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December Chatting
5 years ago
| Hot!


it's December!  Oh my goodness!   It seems like the days go faster every year!  And it doesn't even seem like winter yet!


I won't be here long.  I only wanted to post a new chating thread and say hello.  Getting company later and need to be ready for them.


Love you all.

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5 years ago

Hey Vondi!
I dread these coming months! Snowstorms & blizzards & winds! OH MY! I know they'll drag on and on like molasses! UGH! Enjoy your day with your company!

5 years ago

Hi Vondi & Martha.  I just wanted to stop before getting ready for bed and wish you all a Happy December 1.  I agree Vondi, time is speeding up with each passing year.  We can't stop it though so we'll just have to enjoy our journey.  Martha I'm not sure where you live but blizzards and snowstorms don't sound like my cup of tea.  Living down South has it's advantages in that respect.   Our winters are usually pretty mild or short lived cold ones.



5 years ago

sleeping cat

I live in Chicago, IL...the windy city!  Boy, you're a lucky one getting mild winters! When I was a kid and teenager. I would look forward to it because my brother and I would have snowball fights and we'd run with the dogs(my sister did, too, but not as much). They loved it too! Afterwards, we'd have hot chocolate and get warm. Oh, thoses were the days!

5 years ago

Oh yes Martha I remember those days as a child too.  I lived i Maryland and we used to get 12 ft snowdrifts in places.   We could actually step over the top of our fence cuz the snow was hard and high.   We'd go sledding and make snowballs and snowmen.   We, too drank hot chocolate when we came inside.   I know my mom appreciated all the snowy boots and coats and scarves we took off each time we came inside.  lol   I love your kitty graphic this morning. 


Hi Vondi wherever you are.


5 years ago



Martha, this is for YOU.     I'm  like you.  I enjoyed playing in the snow when I was young  In fact up until the time I became a mother I still enjoyed it. Then when I had kids to take care of I was more concerned about nasty roads and such. 


I did enjoy dressing my kids warm and send them out to play in the cold stuff though.  I liked to watch them.  Some times we had hot chocolate when they came in, but more often we would have chicken noodle soup and peanutbutter sandwiches or tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Those meals still remind them of snowy days!  


They would stay in long enough to get warmed up then want to go back out even before their wet clothes were dry.  LOL  Oh to be a kid again!!


Ohio has nasty winters too, but this year is really unusual because it is 56 degrees today and THAT is strange for us!  By this time of year it is usually  cold at least and we should have had a little snow.   That's why I've been complaining about fleas.  They haven't gotten frozen or buried under a few inches of snow!  Of course, from Maggie's stand point that's good, cuz she doesn't have a warm coat yet.  And there just isn't enough to her to toss out in the cold!  I told Michael he should set a snow shovel by the back door so I can shovel a path for her in the snow.  She can't wade through snow over her head.  Gable and Sebastian go through it in Giant Leaps.  Maxim just wades through it.  He loves it. 


Vicky you are welcomed to come visit me next time it snows.  You need the experience. 


My niece, Dessie, brought her baby girl to see me on Saturday!  Lexi is four months old and I've seen pictures of her but not in person.  She is a cutie!  And so tiny and dainty.  I thought she was bigger than she is. Such tiny little hands... I could just squeeze her to pieces!!!


Well, let's see...what else?  Oh yes, I cooked ALL of dinner last night.  We had pork chops, fried apples and onions, dressing and salad.  And you know what's neat?  I didn't sit down all during the preparation!  It still is amazing to me..  Tonight it's going to be steak cubes, twice fried potatoes and I don't know what kind of vegetables yet. Probably Michaels choice.  We do have some tomatoes still Maybe I'll slice them...


I believe Michael's friend Adam is coming over to help him move the piano.  He is being very careful about moving it because of the new hardwood floor in the living room. They are finally getting the living room put back together after the new floors went down.  It will be pretty eventually. Well, that's not right.  It's pretty now, but the furniture is a little scarce. LOL


Then the decorations for Christmas will go up.  Right now we have a beautiful green tree and that's all. 

5 years ago



Now I KNOW that this season isn't really the time of year when Christ was born. And I KNOW the way most of the world celebrates His Birth is not truly celebrating his birth.  So I hope we won't clutter the message of Christ's birth with sermonizing.  If he hadn't been born, he couldn't have died to be the sacrifice for our sins.


