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Benefits of Breast milk
4 years ago Breastfeeding & Bottlefeeding quotes Child Health Breastfeeding (Natural immunisation) & Bottlefeeding Mental health Health benefits of breast and dangers of bottle milk Politics and suppression of knowledge Paediatricians funded by baby milk companies Infant formula export Infant formula feeding robs the developing brain of those essential biochemical nutrients, particularly the essential amino acids tryptophan and tyrosine, that are necessary for the normal development of the brain neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, which mediate the emotional behaviours of peace or violence; of happiness or depression and suicide.--- James W Prescott, Ph.D. (2007). Why breastfeeding mothers are important. The Mother Sept/Oct 2007. "There is literature that baby milks lack the oils essential and that there is possibly an association with poor brain development but nothing is done about it....Ettissh describes how baby milks are used to greatly reduce our intellect; they do not support proper brain development due to a lack of nutrients called essential fatty acids, EFA'S. These EFA'S are deliberately excluded, even today Scientists are suppressed, even killed: 'we don't add them do we- that's deliberate - we don't let the scientists find out - we suppress it - we are the baby milks - we are in all of the baby milks e. g. Nestle, cow and gate, any baby milk company, we're them. We've killed a baby milk scientist - you'd know him, he's quite well known- heart attack, encircling stuff — he was convinced we were wrong and tried to tell other people.' " The Body Snatchers by Susan Reed BSC Most women who are breastfeeding do not menstruate and for thousands of years many have known that there is a connection between the resumption of menstruation and fertility. Certain groups actually shortened the period of breastfeeding so as to increase their birth rate. There has not been a great deal of communication between ordinary women (who may be reticent about discussing their bodies' functions) and researchers who until recently had mostly been men. Consequently this 'old wives' tale' was disregarded for many years.The Politics of Breastfeeding by Gabrielle Palmer It is also extremely doubtful, given the documented deficiencies of tryptophan in infant formula milk, that such a commercial preparation meets the magnitude of requirements of the other essential amino acids for infants that have been established by WHO. Table 2 lists the infant requirements for the essential amino acids compared to adult requirements (Merck Manual 1987). The damaging effects of such nutritional deficiencies in infant formula milk upon the developing brain, specifically brain neurotransmitters, have yet to be evaluated. The recent authorization by the FDA to provide the nutritional additives of two fatty acids, DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) and AA (Arachidonic Acid)-essential nutrients for brain development-to infant formula milk attests to the additional recognition that infant formula milk is malnutrition for normal brain development (Cunnane,, 2000; Brody, 2001). [2002] The Origins of Love & Violence: An Overview by James W. Prescott, Ph.D. Mental health [See: Bonding (attachment)] Breastfeeding On Demand by newborn/infant/child and for “two years or beyond”, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF. Failure to breastfeed results in positive harm to normal brain development and to the Immunological health of the newborn, infant and child. Encoding the developing brain with the smell of mother’s body through breastfeeding is essential for the later development of intimate sexuality.TEN PRINCIPLES OF MOTHER-INFANT BONDING by James W. Prescott, Ph.D. They are expelled rather roughly and usually taken away from their mother, which is wrong. It's physiologically/psychologically wrong. Both baby and mother need each other more at that time than they ever will again. The baby should be put to nurse at his mother's breast whereupon it induces an enormous number of wonderful changes in the mother, such as an arresting of the postpartum hemorrhage, which no obstetrician can do under the circumstances, but a baby can do. Which indicates that there is more intelligence in the upper and the lower lip of one baby than all the brains of all the obstetricians put together. Ashley Montagu Interview by Michael Mendizza Mothers, by breastfeeding their children (male and female) for 2.5 years and beyond, can radically alter human societies, reduce depression and violence by over fifty percent, and pave the way for true human equality. [2007] James W Prescott, Ph.D. Why breastfeeding mothers are important I have stated that it would be a rare event to find any murderer, rapist or drug addict in any of our prisons who has been breastfeed for two years of age and beyond. [2007] James W Prescott, Ph.D. Why breastfeeding mothers are important Bonding or Violence: An Introduction by Michael Mendizza discovered in the 1960's and 1970's; that lack of affectionate, intimate contact between mothers and infants during the most sensitive periods of brain growth may result in permanent brain abnormalities associated with juvenal and adult patterns of depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, aggression and violence.....Mothers are not valued, nurtured or supported by the culture. Drugs and technological birth practices routinely separate mothers and babies during the most sensitive bonding period. Single parent families, an euphemism for single moms, without the support, mentoring, and nurturing of extended families and communities, routinely place the majority of infants and young children in institutional childcare for extended periods of time, shortly after birth. Lack of initial bonding, institutional childcare, and social pressures, such as work schedules and welfare reform prevent most mothers from bonding with and bre