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How to Become a Professional Blogger
5 years ago
| Surprise Me I found this link and I am interested. I am posting here because DAC is most eclectic group and I thought some might have experience and know how in this venture.

5 years ago

Anyone can start writing words and call themselves a 'professional'.  Most bloggers I run across are just like us SS L.  Regular folks writing their views and thoughts about thing.


Obama has a few hundred bloggers out there promoting all kinds of propaganda.  Blogs are rarely about truth but if you like to write - like to share your thoughts with people it is a good thing to do.

5 years ago can be fun and is fine if that is what you want to do but, from my sister's experience (not mine personally) you invest more time than it is actually worth financially!  She is a brilliant writer (currently studying for her BA in Creative writing and English Literature) She is also very poor so tries anything (almost) to make a bit of cash. She tried this sort of thing and found it not worth it. Financially, that is, if you enjoy it, that is another matter.  She also started writing copy for websites for an organisation but found that she was actually working for about a quarter of minimum wage.


There is NO easy way to make money!!!! 

5 years ago

There is NO easy way to make money!!!!


At least not honestly


I still stand by what my elders told me... find something that you love to do then find someone to pay you for it.

5 years ago

That's sayin' a mouthful Lynn, there is no easy way to make money and writing for a living is even MORE IMPOSSIBLE!  BUT if one is compelled to write, and thus does so, that makes them a writer, for when they STOP  they are writer no longer. 

Tell sis practice makes perfect but it will be HER idea of perfect, not the professors'.  Grading writing is like critiqing a canvas or sculpture, it's all in the eye of the beholder. 

Fondly, ~ Alice-author-at-large

5 years ago

Well.....I didn't intend to disuade ANYONE from writing for pleasure!! But.....just think of all the great posthumously famous authors is all!!!


Oh bugger!! Just tried to send you a star Alice, but Care2 said "no"!

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5 years ago

I'm an aspiring author, currently doing my MA in Creative Writing at Bar-Ilan University in Israel.


Your sentiments are encouraging: "it's all in the eye of the beholder".


For money; I teach -- luckily I love it too. 


Have you 'published' any of your things on the net for us to read, Alice? (I've put a few of my poems on my profile page/share book.)


I thought of blogging but cannot seem to find the time between teaching, writing a set of English Comprehension text books, mom-ing 24/7 and studying fulltime.


I would not change my current life for riches .. writing, mom-ing, studying and teaching satisfy me deeply.

5 years ago
Hi Alice,


Alexandra R. has sent you a Green Star of appreciation!

You are receiving this Green Star for the post in the group David's Amsterdam Cafe:

"That's sayin' a mouthful Lynn, there is no easy way to make money and writing for a living is even MORE IMPOSSIBLE!  BUT if one is compelled to write, and thus does so, that makes them a writer, for when they......"



Thank you Alexandra.  As for whether I'm published, the answer is affirmative.  Can you read some of my writings on the web, another affirmative but with caveat: I disclose my name and there goes my anonymity here on Care2, something I treasure more than you would suspect.  So can you read some of my writings on the web, sure, but no you may not.


I am thrilled you consider writing to be worthy of time and effort, it is. Time well spent no matter what may come of the scribblings. Keep writing what you please and it will please someone else for sure. It certainly does me!   Best luck.

And thank you Lynn for your efforts in sending me a star, though denied. 


Please know both of you ladies are stellar in my book!(Literary license applied.  Currently I am working on a project that does not include Care2 groups or members thereof, and do not plan such endeavors,  do not fear.) ~ Alice

5 years ago

Thank you for your kind compliments - wow - from an accomplished author like yourself ..


Perhaps one day, I too would place such great store by privacy. But as for the moment, it took years of encouragement and courage to actually share any of what I write .. the internet makes it easier.


Alice, I'm also working on a project, a novel. I'm 2/3 done... It will be my first novel that I will endeavour to publish. I'm working on publishing it in at least two different languages; trickier than I anticipated. 


What's your project about in the broad sense? A novel, non-fiction, poetry ..

5 years ago

I usually have several writing projects going simultaneously because I bore easily. One is a pet project that strays from my genre.  It is a novel cookbook of sorts and my agent rolls their eyes when mentioned because I spend an inordinate time entertaining myself with it.  It is probable it will not be published. 

But to my serious end I am writer of non-fiction who uses humor to an advantage.  My resume also reflect speech writing; advertising; & the dreaded (aghast)screen-writing (...never been know as a cheap date!). 


Even though you live on the other side of the Earth from my whereabouts, I would find it amusing if my work has gone unnoticed by you. 

Alexandra, dear Alice has fed her ego so much today, she is belching unmercifully and has sinful indigestion from the rich overindulgence you have unwittingly invited her to partake in.  ...And it is beginning to uncomfortably feel like What's My Line....


To your 'inquiry: What's your project about in the broad sense?' 

Here is my short answer: Yes, ~ Alice-is-a-broad-that-has-no-sense.


lol Alice
5 years ago

He, he. I enjoyed both the video clip and your short exposé.

Were I to go through such an interrogation as on this video clip, would you then let us know? Salvador Dali was a very talented man!

Wow, what a resume .. I bet it is for a screen-writing that you're famous? 

I too, like having several projects on the go. Your cookbook one sounds marvelous! Don't give up only because your agent says 'no'. (I've actually written some odd, novel-like health and cookbook type pieces. Though not thoroughly in the 'humour' genre. Perhaps more within the satire genre.)

Wow, lovely and appreciated all that you've shared with us Alice. Thank you.

5 years ago

Yes......Dali was extremely talented, intelligent and completely bonkers!!!

5 years ago

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