HOWEVER this is the time of year when the Christian world celebrates The Birth.  As true children of God we can be a better witness at this tim of year if we spend less time condemning people for their sinful ways fo celebrating and spend MORE time rejoicing in what his birth really means.  If we can make men understand the glory and blessings that Baby in the Manger represents we will have accomplished the greatest service to Man that is possible.


With that in mind, I consider that it must have been just about this time that Mary and Joseph set out for Bethlehem.... And I praise the Lord for his Love in providing his Plan for Salvation.. I praise Him that there was a woman who lived so righteously that He deigned to make her the Mother of His Only Son.  And I thank the Lord that there was a godly man who could be entrusted with the raising of that Baby.


What a beautiful story!

5 years ago

This is a good thing to look at and discuss, Martha. and you certainly aren't stepping on any toes!   I'm going to move it to a separate thread... Discussions about we will have more space for it.. I'm sure there will be discussion and i don't want it to get lost among other more mundane things.


So look at Discussions About Christmas.

5 years ago

Hello dear friends. I must apologize for not stopping by long before now.  My husband & I have been staying so busy with church activities.  The Women's group we have started has taken off wonderfully.  We had 4 for the first meeting and we have gone up to 11 women now.  It's so awesome to see us women finally come together to learn more about our Lord & Saviour. Well, I have some work to do here at the house and I'm behind.  I'll be back a little later.  Have a truly blessed day everyone!!!

5 years ago

Hi Kathryn, Vondi and Martha.  It's been raining today but I love the rain so that's okay by me. 


Kathryn how awesome that you and hubby are staying busy with church activities and that your Women's group is growing!  Have you heard anything from Disability yet?   What about your husband....has his monthly check been restored?


Martha I visited the thread that Vondi opened for you and I read through it but I am not good at reading nor retaining info from long posts (ask Vondi lol)....I do better with short messages so if you don't see me there that is why.   But it looks like you and Vondi are doing a wonderful job discussing. 


Vondi I love your picture with Mary on the donkey.   No thanks I do not want to revisit the snowy weather.  lol  You haven't gotten poor, cold Maggie a coat yet?    I bet she is mad at you everytime she has to go out to do her business.  hahaha!



Well I gotta go for now.  Have a blessed evening.

5 years ago



Please don't think me sacrilegious but I found this funny!!  I enjoy watcihng Antiques Road show and this made me giggle.    I have wondered sometimes what happened to those gifts the Magi gave the baby...  Guess we know now..


My internet connection was down for about 24 hours... I missed my laptop today! LOL  but surprisingly not the TV so much.  The Cable Guy arrived about 7:00 this evening. The wire was unhooked on the pole!!  I guess the people at 1270 had disconnected their service and when the worker removed their line he hadn't reattached OURS.  


I'm enjoying the posts on Christmas that Martha is putting up tremendously.  I encourage everybody to read them... I wish some of the rest of you would take time to put up some discussion topics.  They are great things to think on!


Vicky!  MY fish died on Facebook!  Could you go and revive the ones in my first and last tanks?  Hey y'all, did you know Vicky had supernatural powers?  She can bring my dead fish back to life!  LOL


Okay. heading for bed.. bless you all.

5 years ago



If Mary and Joseph had to travel several days to Bethlehem, think  how long the Magi must have traveled. 


I like this picture because it portrays them traveling with a large entourage.  I don't see how they could have traveled any great distance without food and a few necessities and all of that took animals to carry it and people to care for the animals and men to serve the 'kings' as they are called in some passages. 


 The Bible doesn't really say where exactly they were traveling from--I've heard China, India, Persia, Pakistan.   The Bible doesn't say really how many thee were.  We assume there were  3 because of the number of gifts that are recorded.   The Bible doesn't give us their names, although 'tradition' has come up with several names....


Just consider it for what the Bible teaches us.. that even the great and learned men recognized the birth of the Savior.  Today it is popular for great and educated men to ridicule that birth.  But 'Wise men still seek Him."


When ever you choose to celebrate the miraculous Birth and however you feel it should be celebrated,  take time to remember that God made it known to the wise men of the world.  Not the politicians, not the socialists, but to those men who spent their lives studying the handiwork of the heavens.


