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Creative writing - group-related
2 years ago

Hi all, this is a thread for creative writing related to the way the economy works - or the way we would prefer to see it work. For long pieces of writing, please post links if possible. Here's to fun!

2 years ago

Here is an (unauthorised) adaptation by me of the chorus of Eminem's "Lose Yourself":

You better save yourself from the craze now, this moment

You don't own it, you better let it go

You only got one job, do not miss your chance to go slow

That opportunity you hope comes in your lifetime ... [repeat once]


I adapted the verses too, to the theme of reducing (unsustainable) consumption. I call it "Save Yourself". All this back in 2006-7. I might post the verses later.


I hope Slim Shady doesn't mind




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The Cat is Back
2 years ago

Here is a short piece I wrote in 2006-7 about destructive workplaces and other destructive situations, many of which I think are fundamentally caused by an economy that needs fixing; I called it "The Cat is Back":

[Verse] I was sick of this s**t dished up daily

Sick of bought b*****s maiming your daughters

Saying they're obeying orders

Caving to commit corporate slaughter

I went home to a black cat

In my fantasy, I jumped off the balcony

Hit the pavement and became Catwoman

Got a black jacket, pants, and a cap


[Chorus] The cat is back, apt to scratch, just tempt me

White or black, I'll fight c**p, you won't prevent me


- I added to it later.  The above is the beginning, and gives the overall flavour of it.  I was particulary concerned about what was happening to many women in workplaces, and there have been a number of class-action and other lawsuits now related to that. I had read some shocking stories on the NOW website, of what had been done to many women at work. Fundamentally I think that we need to be concerned about our world economy's exploitation of people, be they women, minorities, people in poor nations, or other groups.

2 years ago

I'll just note here that the above (Save Yourself, and The Cat is Back) were written and submitted by Monica Dance, from Auckland New Zealand - doing this in case my profile ever goes away for any reason (eg technical glitch). 


With all submissions to this thread, you may wish to note the relevant details, for the same reasons.

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