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6 years ago



6 years ago

Hi Everyone.

It's NOVEMBER already!  This year has disappeared!  It's been a quiet day.  Rachael's hand is still very sore but it hasn't blistered.  I think that is only because she kept ice on it almost constantly yesterday afternoon.


The skin is just kind of 'cooked'.  I told her to be sure and keep the geo or ointment on it to keep it from cracking open.  So she put the burn gel on and wrapped it.  The wrapping was to protect it some and remind her not to use it...


Michael and I are alone this evening so we'll be ordering pizza.  I've been hungry for Papa John's Pizza all summer!  Im going to try to talk Michael into ordering from there!


Otherwise my day has been quiet.


Vicky, I know you get frusrated when things dissappear!  It has happened to me a lot of times.  And what is really aggravating is that sometimes the next day, after I've put up a second one, the first one appears out of thin air!!!


Well everyone take care and God bless.

6 years ago

Hi Vondi.  Well my computer is still running slow on Care2 & the fish game on FB and jumping around as if I have a virus but it's not showing anything and it seems to run okay everywhere else.   Boy, the graphic you used for our November thread looks soooo cold.  BRRRR!  Yep, the month of October was here today and gone tomorrow. 


Like I wrote yesterday, but didn't get to post, the best things for burns is aloe vera (which you probably know already) and Gencion Violet (misspelled terribly).   I have had boiling baked beans on my hands and the Gencion Violet didn't let me hand blister and the hurt went away very quickly.   I had a burn on my finger the other day (from sticking in a cup of HOT (right out of the microwave) and I put aloe vera on it immediately and again no blistering and soothing.


There wasn't any Papa John's pizza in New Mexico?  Boy I bet you were dying to get back and eat some.  lol


Well I'll be seeing you later.




6 years ago

Hmmmm. I see that my post from yesterday got lost in transition!  Now isn't that a surprise!  LOL 


Rachael's hand has almost healed... It never blistered but the skin got hard and dry--like a well done porkchop!  LOL  If you ever get a bad burn, the very best thing for it is ice.  It 'takes the burn out'  I don't understand that eactly, but as long as Rachael kept Ice on her hand it didnt' hurt.  As soon as she took the ice off it began burning as thought she had just done it. After four hours she was able to put some burn gel on it and that helped. She had some aloe lotion that helped keep the burned skin moist.    She ws burned pretty badly and i thank the Lord for how well it has healed.


I'm having a very difficult time keeping awake today!  LOL  I got an extra hour of sleep and I am STILL sleepy.  I think I've fallen asleep three times today while doing something else! It's crazy! 


It has been that kind of day though.  gray and dismal (good Ohio day)  I told Michael this afternoon, "I've been home from NM for about three weeks and I think we've only had three days with blue skies." 

Well, I'll close for now.

Love you all!

6 years ago

OK  I've put up THREE posts and NONE of them have shown up!  I put one here yeserday, I just posted here again today.  I responded to Donna, Screamingbelle in the prayer and praise thread.  NONE of them are showing up... guess I'll leave...

6 years ago

Hi Vondi!   All the 'maintenance' Care2 does just make things get worse and worse!   Wow!  You've been home 3 weeks already???  Time sure flies!  We had a good rain this afternoon and I was able to lay down and catch a nap.  Then later the sun came out.  lol


I made a BIG mistake in my post above.  I said the 2 best things for burns are Aloe Vera (a piece of the actual plant) and Gentian Violet.  I meant to say Aloe Vera and Unguentine.   Unguentine is what I put on my hand from the baked beans (worked wonderfully and my hand never had that burning feeling) and the Aloe Vera (plant) is awesome too.   Both things cooled my hand/finger immediately.   I've heard both ice and heat will supposedly take 'the burn out' but they don't...maybe the ice for a very little while, but the Aloe vera and Unguentine lasts the whole time.   I'm glad Rachael's hand is healing.  Please buy an Aloe Vera plant and keep on hand...not only is it a nice looking plant that may grow in the desert but you can break pieces off and use as an antiseptic.  Unguentine is an old cream and may be very hard to find.   There's only one drug store that sells it here.


Have a good evening. 






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6 years ago


Hey! Look both of my posts showed up!  LOL  And the one I posted for elder Sam did too!   Doncha just love care2!


Rachael is home today.  She worked four straight afternoons.  For three of them she closed! She certainly deserves this day off! Her hand is doing good.  Only once in a while does she grab something wrong and have it hurt.

