3 inch balls onto cookie sheet and flatten slightly. Bake 12-15 minutes, or until done. Cookies will still be slightly soft and chewy. Yum! Enjoy your vegan oatmeal raisin cookies!

7 years ago

Signed. Thanks Ellen. I'm glad I don't buy GSA cookies. They'll never know if they have a say or not if they don't try.

BOY/GIRL SCOUTS: NO to Palm Oil! 6Pet.Summary!!
7 years ago

On Facebook, "Like" Girl Scouts of America, then post this on their wall: When will Girl Scouts get rainforest destroying palm oil out of their cookies? Girl Scouts of the USA claims they “have little say if not no say in the recipes used by the bakers.” We don't buy it. Sign this petition telling CEO Kathy Cloninger that the power to save rainforests is in her hands. Read and "like" all other comments supporting the elimination of palm oil in Girl Scout cookies!


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