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5 years ago

The holidays are hard,we remember our loved ones and our beloved pets more at this time of the year.

Please anyone post here anything you may know on how to help deal with it better,tell us how you deal with it.

5 years ago

The holidays are just around the corner, and for some of us, that means it's the very first holiday season (Christmas) without our fur babies. But, you know, even if it's been four or fourteen years since they've left for Heaven, we still find ourselves missing them - don't we?

Here are a few things you can do to pay tribute to your precious pet this holiday season:
1. Buy a Christmas tree and decorate it in honor of your pet.
2. Have a Christmas wreath decorated with your pet's photos all around it.
3. Have a local artist paint a portrait of your pet (provide your favorite photo of your pet).
4. Donate to a local shelter in honor of your pet.
5. Help a stray pet find a good home.
6. Help an elderly person care for his or her pet.
7. Start a scrapbook in memory of your pet.
8. Start a Christmas ornament collection with your pet's name to pay tribute to him or her.
9. Foster a pet online at a local animal shelter (like the Animal Defense League).
10. Help provide comfort and support to someone who has recently lost a precious pet.

5 years ago

We all feel at a loss for what to do, what to say, when a close friend or loved one is grieving over the loss of their precious pet. Nothing we can do or say will change what has occurred, or ease the pain of the loss. Losses are felt even more intensely around the holidays. Our memories include our loved ones who are no longer with us, the pitter patter of their paws, your cat’s Christmas stocking on the mantle, your dog’s holiday bowl on the kitchen floor.

How can you help to ease the pain for a friend or loved one who’s missing their dear pet so much during the holidays? Help them to create new rituals and traditions for the holidays that will not only honor the memory of their pet, but will also keep their pet’s memory alive through the holidays, the holidays that they were always such a big part of. Here are some great ideas to do just that:
  • Decorate a wreath with pictures, toys, collars and other tokens that belonged to your passed pet and place it near the pet’s grave marker or in a special place in your home.
  • Choose a special candle to light in memory of your beloved pet before beginning your holiday meal. Let the candle burn through the course of your meal. Say a special prayer for your dearly departed pet before blowing out the candle at the end of the meal.
  • Share anecdotes and favorite stories about your pet. Revel in the good memories and funny stories that you all love and cherish. The act of talking about your dear pet is very important for the grieving process. We need to give ourselves permission to talk about them
  • Encourage grieving children to draw pictures inspired by their memories of the pet to and hang them from the Christmas tree as ornaments
  • Help children to create a book of pictures and stories about their pet. Keep the book in a special place and take it out from time to time to read through
  • If you celebrate Chanukah, say a little prayer for your pet each night as you light a candle
  • Go to this website Celebration Forest and purchase a tree in your pet’s honor
  • Make a donation to an animal charity in the pet's honor
  • Create a living memorial to your beloved pet of plants and/or trees in your backyard

Most important of all is to just listen to your grieving loved ones. Be there for them to lean on let them know that whatever they are feeling is okay. Everyone grieves in their own time and in their own way. Colleen Mihelich is the founder and owner of, an online store specializing in pet loss and pet memorial products, "to help you create a touching and lasting memorial for your loved one."

5 years ago

Dealing with Pet Loss During the Holidays
Have you recently lost your beloved cat or another precious pet? Are you remembering pets from years past?

Losing a cat or any pet anytime of year is extremely tough. Many of us who are animal lovers think of our pets as family members. I know I think of my cats as “my kids.” Dealing with loss during the holiday season, whether you’re mourning the loss of a loved one or a beloved pet, is difficult. Oftentimes those feelings of grief experienced right after a loss resurface this time of year. And if the loss is recent, it can be even more challenging.

In 1993, right after Christmas on December 27th, I had to have my precious Chauncy euthanized. He was only nine. In fact, his birthday was December 22nd. He had been diagnosed with chronic kidney failure a year and a half earlier, and Christmas weekend his health declined rapidly. He refused to eat even though we could hear his tummy grumbling. He sat in the bathroom and his eyes told me it was time. He was the first cat I ever had to have put to sleep and it was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. At that time I wasn’t strong enough or brave enough to stay with him while our vet gave him the injection. I regret that decision and it has haunted me for years. To this day I still feel guilty for not being there for him in those very last minutes of his life.

Since losing Chauncy we’ve dealt with losing several other precious kitties and no matter what time of year we lost them, I still think of them all at Christmastime. Most of our cats - current and past - love and loved to sit under our Christmas tree, play with the Christmas wrapping paper and help with the decorating. Sidney loved to sit on the table beside the tree and stare at it during the day when the lights were off. Jordan chewed on the tree branches and when we sprayed him with a water bottle the look on his face said, “Ahh, a bath!”

I think our memories of our beloved pets is what will get us through the difficult times during the holidays and throughout the year. When you start missing your precious kitty (or any pet) think of the times you shared together. Think of what your pet did that made you laugh. Think of the love you shared. That unconditional love a pet of any kind offers freely. Think of how your pet enriched your life.

Something else that helps me in dealing with loss of any kind - a loved one or a beloved pet - is my faith. I firmly believe in God and I believe that I will see my loved ones again. I also believe in the Rainbow Bridge and I don’t think God would allow us to spend all eternity without those who are and were so very precious to us, including our pets.

Find a way to commemorate or think of your cat or pet during the holidays. For Christmas you could get a special ornament with your pet’s picture on it. Take some silent time and let your memories reunite you with your beloved pet. Focus on the happy times you shared together. If you have pictures or videos, look at them or watch them if it helps you. Shares these memories with someone who understands, like a friend or relative who is a fellow animal lover. These are just a few suggestions, but do whatever works for you and brings some comfort to your holidays.

5 years ago

A Loved One is not gone, until they are forgotten!
And to Live in the Hearts of those
left behind is to
Live Forever! ©

5 years ago

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5 years ago




In Loving Memory of

5 years ago

My Little Annie is burried in my back yard(i call it our family cemetary) all of our pets are there.Let me see if I can remember 12 of our own dogs,3 dogs from our family members,4 hampsters,2 hermit crabs and many fish.

My Little Annie loved birds,I think she was part bird dog,so every year at Christmas I make what I call a "blanket",I take some chicken wire and entwine all of the leftover branches from our Christmas ttee into it,then put a bow on it and a bunch of little birdies in it.I get everything from the dollar store,it only costs me about $10 to make and I place it at the grave site.This year I am addind a cross we made(out of wood we found laying around),am going to put a small set of white lights on it and place it above the blanket.And every year during our Christmas dinner I light a candle for our family members who have passed on and another one for our beloved pets who have passed on,it burns from morning till night.

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