I hope you are all rejoicing in the Salvation His Birth made possible to the World.


It has been a dark and dreary day here today.  Cool but not really cold. and very WET.  I so wish it would get cold and stop this damp dreary-ness.


I'll bet you all are busy busy right now.  Rachael dreads this time of year.  It seems that when people walk out of their house to shop, it doesn't matter that they are shopping for groceries, they are still in high gear! 


I enjoy giving gifts to my famly and decorating, but that's as far as my 'celebration" goes...


May each of you experience the true Joy of Christmas in your heart and life today!

5 years ago



One of the prettiest parts of the Christmas holidays for me is the ornaments.  We don't do the cutsey figures or birds or such, but just the big globes of colors.  And they ar emore beautiful because they are packed away unseen for 11 months out of the year.  And when the decoration boxes come out we greet them as old friends. 


In our boxes we have ornaments dating back to MY grandparents.  Of course some are from my child hood and others were chosen by Notah and Rachael.  Every one of the brings back happy memories. 


I like Christmas time because it invokes memories that are other wise lost in the hustle and bustle of life.


Where are you all?  Busy I'm sure.. Take time to at least say HI!

5 years ago

Hi Vondi!  No I'm not busy at all unless you call playing Candy Crush on FB busy.  lol  It is a very addictive little game to me.   It is supposed to get cold Monday night for 3 nights...temps in the 30's at night.   That's okay by is so beautiful today...I am sitting outside reading my Bible and Guideposts.


I love the Christmas bulbs colorful.  It's awesome that you have such old ones...I know how much you treasure them.  I would be a nervous wreck that I would break one.   I am not putting out a tree this year....I've only put out a 2-3 ft scraggly one (but beautiful to me)  the past couple of years but this year so far only a Nativity scene and a Church with a cross on top that is supposed to play Amazing Grace although it sounds like it's Happy Birthday or something.   So I just turn the little lights on it and the Nativity.   Guess what?  I don't get the Antique's Road Shoe joke   Am I dense or what?  lol  As far as Jesus & Mary travelling long distances with a question of food and water they brought....we must think that if God parted the Red Sea then providing for them was no problem.   I agree with Rachael....people (especially at this time of year) can be so rude and pushy.   Of course there are lots of nice and polite people too.    I took care of your fishies on FB.   Thanks for reviving mine and giving me help with the Flower app and my precious Candy Crush.  Just keep me loaded up with lives cause I'm at a level that is not easy for me to bring all the candy down to the bottom.  lol


Where is everybody?   Have a great & blessed evening.


frm Marjorie


5 years ago



Hi everybody!   Here’s another set of Christmas ornaments I think is pretty.  I guess that I just love pretty things.


Nobody seems to have been here but Vicky ‘n’ me.  I hope everyone is doing well.  It is still raining here.  It has been for almost a week here and it’s 43 degrees right now.  That’s down from yesterday when it was 59 at six AM!  Oh how I wish it would get COLD and stay that way… (Just wait until march when I’m singing a different tune!)  Notah said it was 16 in Belen and dropped eleven degrees as he went intoAlbuquerque.  The northern part of the state got six inches of snow…that’s in the mountains aroundSanta Fe!!  The wind chill in Raton was -11 degrees… So Vicky, enjoy sitting outside with your books…


The Antiques Road Show cartoon, Vicky.  --  on the show people bring in stuff and they talk about how much it’s worth. You know that already.  Mary and Joseph were supposedly trying to have the gifts Jesus got evaluated for sale. 


Now on the Road Show lots of times people bring in an antique dish or tea pot or something some such and the guy gives them an estimated value. THEN he says, ‘now if you had the entire set of serving dishes, or the whole tea set, they would be worth quite a bit more!”


Mary and Joseph only had the frankincense and myrrh—they had evidently used the gold.  The evaluator tells them they should have kept the WHOLE SET of gifts (gold, frankincense, and myrrh) because it would have been more valuable than just the gold alone.  I enjoy the Road Show, but since Mary and Joseph weren’t real well to do I could envision them using the gold, but not having a lot of use for the frankincense and myrrh….. That sort of thing happens all the time on the show.. people say, oh I sold it because I needed the money.  Or once I heard a woman say, “Oh I didn’t think it went with the [object] and I threw it away!” 