You are right about aloe vera being good for burns.  Rachael used to have a huge plant, but it got too cold and just died away… Maybe I can get her one for Christmas.  I’ve also heard of Unguentine.  It is an old remedy.  My Ma used to talk about it.

We didn’t have either of those though.

6 years ago



I don't know where time goes!  It seems to disappear.  I don't seem to be doing anything exciting, but I'm always busy!


The dogs are alll snoozing and I'm waiting for Michael to come home.  I made all of dinner tonight. From start to finish.  That is exciting for me. This time last year I was sitting in rehab after my second knee replacement. What a difference a year makes!


Rachael's burned hand is well. it never did blister though.  I accredit that to ice that we kept on it for so long.  It sounded like seared meat when she did it!  But thank the Lord it is fine now.


My lazy dogs are all sacked out on the bed! They got baths before Rachael went to work and that always makes them sleep good.     The fleas are really bad this year.  Maxim and Maggie are especially bothered by them.  A bath helps get rid of them for a while.  This after noon I had two wet dogs on my lap until Maggie and Gable dried off.


That's about all the news.  I lead a pretty humdrum life!

Everyone take care.


6 years ago

Hi Vondi!  I need to give my dogs a bath too but I'm afraid since it is cooler now that they might get distemper.   Maybe we can get the smelly dog a bath inside and the other doesn't smell.  I bought a rug shampooer today so hopefully with the bath and the shampooer I can get a fresher aroma in my room.  lol   I'm so glad that Rachael's hand is better.  I know how painful a burn can be.   Your dogs sound like lazybugs like mine.  Mine need more exercise.  Well, it's late so I will sign off for now.   Have a great evening.


6 years ago

Oh, I forgot to say yes, what a difference a year makes.  I can remember a couple of years past when you had to wait on someone to fix and bring you food.   That is so awesome that you can do it yourself now! 

6 years ago

Hello ladies.  I don't understand. I thought a I had stopped by long before now. I dunno.  Please forgive me if I have failed to stop in.  There is so much going on here, it's mind boggling.  God is so good though.  Well, He's always good.  It's just nice to acknowledge Him during the storm and during the good times.

Well, my oldest daughter moved out of our apartment. Actually we had to tell her leave. Her total disrespect was becoming to unbearable for my husband.  Well, this past Sunday, our youngest daughter called us. She had a large arguement with her boyfriend and asked if we could come get her.  Well, hubby and a friend from church went to Houston to pick her up.  Today, hubby & Lillian (my youngest daughter) have traveled back to Houston to pick up her car. It broke down about a week or so ago.  We have a mechanic here on the island that is willing to look at it for her. I pray it won't be too costly. 

Well we had our first Women's Brunch last Saturday.  We had 4 ladies show up.  We're planning on having a Women's meeting twice a month.  The second meeting will be in the evening along with someone's testimony.  Thought it would be good to have one meeting during the day and another one in the evening. Allows the women to choose one or both to attend.

Yesterday I worked at the church house getting the nursery room cleaned out.  It was being used for a catch all room for well over a year now.  So, I went in and boxed up all the artificial flowers and got them organized.  And then I vacuumed the floor so we can use it for the first time this Sunday.  I had praise & worship music playing and I just felt so alive.  I was asked by my pastor if I could lead this Sunday's women's class due to the teacher got a new job and won't be there.  We're excited for her yet saddened that she won't be there.  So, God is keeping me busy.  I'm glad. Sitting around the house is so depressing.

Vondi, I'm so glad to know that today you are able to move around so much easier than a year ago.  My MIL had two knee replacements and one hip replaced just in the past year.  She's still struggling to get around, but at least she's up & moving.  She's even driving herself around now.

Vicky, how are you sister? Oh yeah, this is for both you & Vondi.  Go to your local feed store or vet's office and ask for CAPSTAR. They will kill all the fleas within 30 minutes.  It's the best thing on the market.  Buy for two doses.  Because flea eggs hatch within 3 days.  So, say you gave them a pill today, then on Monday you would give them the 2nd pill.  I had 18 cats at one time and never had a flea problem.  And if you have a flea preventative, you can put it on them along with the .  Just thought I'd let ya'll know that. 

Okay, well, I have a few things to do this afternoon. I pray everyone has a great Friday. Love ya'll dearly.

6 years ago

i was just wondering how you were doing have a nice day
Hi Katheryn, it's good to hear from you.


