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some monetary meditations
4 years ago
| Surprise Me

In interviews with the financially successful, they don’t talk about doing it for the money. They speak of following passions, or sometimes, playing a game. Even when we think it’s about the money, it’s never about the money. It’s about what the money can buy.
What did you think of when you read that?
What does money mean to you?
It is a fungible matter. The reality is always elsewhere. Concepts like ownership are much more basic. We own objects that we see every day, have relationship with. This money fellow, he is not around. He’s just a messenger. You are just another stop on his route.
He is a government employee, a creature of state control and definitions. Like a stamp, proof of payment, of rightful expectation of the benefit paid for. Legal tender for all debts, as long as all creditors agree. Yes, legal fictions employ real force. That is only because we have agreed to our part in the system.
It’s not about greed. Not really. Unless we are stupid we understand this world is a dangerous place. Yes, there are indefensible attacks, earthquakes, tsunamis, asteroids, plague and famine. Yet the greatest threat in the everyday is from other people. “Hell is other people.” We fear from experience with the idiotic assholes we meet wherever we go. We figure out that we need power over them for self-protection. The push is for palpable power that will keep them at bay, whether weapons, wealth, position, reputation, whatever we can pull together that will impress them into rigid respect for our power.
Why wouldn’t that be a popular motivation? It is primal instinct to prevail, to do what takes to survive. Even when we transfer that survival need to a group or cause or ideal we still understand the benefits of power over any who might pose a threat. Especially then, we can feel righteous in our power.
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