I just got a kick out of the cartoon.  It sounds like something I’d do!


Okay.  I’ll be going to see about reviving your fish!

Everyone enjoy the warm weather while we have it…

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5 years ago

Hello ladies.  It has certainly been a busy week and looks even busier.  I have just been asked to give my testimony this coming Saturday night for our women's meeting.  It is steadily growing.  It's so exciting to have so many women that are hungry for the Lord.  We had eight women show up at our last meeting.  I have also been doing Sunday school lessons. The regular teacher got very sick this past week and was in the hospital.  She's out now and on the mend.  I've taught on the 3 Wise men a week ago and then yesterday, I taught on God Loves Us.  The women that come to church are very simple minded so I have to break it down into small increments in order for them to understand.  It's a challenge some times, yet it's very rewarding.  I feel very blessed.

Hey there Vicky, no I haven't heard from SSDI yet.  David still hasn't heard from the VA yet. He did call our state Senator and we faxed a letter to him explaining to him what has happened.  We just found out that because David is no longer receiving VA medical benefits, we are being deleted from the housing voucher we receive. So, beginning February 1, we will have to pay full rent for our apartment.  I started crying when David's worker told us. He came by on Thursday to talk with us.  We're under a lot of stress and very bad time of year for finding a job. Which I have done daily of putting in online applications.  We have been blessed so far with ways of our rent being paid so far.  We have also been blessed with a vehicle. A friend of ours at church purchased a van and is allowing us to use until we are able to purchase our own.  And we got a newer bed this week.  So, things are looking up in various ways.  Thank you all for your continued love, support & prayers.  Well, I have chores calling my name. LOL!!! Have a blessed Monday everyone. Love ya'll dearly.

5 years ago



Good morning all!  I'm stopping by for just a minute.  Rachael will be down in a minute to take me to the grocery for a minute before she has to go to work.

I'm asking you all to pray for h er today.  She has bad feet, partly due to heredity her dad's feet were weird. and partly because of horses and a very large girlfriend stepping on them. She had a real hard day yesterday and texted me about 3:00 telling me she didnt know if she was going to finish the day.  I prayed for her as asked my frinend Dianne to pray too. Rachael came home at her regular time.  She made it through the day buy her feet were still aching.  She sat with them in her massage machine and took one of my high-powered pain pills left from surgery...


Now she has to go to work again.  I told her I'd run in the grocery and buy the few things we need so she wouldn't have to do that!


Okay. gotta go! 

5 years ago


Hello ladies.  How is everyone this Wednesday morning?  Yesterday was a long day for us.  We left out about 10 to go hang Christmas lights for a friend of ours.  We had a great time drinking coffee, putting up lights, and chatting with our friends in the cooler weather we just received.  We went by later last night to see what they looked like.  They looked awesome. I just love Christmas lights.  Anyway.,... after we did that, we went grocery shopping. Oh wow, that was a chore.  We were buying for the month and the store we like that has better priced meats than Walmart is 25 miles away.  So, we spent several hours in there, came home, unloaded, put them up and then we went to our local Walmart for the dry goods.  We brought up the last bags around 8:30 and then put those groceries up.  I'll tell you, we were all mumbling and groaning from a long day.  It was fun though. 

Vondi, know that I'm praying for your daughter.  I totally can understand about feet problems.  I'm overweight and it's puts so much pressure on my feet when I stand for long periods, I often wonder how long I can stand it.  So, I am praying for her as you have asked.

Well, I'm outta here for now.  I love you ladies dearly and pray that we all have a blessed Wednesday.

5 years ago

my prayers

This is for the tragedy that has occured in Connecticut.  For those of you that live overseas and are unaware, a 24 year old man walked into an elementary school where his mother worked as a teacher. He killed 20 children and 6 adults.  There apparently is another person dead that he may have killed at his home.  The shooter did take his own life. May we keep this community and families in our prayers.

5 years ago



Good evening to everyone!  It's been a busy couple of days what with one thing and another.  Yesterday was Rachael's birthday.  Michael took her to a cabin down in the Hocking HIlls.  She really enjoyed it.  Their friends Adam and Justina went along. They had a camp fire outside and grilled their dinner, then sat in the hot tub and watched the Geminid meteor shower.  Then this morning they got up and hiked.  Sounds like fun.