Vicky, is there a pet service around you that you can take your dogs to have baths? We did that for our dog Amanda during the winter, but she was WAY to big for the bathtub! My dad and I would take her to PetSmart. They sell all the stuff you need for your pets and they have a grooming department. In the summer my mom and I would bathe her outside on the patio, then she'd run around so she could dry! LOL

6 years ago

Hello dear friends.  Martha, it's so good to see you.  We have a new PetSmart that opened up here on the island about 6 months ago.  They're staying busy.  Especially the grooming department.  I think it's awesome that they have included that into the business.

Well, nothing new today. Just doing some much needed computer time. Have done a few chores and have just made a sandwich for my lunch. So, I'm going to eat my lunch. Have a wonderful Saturday dear friends. Love ya'll dearly.

6 years ago

saturday blessings glitter

6 years ago

Good afternoon Kathryn, Martha and Vondi.  The weather is beautiful today and has been for a while.  Of course all God's days are awesome.  Everyone's graphics are lovely and it's so good to see you all.


Thank you Martha and Kathryn about the tips on Capstar and baths at PetSmart.  I could get Ms Smelly in my truck and Bear too but Bear likes to bark and be rambunctious.  He doesn't stink though.  There is another pill for fleas that I get from the vet and it's good too.  But actually my dog (Smelly) has an allergy and that's why she scratches.   My yard is surrounded by a bush called a Wax Myrkle or Myrtle and we have no fleas in my yard.   YAY!!  Or on my dogs. 


Kathryn, how wonderful that you are having 2 meeting times for the will be very convenient for those who can't make it in the morning or evening.  How nice that you cleaned out a storage room so that leaves it open for other meetings or study.   You must be so excited that you were asked to lead the Women's class this Sunday.     Did you find out if Lillian's car will cost much to get fixed?  I hope not.


Martha, I try to make it to read your wonderful thread but sometimes I don't make it.  I'm sorry because I know how good your posts are.   I will try to go there later. 


Where is Vondi?  Now that she is able to walk again I guess she is a busy little beaver.  lol


Here is a Halloween tag I made.  It's kind of cute.



6 years ago


You are so right, Vicky.  It is awesome to be able to get around and do things!  I’ve been going out with the dogs for a while every morning for exercise.  I startd out with five minutes,, now I’m up to fifteen.  A little more every day.  I got trucking across the yard. Back and forth, back and forth.  LOL   Rachael wants me to walk on the sidewalk down the street, but that’s boring.  More fun in the back yard with the dogs!


Oh hey!  Maggie yesterday zipped right through the iron rail fence in the back of the yard!  Scared me to death…  I don’t think she even realized what she’d done.  She’s timid about going away from the other dogs.  But they were all back there along the fence.  Thank the Lord she loves to come when she is called.  She came right back.  Now I just don’t go around they back fence.  When I’m not there, none of the dogs go back there…


Kathryn,  you said ‘CAPSTAR’,  Is that available without getting it from the vet?  We have had something similar, but it had to come through the vet—entailing a trip TO the vet for each dog as well as the meds.  We have four dogs.  I’m going to try to find it online.. Thanks for the info.

So you have your daughter at home now?  You just have one, then the other, don’t you? 


Martha, I really liked your Motivation today!  I don’t understand why there isn’t the commitment that was taught in earlier years.  Life is so much better if we do things GOD’S WAY.  People let them selves in for a world of grief when they simply shack up together.   For some strange reason they think that is less grief than the trials of marriage. 

6 years ago

Vicky, you don't need to apologize. I understand that not everyone reads these for whatever reason. Things do come up. I'm just glad to be able to contribute something here, especially now that I have a brand new computer. The internet is such a great blessing, though there's a lot of evil there, but that's just life....for now anyway.

6 years ago

Well I may have said already my cast is off, and I can work again. The problem was God has been trying to move me out of trucking, I thought so, but what was I to do? Well 5 months at home gave me new ideas, but until I was off workman's comp I couldn't do anything.

So before I got hurt I got hooked up with Shaklee and am now involved with them again, but things like that take time. But that won't make up the shortfall yet, so I was looking and found the perfect part time job for me. I will be trained to be like an investigator for insurance companies. The money is good, it is part time I set my own schedule (yes it means I am self employed), but I will be freer to minister in my area now.

And today is a great day in the Landry household. When we moved here , our living room set didn't fit in the doorway, so I ended up selling a $2k set for $100 and then I broke my wrist so we couldn't buy another set. For 6 months or so now, we have been sitting on the kitchen chairs, today we got a living room set delivered, my wife is soooooooo happy and well that makes me happy.

6 years ago



Hello all!  


