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Anti-Globalization & Police State Resistance Networking > Before It's News!
4 years ago

Does not President Obama bow-down to these same type of Globalization adherence policies???

The Dems had better push Hillary Clinton into position or else find another front-runner, because 'Obama Is Toast'!!!!


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PinkMindy - 3 hours ago -


The G-8 is right now deciding our future fate and we don't even have a voice in this global elitist political process. They have no headquarters office to confront the problem. As the economy teeters toward default, we get ever closer to working in sweatshops!


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Globalized Police State Resistance - Manifesto & Network @ Facebook/Care2
4 years ago


Perhaps there are those of you who would blindly surrender your freedoms and your individuality and give up your personal will and desires; thus basically becoming mindless idiots, but as for me ...

I refuse to lock-step into becoming a one-world government robotic-slave!!!



US Politics & Gov't

- 50 minutes ago -


We refuse to surrender our natural rights and freedoms to just blindly hand them over to the G-8 and their controlling One-World Militarized Police State -- Currently absorbing the United States of America and the rest of the world into economic chaos!

Obama's Birth Certificate Layered In Adobe Illustrator - Conspiracy Continues
4 years ago

If you study Obama's entire life as I have, then you would realize NOTHING ADDS UP!!! His past is worse than the invisible man's, when you search for back-up documentation.


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Obama's Birth Certificate Layered In Adobe Illustrator - Conspiracy Continues


US Politics & Gov't  (tags: obama, president, birther, birth-certificate, evidence, proof, white-house, youtube, video, fraud, lies, dishonesty, corruption, conspiracy, politics, government, democrats, republicans, u.s., america, ethics, law, adobe-illustrator, interesting )


PinkMindy - 1 hour ago -


If you have not witnessed this as yet, then you should take the time to view the surfaced evidence before 'assuming' that you know the truth. President Obama waited much too long to produce his documentation and the damages have become irreversible!

End of American Woes Mount As Obama Takes 'Another' Vacation!
4 years ago


It is inconceivable how the U.S. American 'leadership' could possibly leave their posts at a most critically emergency time as this!


- 5 hours ago -

Fourteen million people are out of work with no job prospects in sight and no 'real' job legislation on the books in congress, and with many more millions losing their fortunes and retirements in the stock market; but Barack & Michelle take vacations!?

Democrats Doubt Barack Obama's 2012 Re-Election Chances
4 years ago


> Please note, discuss & share this important 2012 re-election outlook ... of course with many thanks! ... PinkMindy



Democrats Doubt Barack Obama's Re-Election Chances

US Politics & Gov't   (tags: obama, re-election, 2012, elections, politics, government, u.s., america, americans, democrats, republicans, interesting, news, hillary-clinton, president, economy, osama-bin-laden, polls, approval-rating )


PinkMindy - 5 hours ago -


President Obama is facing mounting doubts within his own party about his re-election prospects, with fellow Democrats beginning to ask if Hillary Clinton would have made a better president. Only hardcore Dems still pledge their political faith to Barack!


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Obama Speaks And The Financial Markets Tumble! - Yes, We're Doomed!!!
4 years ago


Regardless of politics 'as usual', we need ... NO we must demand the plan that President Obama did endorse and promise within Campaign 2008, which was to ....


> Care2 News to Note, Discuss & Forward with Thanks!:


US Politics & Gov't  (tags: obama, interesting, politics, government, democrats, republicans, congress, cnn, video, news, debt, debt-crisis, financial-crisis, finance, business, economy, economic-crisis, credit-rating-downgrade, stock-market, consumers, investors )
- 4 hours ago -


Watch President Obama brush everything under-the-rug, such as the unemployment crisis, the debt crisis, and the infrastructure crisis, as he ignores all the most serious ills and solutions he 'should' be enacting! Is this all He's got? OMG WE'RE DOOMED!!!


U.S. AA+ Credit Rating Downgrade Raises Global Anxiety - The Real Danger
4 years ago


Economic uncertainty rules the day!!!


> Care2 News to Note, Discuss & Forward with Thanks!....PinkMindy


Business  (tags: business, economy, debt, credit-rating-downgrade, standard-and-poors, stock-market, money, news, investors, u.s., world, interesting, politics, government, democrats, republicans, congress, obama, finance, america, americans, society, AA+, consumers )

- 2 hours ago -


The real danger from the Standard and Poors U.S. credit-downgrade is the major hit to the nation's non-existent economic recovery, delivered directly to the American consumer psyche, and of course to the already rattled global markets. Uncertainty rules!


U.S. Economic Meltdown 2012: Debt Plan Band-Aid
4 years ago
| News to Note & Forward


The Debt Plan is just a temporary band-aid ... psychological public temperance scheme ... no, it's actually more like a tourniquet applied to our already gushing economic head wound!


> Care2 News to Note, Discuss & Forward with Thanks! ....PinkMindy


PinkMindy - 1 hour ago-