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6 years ago
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It would be nice to find here your own or others poems telling about snow, about winter ...

You are WELCOME !

Much warmth,


6 years ago

And it is snowing again,

and the winter invites us again,

the trees are asleep,

the grasses are asleep,

the flowers are asleep,


But we are dreaming still,

we are dreaming ...


The snow cuddles the ground

with a white shawl ...


Black ravens

talk about their existence,

Nightingales are silent,

Lilacs just don't smell ...


The smell of the snow

penetretes the whole world,


Somewhere stayed the saddness,

Somewhere hid the regret ...


The white remotenesses

with desert

talks about its existence,

invites into stillness,

invites into dreams ...


And we are dreaming still,

we are dreaming yet,


though all is asleep,

though all is covered with snow.


6 years ago

Spring will come again

and'll melt the snowy shawl.

Our dreams'll awake again

inviting us to the green dance,

into the joy full of dreams.


/ Krystyna Postawa /



6 years ago

And when again the snow falls down,

And all the leaves have disappeared

Someone will still go this way.

This solitary way, full of illusions.


This someone in the Spring,

Will never, never find

That hope, that faith, that power,

That silent happiness, that smile.


Again the snow will fall slowly down,

The wind will disperse the snowy stars,

With a white overcoat cover the earth

And hide old regrets.


Someone will still go this way,

This solitary way full of illusions.

The dreams will take all the days

Of no satisfied happiness.


/ Krystyna Postawa /



6 years ago

Be my talisman

my snowy star from the heaven ...


Bring with some warmth,

some new dreams,

some good thoughts.

Give me more strength.


Talk with me

like someone friendly.

Give me your helpfull hand,

when my heart is ill.


Snowy star from the heaven -

be my talisman,

take away

into the white remotenesses

my lonely days and nights.


Calm down my heart,

calm down my thoughts ...


take away

the saddness from my eyes,

take away

the dark clouds,

convince the sun

to be more often,

to shine more bold ...


Be my talisman -

my white snowy star ...


/ Krystyna Postawa /




6 years ago

It is snowing so slowly ...

white flakes cuddle our eyes

with a warm white shawl ...


But in the city remained the suffering.

But in the city remained the dream.


Loneliess wandered alone again :

she remembers, she loves, she believes ...


Soon the flowers'll blossom

and the landscape'll smell,


but here'll remain the suffering,

but here'll remain the loneliness ...


It's like in the winter

a butterfly sits on your shoulder :

it waits, it yearns, it dreams ...

/ Krystyna Postawa /



6 years ago

The white snow flakes

flow straight to us,

they draw in our thoughts,

they burn in our hearts...


Can we though for a while

stop our old dreams ?


Can we though for a while

catch the white snow flake,


that she'll be in our hand,

that she'll be in our heart,

that she'll be our joy

when bad whiles'll come ?


The white snow flakes

flow straight to us ...


/ Krystyna Postawa /

6 years ago

You lie down with the white on the branches,

You lie down with the stillness on my eye - lashes.

You look still straight at the stars -

You accept their shape, their glitter, their dream.


You covere the track with white stars,

You knock at the window, at the door.

Sometimes someone catches you in your flight

and you awake on ones warm hand.


Where are you running, my snow star ?

Why are you in a hurry ? What do you dream about ?

Do you want take with all cares

from good people

and melt them in the sun ?

/ Krystyna Postawa /

6 years ago

Like wraped up with jasmine

a lady goes into the winter ...

The lady goes into the winter -

the snow covers the lily of the valley.


There are going white flakes

dancing on the wind ...


The lady vanished suddenly,

with her the smell of jasmine.


So sad are the sky - blue cornflowers,

so sad are the heathers, flakes ...

so sad without you, lady ...


/ Krystyna Postawa /

6 years ago

Happy New Year Krystyna. It is snowing here in Wisconsin. I wish I could put a picture up but my computer barely works, lost job so can't fix it, no audio, soooo. But what beautiful pics you have up. I'm a Photographer and I have tons of gorgeous picture I took in the woods with my dogs but in below zero weather alone. I have Dodge Ram Truck with Four-wheel drive so no problem. Such brisk air and the colorful birds in my backyard add more mystic or maybe they just come for the Bird seed I throw. LOL..Goodnight my friend.

6 years ago

I love the snow when it is fresh and unspoiled, just a few animal tracks.



5 years ago

Thank you Dear Vinnie for your wonderful words as well as Dear Poppy for this beautiful snowy image



5 years ago

Please post here more snowy poems

1 month ago

The Beauty of Winter

Underneath the moonlite clouds
are jewels silver-white.
dancing across the meadow
snowflakes fill the night.


Not a sound is heard
to disturb this work of art.
Watching from a distance
A deer pauses in the dark.


The pinetrees are glistening
snow drifts upon the ground.
The moons reflection dances
upon each snowflake found.


Standing outside you observe
this winter wonderland.
Snowflakes kiss your nose
and dance upon your hand.


You begin to look around
You stand gazing up above
as the beauty of winter
embraces you with love.


Poem by Irishgrrl


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