Vicky,  I got here today and saw Martha’s response to you and thought, “Oh!  How did I miss her!”  Then when I read your post I noticed that we must have postd at the SAME time.  They both said 23 hours ago!  I was very interested in the Wax Myrtle (or Myrkle)  I’d much rather use a natural flea repellent than some kind of chemical.  

I bathed Maggie and put flea meds on her, but she was still scratching frantically.  So today I used my bath oil diluted in a bit of water… She’s probably gonna  look like a 1950’s hood in a wind storm, but maybe it will help her itching!   I think it is dry skin. We turned our furnace on and she’s been digging ever since…


Be sure to read Martha’s post on Marriage.  It is excellent.


And you are right… the good knees have made a difference in my ‘everything!’   I have enjoyed my walks in the yard.  Yesterday I found where a tall oak tree from the neighbor’s yard over hangs ours.  What caught my attention were all the gnawed acorns on the ground in our yard!!  The squirrels had been busy.  I was just commenting today on how we have no squirrels at our bird feeders lately--Well that's the reason, they're suffing them selves on ACORNS!


 I still keep my eyes on the ground when I walk—too many years of having to be careful how I placed my feet  for fear of falling because of my knees. Hence the acorns I saw.  But it helps me notice things that lots of people miss.  (It also keeps a lot of dog doo-doo off my shoes!  Our yard is full of that. Hee hee.)


John,  I think the last time I knew you were going to have the cast off soon so I’m happy to know it is now OFF!  The Shaklee products are popular in the Amish community here in Ohio.  One thing they do is place them in little mom and pop shops… I don’t know how that works exactly, but I used to see small displays and then flyers for other products in a number of shops around Sugarcreek area where I lived… That might be an avenue to expand your business.  Even if you had to give the shop a percentage, it would get you name out there to prospective customers… I can’t remember the products they displayed…but you might know the ones most in demand to put on the small displays with you name and phone number… just an idea.


The insurance investigator sounds like an ideal part time job for you too.  (I think you probably have a personality that people can relate to.  That is what’s needed for the insurance business—all facets of it. )


But the best news is the new living room set!!  I cannot imagine living long without an easy chair or a sofa!  And a happy wife makes for a happy hubbie!  LOL


Well, I think this may be a short visit here for me today, So everyone take care. 

6 years ago

Something I've discovered...

If you have difficulty getting things to post, try putting your cursor on the 'post reply' button and then depressing the bar, but don't release it immediatley... Sometimes that works...


Of course if now of my post today show up tomorrow, you can toss tht bit of info out with the trash....

6 years ago

Okay, I am so mad again.  I lost my very long post as Firefox decides to become unresponsive again.  It is doing this more and more and more.   How do I get I.E. back as my web browser?  I searched online and I can't find it.   It either brings me to a site that is not I.E. or it's a toolbar for advanced users to use for various things!   Does anyone have a link for it?  Naturally, again I didn't 'copy' my post as I went along!


Anyway, I am not going to repost everything so I will just wish everyone a good evening.  I will say that it's good to see you John and I'm glad you have 2 part time jobs.  Vondi, it sounds like Maggie has an allergy, not fleas.   Try giving her a 1/2 of a non drowsy Benadryl every other day.   That's what I'm going to do for Angel.   Her medicine every 2 months is too expensive.  Hi MarthaI'm heading over to your devotionals nowl


Later everybody. 


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5 years ago

Hello dear friends.  It is so good to see each of you here.  Nothing major going on here.  We did get some bad news concerning Lillian's car.  The motor is bad now.  It would cost more to fix it than save money and buy another car. So, we're going to scrap the car.  It was a hard decision for her for this was her first car. She allowed some friends to drive it and they just didn't take care of it.   So, she's had to learn a very hard lesson.

We now have our cooler weather. It's a whopping 55 degrees outside right now.  That's chilly for us here down South.  I love the cooler weather so much more than the heat. I can definitely put on more clothes than I can take off when it's hot.

John, praise God that you able to find this insurance job that will work within your schedule. And to finally get something to sit upon. I know all too well about having nothing to sit upon except for some hard chairs or the floor.   We did that when we first moved to Galveston.  We once had an expensive sofa set, but we had to sell it also when we moved.  We now have second hand sofas, but we're glad to have them.

Vondi, isn't it wonderful to be able to move around so much more freely? I am so glad that you have been blessed to recover so quickly and that you are able to do things you used to do. In moderation of course. LOL!!!!

