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Basic Guidelines
11 years ago
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Welcome to the Thyroid Support Group.

I won't make this an exhaustive list of guidelines---we all have busy lives. So I will keep it short and sweet with 5 guidelines, max. We are here to learn, and support each other, so hopefully these guidelines will be self-explanatory.

1) As this group is for all people, I would ask that while various personal spiritual points of view are welcome (I, for one, have certain spiritual leanings that are very strong), please refrain from proselytizing. For example, I am a thyroid patient who just happens to be Pagan. That does not mean I disrespect those who are Muslim, Buddhist or Jewish or Christian, and so any direct mention of my path in a way that directly forces my path onto someone else specifically would be a violation of this guideline. I have seen that kind of thing happen on other groups and I do not wish the free will of my group members to be infringed upon in that manner. If you have any questions regarding this guideline, please do not be afraid to ask.

2) Please do not be afraid to introduce yourselves further than what's on your profile. Sometimes talking about ourselves allows us the freedom to BE ourselves and it gives the other people a chance to know you better. Even mentioning a favorite color is a good first step if you're feeling shy.

3) Please feel free to vent about your day, if you need to. Writing in journals can only go so far(especially with those annoying hand cramps! ) and you need a sympathetic ear. Holding emotions in can only do a person harm in the long-term. Remember we are here to support you.

4) Input from the group members as to the improvement of the group function itself is MOST welcome! This group is to be as democratic as possible. That's why I am calling these "guidelines" as they are, and not calling them "rules." "Rules" is too dogmatic a term for my taste.

5) About advertising and inviting others to various other groups, plus going 'Off-Topic": I don't really mind the invites between group members. However, I ask that you limit the invites to maybe two or three per week and let me know in network messaging before posting more than three/wk, that way I can be sure to rearrange messages accordingly. As for posting off-topic, I don't mind that either, as this is a support group, and people are encouraged to let off steam, cry, shout, cheer, etc. Not every post has to be educational, in my opinion. Share a joke or two, and be a clown if you like. We celebrate life and its many facets here! This is especially important to those of us prone to depression. So let's please keep the laughs coming! Life would be no fun at all if we had to be sad and serious all the time.

That's all for now. Again, any questions, please don't hesitate to ask...knowledge is power, dudes!

Blessings and Good Health,
Kat ^.^
10 years ago
I am going to revise the last guideline about the I now have a cohost (Thank ya, Ms Joan!), you may invite as many as you like...perhaps that will entice people to start talking.

Otherwise, the other guidelines still stand.

Blessings and Good Health,
Kat ^.^
10 years ago
 I am sooo sorry I have not been here much!! Life has been crazy....... I promise I will try to get here more
What a relief
10 years ago
I could not believe it when I saw this group existed. I've been struggling with hyperthyroidism for a long time now. I'm sure there is someone who can relate to the frustrations, emotions etc, that I've been going through. I would really like to share thoughts with others on this topic. Take care and be well to all. Yvonne W.
Hello, Yvonne!
10 years ago
to you, Yvonne...

You are one of the many many people for whom I've created this group. I am hypo myself, and when I discovered there was only one group just to discuss hypo- and hyperthyroidism, and no support group specifically, I got to work. Sadly I cannot be here as often as I was when I created the group, because I have a full time job now, and Joan, my cohost has been filling in for me as much as possible, even though she has her own busy life...Bless her! Somewhere around here there is a thread that tells her story of how she beat the thyroid dysfunction thing...and is no longer on meds.

I have to sign off now, but I will be back over the weekend...

Blessings and Good Health,
Kathryn WingedLioness ^.^
10 years ago
Are we once again back on thyroids and off the soapboxes?

If yes, please tell your experiences with the various synthetic thyroid hormones. Synthroid, Levoxyl, Levothyroxin, Levothyroid, etc.

Has everyone been tested by an Endocrinologist too?
I'm clear of Eltroxin
10 years ago

About me

I took Eltroxin as my thryroid was producing nodules. After 4 years of taking the medication I took a homeopathic remedy suiting my constitution every 15 days once for about 2.1/2 months.

Its 4 years now my thyroid is fine cause I check it every 6 months. Thanks to homeopathy and Ive started to study it now.

10 years ago

 That is so good Yvonne! Congrats to you.


9 years ago

Hey guys, I'm Christia.

Struggled with a non-existant thyroid for years.

Caused me all kinds of problems.  Glad there's a group that understands that suffering.

Thank you for welcoming me in.

Love, Hugs and Peace, Chris

Useful information
8 years ago
I found the ATA (American Thyroid Association) website to be useful. And for a good price on name brand levothyrxine.
Hello Everyone
8 years ago

Hey group,

I lived with Grave's for years (I'm ony 24) and finally drank radioactive iodine and now I have hypothyroidism. I am glad that I finally have a group that can help me as nobody seems to understand my struggles. Thanks for this group 

8 years ago

Hi, I have Hypothyroidism, for about 2 years now, and taking Thyroxine for it, was up and down a little with the adjusting but now taking 75mcgs of Thyroxine  which seems to be the  amount for me.  I do have other problems but not to do with this, Bi Polar Disorder which doesn't help much. So glad to find this group, btw I live in Perth, Western Australia which could be miles away from you all. Not that that matters either, not with cyber space.  Who wouldn't be without computers now.