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8 years ago




Why you should NOT buy Brookstone's "Frog-O-Spheres
8 years ago
militaryqt | 04 December 2009 | likes, 6 dislikes

A video I created to detail the reality of Brookstone's new "Frog-O-Sphere" or more appropriately, froggy prison. This is outlined with factual information and backed up by reputable web sites which are all identified throughout and in the credits if you wish to varify the validity.

Please Brookstone, stop selling these torture chambers and please everyone else, don't buy them!

If you want to do your part to stop frogs from meeting this fate, go to to take action! Also go to to send an email to Brookstone CEO

EDIT: Yes, as lots of people have pointed out, some of the information is quoted from wikipedia along with other sources. Yes I do understand the fact that not all information on wikipedia is correct or valid, HOWEVER, as I have repeatedly pointed out, all information has been cross referenced with AT LEAST TWO SOURCES including: aquatic biologists, university professors, breeders of Dwarf African Frogs (I do not agree with breeders on the principle of breeding, but the ones who have been doing it for a long time are very knowledgeable). Like any proper research I took nothing from just one source and all information is valid.

ALSO: I welcome educated debate with reliable information to back it up. Most of the people that have challenged my information have proved nothing with a sloppy, poorly written post with no resourceful information to back it up that basically just says "nuh huh... I don't like what the professionals say so I am going to call you names and say you're wrong." Any rude or offensive posts will be deleted.



8 years ago

Thank you to my friends for helping me to set up this group and with the computers. I don't know what I am doing, but I will try.


Please help the animals.


Thank you.

Mews update.
7 years ago

Hello everyone,


sorry I have not been here on care2 much.  I want you to know that I have managed to rescue 7 cats off the street so far.


1st cat was ben, but sadly I made a mistake and let someone care for him while I was away. When I got back, they had taken the ben to vets and had him killed just because he could not go to the tiolet. There is treatments for that, but that woman so called friend, didnt want to pay for Bens treatment or even a phone call to say Ben needed help! Never get over that one.


Cat number 2, &3, was called George and charm, was rescued  from that so called friend. 


Cat number  was a cat abandoned by neighbours and stuck on the roof. her name is sky, I  managed stupidly, to climb right up there and got her down. her name is sky and she has turned out to be a great happy cat. She is almost adult now.


Cat number 5, is Ginger Sam, he was starving stray.  He turned out to be a bit of a bully, so I have nick named him ginger chav. (chav meaning a bit of a thug.)


Cat number 6, is Bushy tailed sammy, who was rescued from a fire. the neighbour tried to burn himself to death, and the house down.  When he recovered, He got into my house and burnt my passport and all sorts. I then realised he tried to burn down my house! The police were useless. Any how he is banned from comming any where near my place.


Smoky Joe is still running around outside, and I am getting help to catch, get his tennis balls choped off because he is after the females all the time, and see if he can live with us, or he will have to be a farm kitty.


The strange thing is , although all my cats have been sorted by vets, the stray males are still after my 2 females, so I keep a careful watch ful eye out on whats going on. When they want to stay, I take them to get their boy bits done, give them everything they need and want almost. They not allowed to mess with the ladies though. lol. the poor boys want a bit off food, and they get more than they bargain for. A vist to the vets!


Sad to say, I tried to rescue honey, but failed and died from septic wounds from a bad cat fight. The owner was useless. The law is useless.


I have adopted another but from a distance, and send what I can to keep this little girl alive.


I may also end up with a retired guide dog, that maybe put to sleep, but NOT IF I have my say.


So this bit of land we are hoping to move into will be a challange. It would be wonderful to have a cat heaven, and the vets said he will do the cats for almost next to nothing, because he is mad about cats too.


Phew, there I hope this long winded update brings you up to fresh mews about where I been all this time.


Thank you for joining my Set Animals Free (saf) going and noting my Care2mews.  I hope the group has helped.


Catch up with you next month, if I get the chance. Setting up the rescue place on next to nothing, takes some doing. People say I am too proud, because I WONT ACCEPT MONEY.  I want to show others, that with kindness, you can go a long way. So far I have managed it.


Wish the kitties luck!



7 years ago

barbara, you are an angel sent from God to watch over the animals. you do have your hands full. all your furbabies are blessed to have adopted you. god bless you my friend and your furbabies forever. it is my pleasure to know you.

7 years ago

KUDOS to you Barbara!! 



7 years ago



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