Vicky, how are you doing today?  As for Web browsers, I just typed Web Browsers into my search engine (BING) and it brings me to a list of several including the newest version of IE.  Maybe that'll help you.  I haven't had any problems with Firefox. Now I did have problems with IE while using Netflix.  I don't have any problems now.  I don't know, I think it has to do with each individuals computer.  Well, that's what I think.

Martha, I do believe as you do about the internet.  I keep within the safe zone of just a few sites that are God related and Facebook and that's it.

Well, I have some much needed housework to get done.  I've put it off long enough. Have a blessed afternoon everyone. Love ya'll dearly.

5 years ago

Good evening Kathryn, Vondi, Martha and John.  It's supposed to get down in the 30's tonight and tomorrow night but of course it'll warm up again.  lol


Kathryn, that's a shame about Lillian's car.  I know it breaks her heart to get rid of it since it was her first car.   It's never safe to lend out your car, but like you said she learned the hard way.     Kathryn, are you the Kathryn that joined our Mandela group?  If so you need to visit and learn how to make is sooo much fun. 


Martha I read some of your devotionals and I really enjoyed them.  Thank you for posting them.


Vondi and John I guess you all are busy but visit again soon.


Gotta more group to visit tonight then I'm going to watch a little t.v.    Here is a tag I made.  Kind of wild, huh?


5 years ago

Hi Folks.  I'm stopping by but it's late and I'm tired so I won't be here long. 


 I remembered last year I had given Maggie fish oil for her itchy dry skin, but because the other dogs were scratching I assumed it was fleas... I began giving her an oil capsule every day and she has almost stopped scratching all togehter.  If your dogs are scratching, vicky, try getting some fish oil capsules... I forget what size, but they are WHOPPING.  LOL. they are inexpensive compared to dog vitamins etc. but they are still worh it.  Maxim just gets a whole capsule hidden in a bit of 'people food' mashed potatoes, buttered bread or whatever is handy.  He just gulps it down.  but I h ave to puncture the capsule and squeeze the oil on Maggie's food.  She can't swallow the whole capsule and chewing it makes a BIG MESS.  LOl. But they do help. Just get generic fishoil caps for people.  about 10 or 12 bucks for a big bottle.

Kathryn,  Cars used to be the bane of my existance.. lol Now I'm retired and don't even have a car!  Happy day!  For us 55 degrees is a nice day... I don't think it has gotten that high here for a week or so..  Maggie has to wear her sweater almost every morning.


OK  I'm going to go read the threads and then go to bed.  Night all. .

5 years ago

Hello to all. Can't believe we are halfway through November already. This year is flying by fast.
Sorry I haven't been around lately. It's been getting busy at work so I've been getting more hours. We've been getting 3 delivery trucks a week. I'm happy for the extra hours,but the downside is not being able to get to the library as often.
Don't have much time to visit right now,but hope to be back on monday.

5 years ago

Good afternoon Linda, Vondi, Kathryn, Martha and John.  I know some of you aren't here but a big 'hi' to you anyway.   Today was another beautiful day.  Monday is supposed to warmer (70's) so I'm planning to fishing with my ex Danny.   Oh, not sure if I told you all but I did get my unemployment.  YAY and thank you Jesus!


Linda, so good to see you!  We understand how hard it is to fit time into our schedules to visit the library.   Especially now with the holiday season upon us.  It seems like just a few months ago it was Christmas but it's been almost a whole year.  Where does the time go?  I know with the extra hours you will have extra money (which we all need) but you will be tired.   Try to save a little nest egg for when work is slow.  


Vondi, thanks on the fish oil info.   I get Prednisone from the vet for $16.00 and if I give Angel one every other day it will last 60 days.  It works really well.  Bear doesn't itch like she does.  No fleas on either thank goodness.  I am giving them Benadryl too to try to help control their sneezing from allergies.  I am also putting Ivermectin in Angel's ears twice within 10 days for ear mites.  (= 2 times)  The mites will be gone by then.  One dose of the cream and she's doing much better already.  I spend more money on the dogs than on my doctor bills.  lol


Well gotta visit other groups so I will bid you all a good evening.


Here are 2 tags I made.  Well the birds I only added a Perlin border but the second one I did different techniques.  The 2nd one was made from the first picture of the birds by doing a Wave Lab technique and glitterization.  Making tags is so much fun.



this one was made from the tag above:



5 years ago

Good evening everyone. It was fairly nice out today. Temps were in the 50's and tonight it's supposed to only get down to the 40's. We're supposed to get some rain this evening as well.