I stayed home and held down the fort with the dogs...Three of them slept with me last night.  The biggest one slept in my chair.  Thank goodness, the bed would have been REAL crowded. 


Then this evening R and M came home in time to take Andy to the vet's to be put to sleep.  He was an old old cat and getting very feeble, not able to get tohis potty and not eating very well.  When he checked him over before the procedure, the vet suspected kidney failure.  And he was very thin even though he ate well.   Rachael said she cried from the time she put him in his carrier till she left the office when everything was over.  I knew she would.  I did the same thing when I called to make the appointment.  I raised him on the bottle from a kitten and had him 16 years.  It is so sad our pets can't live as  long as we do.


Tomorrow Rachael and I are going to do a bit of shopping for Christmas.  And then I'll be finished. After that we'll be wrapping!  Oh dear!  That is my least favorite part of the season...


All of you take care.

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5 years ago

Hello dear friends.  Just stopping by this evening.  I have to get to church for our Women's meeting this evening.  I've been asked to give my testimony.  Wow, I'm not sure what to say. I'm praying that God will just take over and say everything for me.  If that's possible. Hehe!!! Well, nothing new other than that is happening in my neck of the woods.  Anyway... have a great Saturday evening. Love ya'll dearly.

5 years ago

Hi Peeps!   Wow, I didn't realize it had been so many days since I was here.  I don't have time tonight to go back over the posts but I will try tomorrow.   Well it started to rain tonight and I'm glad...I love the rain.  


Here is a video of a 7 yr old girl singing O'Holy Night.  It is beautiful and I think you will truly enjoy it:


5 years ago



May the peace of God rest on your heart this Christmas season.  May you experience the Joy the birth of the Christ Child made available for Men on earth.


The days are rolling by so quickly. I don't know where in the WORLD this year has gone. The gifts for Notah's family were shipped today.  I hate not being able to be with all my kids this time of year.  My heart aches that  my kids are too far away.


I am still trying to think of a second gift for Rachael... I don't have a CLUE though.  I found two lovely Pashminas and bought both of them.  but I'd like a second gift.  Anybody with an idea?  Let me know!


I know what you mean, Vicky, about where the days go. Wow!


The people in our house that make out BEST at Christmas time are the dogs.  LOL they are each getting a pile of presents!  I have Maggies jingle toys hidden away.  She heard them when I brought them home and nearly climbed the walls hunting for them  LOL She is going to love them. 


Our days here are filled with carols  and other Christmas songs playing all during dinner and the evenings.  and the house smells like pine!  If you like fragrant candles, let me recommend Crossroads Candles.  (Find them on Facebook)  Michael's company carries them and he has bought three of them for our house!  Mmm! they smell so good! 


That's it for tonight.  Good evening and God bless.







5 years ago

I'm back what a miracle, huh?  Toda was absolutely gorgeous...thank you, Jesus.


I don't know what kinds of things Rachael likes; is a pashmina an indian shawl?  If so, maybe she'd like a sterling silver bracelet with a turquoise stone in it, although she may not be much of a jewelry person.  I'm so sorry about having to have Andy put down.  Indeed it was sad for you Vondi since you hand fed him when he was a kitten.  How did Rachael take it?   It sounds like she and Michael had a wonderful time at the cabin with the hot tub.  How thoughtful he is.   A good old fashioned Christmas season with carols and Christmas songs.   I've got all my shopping done to and wrapped (except 2 I bought today).   I guess your doggy's wil be excited over their gifts.  lol  Hey, did you listen to the video of the little girl singing?   It's beautiful.  I guess you didn't cuz you didn't say anything.  I wish I could sing like her.


Kathryn, did God give you the words to say concerning your testimony?   I know what mine would be but I might not want to say it if you know what I mean.   Not sure how well it would be taken.   


Well I gotta run for now.   Take care ladies!



5 years ago

Oh I forgot to say that I will check out the candles....I love candles!!

5 years ago

Good afternoon everyone. Can't believe December is half over already and that Christmas is less than a week away. Can't believe this whole year is coming to an end. You're right Vondi, the time sure is flying by fast.

