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1950's Housewife Tries LSD
5 years ago
| Surprise Me

A “stable, well-balanced” housewife describes her experience after receiving a 100 gama dose of LSD-25 as part of government research — she served as a voluntary participant in clinical trials of the drug. She tries to express what she sees but unfortunately “can’t talk in technicolor.” She sums the journey up with, “I’ve never seen such infinite beauty…this is reality.”



video blurbgo to to find out more about the author, Don Lattin, and his book: The Harvard Psychedelic Club -- How Timothy Leary Ram Dass, Huston Smith and Andrew Weil Killed the Fifties and Ushered in a New Age in America.


"This book is the story of how three brilliant scholars and one ambitious freshman crossed paths in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the winter of 1960-61, and how their experiences in a psychedelic drug research project transformed their lives and much of American culture in the 1960s and 1970s".

5 years ago

"It would be all one if you weren't here." LOL!


The couple times I've taken it, I got some stomach cramping in the beginning, the high was amazing but the coming down was terrible.

5 years ago

I tried it once but I didn't experience any physical discomfort in 'the experience' at the outset, or coming down - my friends knew to make sure that LSD was a two part 'trip' - LSD and a 'downer' to take for the coming down part. Seconal worked very well


5 years ago

Hmm, well the last time I had taken it, I was at some outdoor concert. I remember people having set up camp with tents. Anyhow, a friend had driven myself and others for the day. It may have been CT or Mass...I don't remember, lol. I remember having a blast and thinking everything was beautiful while dancing in the rain in front of the outdoor stage to Max Creek. A friend had to come and grab me back to the car, lol. Maybe the bad coming down was also a result from being soaked in the cold rain?! Maybe a downer would have helped!

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