Vondi and Vicky-I share your frustrations with care2,especially the disappearing and reappearing of posts. I also liked it better when it showed the date of one's last post rather than how long ago one posted.

Kathyrn-it's too bad you had to make your older daughter move out because of her disrespectful attitude. I know it must of hurt to send her away like that,but sometimes you have to practice tough love. Are either of your daughters believers?

I'm glad the ladies brunch went well even if only 4 ladies showed up. Sometimes a small group is better since it gives you all a chance to get to know one another better.

I like the idea of having a ladies meeting in the day and the evening. That way the ladies in the church can chose the one that bests fits their schedule.

John L-bet you are glad to finally have that cast off. Glad you were able to get a couple of part time jobs even if they weren't in the trucking industry like you wanted.

This will probably be my only post this week. The rest of the week I will be busy at work helping to get the store set up for black friday.

Wishing all a blessed Thanksgiving!

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5 years ago

Got a post from the Care2 petition crazy people. They're up in arms over a guy getting busted and receiving 80 years for selling pot on a medical authorized pot state. I'm sure there's details we will never hear about on that one. But what they don't understand is medical marijuana is available in pill form, but they would rather smoke it. Now I'll be honest here, I did all that naughty junk many years ago, and a whole lot more, so I know the danger it poses.

But society has decided that they will have it their way, and will change the laws. But they don't see around the corner, soon there will be people neglecting their families, their mortgage, and a host of other ills, but they won't look at what alcohol and gambling as well as tobacco has done to our country. The US is embarking on a slippery slope that the end of spells disaster for the rest of us here. And yet, we, the Christians will be forced to try once again to rebuild the lives of all those that want help, I only pray we won't be harassed by those that will oppose Christians then. But perhaps that would be good, it would really make a believer show their belief in the street as we're supposed to anyway. Perhaps the "good ole boys" club called church might finally have some meaning.

5 years ago

Oh no, I can't go full time back into trucking, if I do the next time might cripple or kill me, God wants me out of that field altogether it seems. I fill in a day here and there, but as soon as I get trained it looks like trucking is through for me.

5 years ago



Hello all,

I'm very tired tonight.  I went shoping with Rachael today.  We did the grocery (all our thanksgiving things) and Big Lots.  That may not be much to you all, but to me, that's a LONG shopping trip.  My knees didn't hurt (of course) but I came home real tired. 


It's about time to go and and get a bite to eat.. LOL We have a refrigerator and a pantry full, but it all has to be prepared... I mean cooked from scratch!  No junk food in our house!


Rachael and Michael have gone on a date. LOL  They went to the  movies--Breaking Dawn part 2.  I guess they will be making a report back to me when they get home... I read the Twilight books a long time agon  Anxious to see if the movie matches the books.


Good to see everyone here.  Linda, I'm happy you are getting better hours. This time of year it always helps to have a few bucks extra.  Vicky!  You didn't say you had gotten your unemployment.  I'm glad! 


Well I can't think straight so I'll say good night all!

5 years ago

Hi Vondi, John, Linda, Kathryn, Martha and anyone else I might have missed.  Today was very beautiful out and I went fishing.  Lots of fish jumping around but no bites.     Maybe they don't bite much around lunch time.


John!  Good to see you.  80 years for pot????  OHGosh!   That's horrible...especially when you see murderers, crack dealers, etc. get off going to prison because of a 'technicality'!    This world is really going to 'pot' (excuse the pun)  lol


Linda, I'm so glad you got to stop in before your really strenuous schedule begins.   I guess you will have longer hours up until the new year, huh?  How many hours do they cut after the holidays?  


Vondi, you don't keep pot pies, soup, etc handy for those times you don't feel like fixing a meal?  I know Rachael & Michael might not eat it but it's quick so I would.  Plus I'm lazy.  lol  I'm like you and very tired tonight.  I don't know how many of my groups I'll make tonight.   Oh, I think I found where my gifts go on Fish World.  I had a few from you there.    I can't remember where I found the other one last night.  Oh yes, where you told me to click.   It's a different place so now I have 2 places to check.  However I forget which place you told me to click on.  hahahaha!


Happy Thanksgiviing to all of you in case I don't get to see you before then.  




5 years ago



I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving.  We had company yesterday and i didnt' get a lot of time to surf the web...


We had a happy day and I enjoyed the day immensly.  But I'm tired again today!!  It's a good tired though.  My blood sugar was ridiculous this morning and I woke up with a headache... Nothing but Turkey and Cranberries for me in leftovers today and tomorrow.