Sorry I haven't been around lately. Have been busy at work so haven't had much time to stop by the library.

Martha-I sympathize with you about the Chicago winters since I live in northeastern Illinois myself. Although you have to admit,we've been fairly lucky weatherwise so far.

Kathryn-how nice that you and your husband are getting involved at your church. Glad to hear your women's bible study is going good and it's grown from 4 members to 11. Don't worry,when the time comes to share your testimony,the Lord will give you the right words to say. Sorry your financial situation hasn't been going so well. I will keep you in prayer that the Lord will provide just what you need.

Vondi-I know how frustrating it is to have your Fish World fish die on you especially when you can't "feed" feed them every day. Lucky for you ,you have Vicky to revive them.

Got to go now,but hope to visit again soon.

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5 years ago

Hello dear friends.  Today has been such a blessing. Got up at 5:30 this morning to take a friend of mine to work. It's been really cold here on the island these past 2 mornings and we offered to take her to work.  Well, after dropping her off, hubby & I decided to go out on a jetty that goes into the ocean and we watched the sun rise.  It was beautiful.  It was cold but fun at the same time.  We then came home, I made french toast and coffee.  So this morning has been fantastic.  I just wanted to stop by and share my day with you.  Oh, I also want to tell ya'll what God has done for my family.  We are going to get rent assistance from the Salvation Army.  They have a special fund now for Veterans and they will pay for our rent until my husband's allotted amount runs out.  We just found this out yesterday.   I also went to a job interview on Wednesday.  And my daughter has a job interview next week.  So, all of y'alls prayers are being answered. I can not thank ya'll enough for the love, support & kindness that ya'll have shared with me.  Ya'll are the greatest!!!!  Have a terrific Friday everybody.  Love ya'll dearly.

P.S. I wanted to let ya'll know also that I never did get around to telling my testimony last Saturday. The evening totally went another direction and we had a fantastic time. It'll be 3 weeks before we can meet again.  We're all looking forward to meeting again.  I'll be able to give my testimony when it's time.
5 years ago



I'm back!  Was I here yesterday?  Heavens. The days and times run toether for me!  You will all have to forgive me if I don't respond to you individually sometimes.  It isn't that I haven't read what you wrote, it's just that I've got too many things on my mind.  If I'm really doing a 'good' job, I write my post out on a wordprocessing prog and then paste it here.  But when I'm in a hurry, I just write what flies off my finger tips.  Then I miss a lot.


So yes, Vicky, I did listen to the cute little girl singing.  And Kathryn, did you sigh with relief when  you didn't have to speak?  I love it when the Lord takes control of a human organized service and leads in other directions.  Let's see.... Linda, It's good to see you tool  I know it might stress you, but the extra hours at work are really a blessing aren't they?  Especially this time of year.  I remember when you were able to have your own computer--you were here all the time.  I miss that.


I'm kinda rushing. Rachael will be home around 130. She has one more gift to get for Michael and we are planning to do our Christmas grocery shopping. It's the last chance we'll have...isn't it neat that I can say "WE" are going shopping.  How wonderful to be able to walk around in a store!  It thrills me every time I do it.  Usually I just go along for groceries, but today I'll be going for her other shopping too.  I'm still trying to think of one more gift for her...Maybe I can sneak off at Bed Bath and Beyond and find something....


I suppose it's snowing every where you all are today--well maybe not Vicky. But the news looked like the storm was spread all across the country!  maybe vicky you have a little bit of cold wind?  Maggie wore her coat this mornign to go out side.  It wsn't real cold but it was windy.  She's so cute in it.  It matches Gable and Sebastians--


Okay. I gotta go!  God keep you all.

5 years ago

may god bless you

Hey Everyone!

Well, the world didn't end today, unless I lapsed into a coma in my sleep lastnight and will never come out of it during which I'm posting this or whatever! LOL I'm SO glad we didn't get hit with a monster snow storm lastnight! WHEW! Right now it's 25 degrees and partly sunny. There's some snow on the grass areas, but that's it. Meanwhile, I'm catching up on email and doing chores on and off. 

Have a great weekend!

5 years ago

Hi all, it's almost midnight, but I made it! LOL. And I'm tired so if this doesn't make sense, it must not be my fault!