Company left aout noon.  We got the house cleaned up and then spent the rest ofthe afternoon taking it easy!  Tomorrow Michael's sisters and brother are coming.  Very tiring holiday...


Nothing exciting to report, it is getting colder here eveytime I go outside.  This morning it was 54 degrees when I got up!  Bet it isn't that now...


Everyone take care.  God bless you.

5 years ago

Hello Vondi & Group.   I had a very lovely Thanksgiving; a few hours spent with family and friends.   I am still kidding.   So much food prepared and so delicious.   Made me feel guilty realizing there are so many hungry people in the world.   I wish everyone could share.


Today was around 75 degrees (40 in the morning) but we have a freeze warning for tomorrow night.   But then Sunday it will be around 60 or 70 something.  lol   Gotta love our crazy weather.


Well I will visit again soon.  Have a great evening.


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5 years ago

have a peaceful weekend friend

Hey Everyone!

Our Thanksgiving was nice too. By the way, I don't know if I told you all here, but my sister has liver cancer. She was diagnosed a few weeks ago and she's stated the chemo treatements. Anyway, her daughter took care of everything! She cooked 2 separate turkey breasts on crock pots and did all the side dishes including dessert. We pitched in with a few of our own too. The food was fantastic!


My sister looks frail and she's drowsy a lot from the mophine pills for pain. She was able to eat some, though. She also had to take a nap for a while after the dinner.  They told her she's going to get the chemo until February, every 2 weeks. Please continue to pray for her. She was annointed by our pastor a few weeks too.


Today, I just went online a few hours at a time, then made dinner for my folks and me. I made ground beef tostadas. We ate the Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch. The weather here in Chicago has gotten cold. The temp right now is 28 at 7:50 pm CDT. UGH! I dread the winter!

5 years ago


Here for a few minutes. Hopefully I'll be back later... Our Thanksgiving was great, the days following have been great too.  Peaceful.


Martha. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister.  However I have a few thoughts for you.  When my husband went to be with the Lord I was led to understand that when we ask Him to heal one of His Own, God has TWO ways of answering our prayer.  He either heals them in this life or He takes them Home to where they will have no more pain or suffering EVER. 


When we pray so hard for someone to be 'healed' we only focus on their remaining on this earth with us, but that really isn't the BEST answer.  The BEST answer is for the Lord to take them AWAY from this world to the world of peace that He has prepared for us!   Remember Paul said:  he was "in a strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart, and to be with Christ; which is far better:"   Death, for the child of God is not an end but a glorious beginning.


At the same time I pray that the Lord allows you to keep your sister with you.   Because her abiding "in the flesh is more needful for you.".


I hope everyone is having a good Sunday. God bless you each one.


5 years ago

Hi Vondi & Martha.  I'm glad you both had a lovely Thanksgiving.  I was so full for 2 days & have eaten very little since then.


Martha I am so sorry about your sister.  Whenever I pray for someone I always ask if 'it's in God's will".  I know if God has other plans for her then you and your family will indeed be sad.  But remember that to be absent from the body is to be with the Lord.   I, too, must remember that when something happens in my family.   I will ask God to give me strength and peace.


Vondi, I hope you are doing well and I hope your doggy's are too.  I bet they are all snuggled up around you.  lol


I have NO IDEA what graphic is posted on my post above.   I did NOT put it there and it scares me.


5 years ago



Hi everyone!  I know this isn't a religious graphic at all, but I thoughtit was cute.  When I was a little girl I used to play under a big 'rambling' rose bush that grew along a fence behind our house.  It grew high and the canes hung down making an empty place underneath.  I would crawl under and have little parties and pretend there were fairies there.    This made me think of it..


We are all fine here.  It has been a bit over cast all day.  Not cold but just dim and 'coming on winter-like'  I think one of these days it will get cold and stay that way.


Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment.  Everything was good.  My Blood presssure was 130 over 70, my blood sugar was 80 and I continue to lose weight!  Yay.  (Although I think I gained a few pounds over Thanksgiving. LOL)  I also got scripts for my meds renewals. So I'm set for another six months if nothing happens!  I did get a tetanus shot, but refused the pneumonia, flu and shingles shots... goodness! Doctors want to fill you full of chemicals don't they!  Actually I only took the tetanus to pacify them!  LOL  I am not the least worried about pneumonia, flu or shingles.  The  nurse also drew blood for my labs.  My vein wouldn't cooperate and I have a bruise the size of a quarter in the bend of my arm!  But it doesn't hurt. 


My  hounds have slept the day away and all is peaceful.


Everyone be well.

5 years ago



Some days are just like that!!  And nobody can look as tired as a hound dog! 

today was Rachael's day off.  We went shopping for a coat for Maggie. You may have seen a pcture of Gabriel andSebastian in their little 'shearling' coats.  They look like suede lined with sheepskin... I want one for Maggie too.  She doesn't like cold weather AT ALL!  She is already hesitant to go outside if it is just a little below freezing.  What in the world will she do when it gets really cold!  I put her sweater on her, but I don't think it will be warm enough.


I'm waiting now for Rachael and Michael to go after Chinese for dinner.  I'm gonna have sweet n sour pork.  That's a switch from my usual favorite--pork foo yung.  I'm pretty stuck in the mud with my favorites in Chinese.  Although I do like home made stir fry.

* * *

Started this last night and got called away.   The Chinese came!  LOL Never got back till this morning.

I guess I'll just leave the 'good evening' greeting, even thought it is early morning now!


God keep you each.


Good Afternoon All!
5 years ago

OMG! We're in a real bind here! Our heat furnace had to be replaced today because it started leaking water! UGH! The technician is doing that now, but OH! THE WAITING IS DRIVING US COO COO!!! I need to take a shower soooooooo bad! If I had known sooner, I would've taken one the day before! Anyway, I'm praying for more patience coz I SHORE need it! We can't use the water here yet, so the dishes are piled up in the sink! YUCK!

5 years ago

Hello everyone. I only have time to visit briefly. I stopped by the library after work to check my e-mail which I haven't done in a few days. Then I got to get home because I'm meeting some friends for coffee at a local coffee shop.
It was a nice day out today. It supposedly got into the 40's. This weekend is supposed to get into the 60's.
I had a nice Thanksgiving. Went out to eat with some friends.
Black friday at my store was hectic and stressful. Had to work from 8am to 7pm with only a 30 minute lunch break.
Have to go now,so will wish everyone a blessed good evening.

It's done!!!! WHEW!!
5 years ago

We have a brand new water tank installed! YAY!!! And we had hot water again by 3 pm! After washing all the dishes, I finally took my shower!! Boy, I feel like a new person!! Too bad we can't wash away all our troubles this easily! Wouldn't THAT be perfect??!!!

5 years ago


November is over in about eight more hours... I cannot believe it..  Where in the world does time go.  Can you remember when it took FOREVER to go from the beginning of school to Christmas?  And now, we don't hve time to take a breath and we're looking at Christmas time!  Michael set the tree up last night--no decorations, but a lovely green tree in the corner of our living room.  LOL  It's kinda nice actually...

Linda it's nice to see you here.  Those Friday hours sound gruesome, but the paycheck was nice I'll bet.. I think it's called 'Black Friday' because of the sales clerks horrible time, meeting everybody's demands. I'm so glad I don't work in retail! 


Martha! Isn't it true: you don't know how important something is until you don't have it!!!  Not only did yu not have warm water, you didn't have ANY water.  Oh dear.  I'm glad you are clean again!! 


I wonder where Vicky is...


I'm good here. the weather is typically Fall-like and getting colder.  I'm still waiting fro a couple days of freezing weather to kill all the fleas.  We continue our battle. 


R & M are going to visit friends tonight so I'll be on my own... Quiet evening.  LOL

OK. later folks...

5 years ago

Here I am!   Sorry it's been a few days.   Our weather has been nice although cool in the evenings.  It's starting to warm up at night now.  Of course it'll get cold again.  Back and forth til it decides to get cold for the winter and then it won't be long.


Martha I know how much you loved getting into a hot shower/bath and then being able to do the dishes.  Like Vondi don't know what you miss til it's gone.


Linda, so good to see you.   Boy those were some long hours you worked on Black Friday.  I am so glad to be out of retail now.   I am too old for all those hours and all that hectic pace.  lol  Of course if Uncle Sam doesn't take it all, your paycheck should be pretty nice.


Vondi, I like your graphics.   So Maggie is getting a warm jacket is she?  I know she appreciates it.   I love chinese food too but I only eat seafood and vegetables.   I don't think that I am going to put my little tree up this year.   I bought a pretty lighted Nativity scene and a lit up church that is supposed to play Amazing Grace.  However it didn't play that song and it no longer works.   They are sending me a gift certificate to replace it and they told me just to keep the church instead of sending it back.


Well it's late so I'll check out for now.   Good night friends!


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