I have to say I wasn't surprised to wake up this morning and find the world continuing on in it's course.  So I must be in the same coma you're in, Martha! 


We had some nice snow. Lots ans lots and wet.  but the ground was warm and most of it melted almost as fast as it fell.  Judging from the amount piled on our ,etal dining table on the deck we had about 4 inches. But there isn't that  much on the ground.  It is pretty though..


I can't focus my eyes so I'll close.

Good night!

5 years ago

Tired today. Looked at the clock last night and t was 1:15!  Gracious!  We had a lovely christmas.  not a lot of gifts but enough to do.  R & M bought me a new Kindle Fire notebook!  I love it but I haven't figured out how to work it all yet!  LOL  You ave to be smarter than the technology to use it effectively! 

I'll have it figured out eventually!. 


The dogs made out like bandits at our house.  Stuffed toys and other toys.  Maxim strolled around with his big ole tail threatening the pretty music boxes on the coffee table.  With a floor full of toys you know what got him to settle down?  The box that my thermal cup came in!  It was about 7 by 7 byy 12:  Not too big, but I took the tissue paper out and thumped on it then tossed it on the floor.  He LOVED it.  Laid down and chewed and chewed on it.  Tore it into little scraps!  Maggie had been playing with her balls and littl animals until she saw his box.  She went sneaking over and stole a piece of cardboard!  She brought it onto the sofa and was content to chew it for the rest of the gift opening!  LOL.  We collected all the toys and there is bift bag full hanging on my door knob.. the stuffed animals are scattered all over the house.  Worse than having toddlers!    Love them to pieces...


We had Navajo tacos for our Christmas dinner!  Rachael found some mutton even!  I made the mutton and beans and cut up the lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and green onions... Rachael made the frybread.  Ooooh was it good!  I wish I could have shared it with each of you!   And we have enough mutton left from the leg to have stew in a few days and freeze some for another Navajo tacco meal...


I think I'll go take a nap.



     Work done for another year.  The rest of it's up to the elves!  LOL



5 years ago

Hello Vondi, Martha, Linda, Donna,  and Kathryn.   Well it's over turned out to be a really lovely day yesterday filled with family (at the same time for a change) and good food.   Of course a few gifts too.   the rain and cold held off til everyone left.   That was a blessing, too.


Vondi, that is so funny about the dogs and the box and the box pieces.  lol   Just  like thrown aside for boxes!  lol    I remember when I used to buy Christmas gifts for my nephews/nieces that had everything, the gifts I gave them were very inexpensive but were loved probably more than all the new technology stuf.. lol   Whew!    The tacos sound good EXCEPT for the mutton.  Don't know why I won't eat it but I just won't.   People love it but I won't try it.  So send me some made with beef although I shouldn't eat those little cows either.      I love your snoozing Santa Claus.


Martha, did you spend Christmas with family?   I hope you didn't have to travel in all that cold (snowy?) weather.


Linda, regarding those Facebook games (ie Fish World) that is probably the only thing I can help Vondi with.....feeding, cleaning the tanks and reviving the fish.   Anything else I am lost!!  Ask her....she tries to help me with FullBloom but I think I am a hopeless cause when it comes to learning apps.   Did you have a nice Christmas?   I hope you didn't have to work Christmas Day.


Kathryn, how wonderful that your ladies group is growing already!   You might be the next Joyce Meyer.      Wouldn't that be awesome?   Was your Christmas spent with hubby and both girls?   I hope you had a blessed day.


Gotta run folks!    I have a couple of questions to put in the question thread.



Hey Vondi!
5 years ago

Those Navajo Tacos sound delicous! Can you post the recipe? Since I've gotten into cooking now because of my mom not being able to like she used to, we can surely use new dishes to try out! The take-out places around here have gotten pretty boring. They need to open up new ones. Hopefully they will soon.


5 years ago

Vicky, I think you forgot I don't celebrate the holiday, but that's OK. Others forget too. I used to do that when I was Catholic and would ask my Jehovah's Witness neighbors about it, then I'd be like,"OOPS!" LOL They were very nice about it, though. I just did the usual house chores, especially getting my bedroom back in order, Boy, it sure needed it!

5 years ago

Hi Martha...I indeed forgot you don't celebrate Christmas and I probably will again next year.  (sorry) My memory is shot.  I need to clean my room, or I should say rooms but especially my bedroom.  lol   I'm glad you tackled yours; it's always nice when the job is done.


5 years ago



This is what I always think when we put all of the decorations away.  The house, especially the living room looks so empty.


I just realized I haven't been here since Christmas Day.  I posted a long  message and care2 bless their h earts, made it disappear.  Fhooey!


Martha, I even wrote out the taco recipe.... and it's gone.  I'm too tire to do it again nnow.  I'll post it in a couple days...


For now.
Good night everybody!

5 years ago

12/31/2012 I had to make one appearance before the year ended. My new career is starting and it will be good enough to make my SS checks need to be paid back. But I can work 3 days a week now and do computer work and phone calls the other 2, have my weekends and make as much if not more than I did in trucking with less danger.

I also found out how to redo, used laptops, so if there was a market there I could also have a nice side business, help people save money and make a little too. And with that it's have a nice no make that a great new year everyone. Get ready for a paradigm shift in the church. I make people upset when I say what part of it is, so I won't say it, but get ready to love on some people you would never think could make it to heaven.

If anyone wants I had a great vision Sunday and I can email you or post it here if it's wanted.

5 years ago

Hi John!  It's good to see you....I was wondering where you were since it's been a while.     Sounds like all of our prayers have been answered regarding your getting a decent paying job that you like.  Now you have a couple of part time ones!  What kind of phone calls do you make?   Is it sales?  By computer work do you mean you fix them only or you do work online, too?  Fixing laptops might really work....especially now with the economy so bad that people may not be able to afford new ones.  Looks like 2013 might really take off for you.   Good luck!  What do you mean that you will have to pay back your SS checks?  If you got them before you got a job then you needed them so I wouldn't think you have to pay them back.   What do you mean by paradigm shift in the chuch.  I tried looking it up but it's a little over my head.   Can you explain it in simple terms?  I promise not to get upset, although be prepared for questions (maybe).  lol


John, why don't you open a vision thread?  I'd be very interested in reading about them.   How often have you had visions?   Put as many as you want in the thread.


Well the new year has rung in so I will be signing off for now.   I guess Vondi and Martha were busy tonight.


New-Year-2013-Celebration-Wallpaper-600x450_zpsf53c03c0 New-Year-2013-Celebration-Wallpaper-600x450_zpsf53c03c0.jpg

5 years ago

Hello~Vicki & Friends

A Brand New Day...and a Brand New Year



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5 years ago

I've had visions for over 30 years now, I used to write them down, then a friend threw cold water on them and I stopped for a decade or two, but the church I'm at now has really opened my gift again in that area (as well as a few other areas). Visions are often hard to understand, so I had never really considered a thread here.

SS checks: if you go over a limit they reduce what you get by $1 for every 2 you make, at age 65 this changes to $1 for every $3 you make and at age 66 the cap is removed. The cap for me is @ $14,000/yr and after that the pay back takes effect. I was told they don't do the number crunching until the end of the year, and that means roughly if this job does what it looks like it will do, I'll be something like 30k over the cap.

The laptop deal might work, I just don't know if I really want to deal with the public, especially with used items, some of those people are downright nasty. One friend I know had someone come in with a laptop he bought from him and demanded his money back because it wasn't working. He got his money back, and my friend later discovered that the guy had removed a brand new modem or something and replaced it with his burnt out junky one.

The new work I'm doing isn't sales (except for Shaklee) it is taking surveys for insurance companies of businesses they are insuring, to make sure they are what they claim to be, that they are basically safe, and that they are up to date with wiring, fire prevention, etc. There's a lot of kind of local travel involved so right now I have had to create 5 regions to go to, that way I have enough work in each area to make the trip profitable. It pays well and is suitable for M/F, they look for new people, it could pose a slipping or falling risk but that is rare. You would be self employed (pay your own taxes and keep all records), but the money is good. This coming Thurs. I'll go to RI and make @ $400 for the day. That's the latest, I found that job while looking over the net while recovering from a broken wrist, all I wanted was a nice part time job, this is part time (can be full time) but pays a lot better than what I ever was looking for now, maybe 20 years ago I wanted this, but now I'll take it, thank you Lord.

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