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Reflecting on the Loss of Liberty
4 years ago

This is excellent

4 years ago

4 years ago

4 years ago

Maybe he should be helping jim deMint in revamping the GOP.


There is a Civil WAR within the GOP ....


Interventions are needed desparately and I believe the GOP will be better and stronger if all groups are equally heard and the platform embraces true conservatism.  

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4 years ago

"There is a Civil WAR within the GOP ...."

Oh yeah.

4 years ago

How about a simple platform that embraces LIMITED government, freedom and individual liberty... you know, those things the Constitution was written to protect and the feds blatantly and consistantly ignore.  That is the only "revamping" America needs. Screw the "parties" !!!  They have NO problem whatsoever in screwing you!

4 years ago

Nancy:  there is a great schism within the GOP ... the establishment is more like democrats as they are progressives and the libertarians embrace our foundations within the constitution.


Yes, there is a war within that party and that is why obama is deliberately baiting them to destroy them further. 


I hate this administration and history will PROVE he has destroyed this country and we are so far behind.  His foreign policy is a joke, he leads from behind and we are a joke.


try reading history books, read analysis on Obama's policies and don't read from the right as I know you would never open such a book.   I read everything from all angles and this man is a disaster for this country.     My lifestyle is slowly getting worse, let's see in four more years and be honest about your own person:  are you better off or worse?


This country is slowly going down and I believe the fast button will be accelerated this term.

4 years ago

The democrats count on those that are led and they don't want thinkers.


That is why it is so darn easy to manipulate the masses and they use all the touch buttons to infiltrate the society.  This president has incited more social divisions between classes of people to race, religion, etc. than anyone in political history.


This president who ran on transparency is the most clandestine, secretive president in history.

No one can match his record.


Problem was that the GOP ran a weak candidate again.  This time,  too many white voters stayed home and would not vote.  Obama did not win by great margins.  There are far too many within this country who distrust him and he is popular with groups who expect government assistance and want dependency.  


They don't realize that paternalism is the first step towards communism.  State control is getting stronger and individual freedom is diminishing because the government is deciding peoples' lives more and more.

4 years ago

" My lifestyle is slowly getting worse, let's see in four more years and be honest about your own person:  are you better off or worse?"

As is the lifestyle of many, but it goes back thirty years (possibly more).

I don't blame Obama for it but do blame "corporatism" that has been going on.

My family was pretty much traditional Republicans, not progressive at all.  But one by one they have moved away from the Republican party.  When I hear them called RINOs, I know there are problems.  But there already were...why do you think that Christie Todd Whitman wrote a book called "It's My Party Too"?

4 years ago

"The democrats count on those that are led and they don't want thinkers."

That sounds like the Tea Party of today.  More than the democratic party.

4 years ago

Just the opposite for me, the democrats NO longer represent me and I hate the way they moved so far to the left and everything is government control and more and more dependency promoted and this is paternalism.


The tea party is a mixed bag and they have no distinctive leadership as there are far too many factions.  The only tea party leader I liked and respected was Mark Meckler who left because of the war within that movement.   It appears that the republicans are at least thinking; they are at odds with one another and that tells me that there is internal reflection and I cannot say that for the democrats.    That party is definately paternal and leaning more and more communist.


They embraced george soros 50 yrs. ago and allowed him to hijack their party.


The republicans still have a chance to fight for individualism and personal freedom and liberty which is something alien to democrats.

4 years ago

Nancy, the Democrat party and the GOP are basically the same. Both want to use the power of the State to reward their special interests at the expense of the general population. The media goes along with it because they are rewarded for supporting the State.

Sheila. It wasn't Soros. He just takes advantage. This started over 100 years ago. Some might say 150 years ago. Advances made in technology and industry improved the conditions of the populace. That covered up that the fact that the State was drawing more and more resources and power to itself We are better off now despite what the State has been doing.

That's changing now. The State is now taking so much out of the economy that it has crippled the advances. This nation is running down. The more the government does to "help and protect" us the worse things get. The wealthy and connected are protection themselves. Notice both party's, especially the Democrat party, protected the Wall Street bankers that wrecked the economy? Not one was prosecuted for the widespread fraud. (See Dr William Black on the Black report for more on this). Watch that the people that work for the government will protect themselves with pay increases while the rest of the nation loses more ground.

4 years ago

Jim, I know that you view it that way.  I do see differences.  Differences that do matter to me.

SL- to me when I look at the politics of what Obama is doing- he seems about as liberal as Richard M. Nixon.  Of course, I am sure there were some who thought Nixon was a pinko commie.

I do see what you mean in terms of say education fudns from the federal government and such.  But, on the other hand, I would LOVE to see A levels and O levels here.  Oh wait- our students probably couldn't pass.

"Notice both party's, especially the Democrat party, protected the Wall Street bankers that wrecked the economy? Not one was prosecuted for the widespread fraud."

That I do agree with you on Jim.  I didn't see it at the time of the bail out.  I will say that I have no probalm with it (and I am sure that you do) EXCEPT that there should have been strings attached and yes, people prosecuted.

4 years ago

Nancy, if you don't mind me asking... what differences, how are they different, and if it's not being nosy to ask, why are they important to you - and are you seeing and enjoying those differences in in your life? Do, or would, those differences infringe on the liberties of others? 

I have a problem with the bailouts - big time.  We all worked our asses off to make money for the feds to steal from us via "income taxation," (and we are left to struggle making ends meet), which isn't 'enough' of course, so let's run up a $16 TRILLION debt! YEAH!

Nancy, you have no problem with Americans being saddled with $16 Trillion in debt - bailout dollars being a big chunck of it?

What was the reasoning behind your support of the bailouts?  How are we better off now, and why?  It was a big fat lie that if Wall Street banks went under it would crash the world economy.  It would have only crashed the BANKers' economy. Personally, if American workers are going to be forced to "bail out" anyone, I think the middle class retirement funds that got purged in '08 should have been "bailed out" - not the f'ing sociopaths who caused it.  I think that all went backasswards!  Wouldn't that bail out money be MUCH better spent making SS solvent?  Yes, I think so.

3 years ago

I don't blame Obama for it but do blame "corporatism" that has been going on. -Nancy

No, we can't blame Obama for the sytem.  Obama was elected, largely, to CHANGE the system.

What we must blame President Obama for is lying to the American people in '08 when he was begging them to elect him, spending $700 Million dollars to do it (HUGE giveaway). What we must blame President Obama for is not doing ONE SINGLE thing to CHANGE the system, to at least put a DENT in the crony-corporatism in government, to call off his DEA goons in the war on Cannabis, to tell his DOJ they are not to enforce anti-pot laws at the federal level. We must blame Obama for the innocents who'ved been murdered - non-combatants - in his continued and expanded completely unfunded warring around the Middle East. We must blame Obama for ignoring the U.S. Constitutional right to due process to make himself executioner of American citizens.

What we must blame Obama for is the inflation and devaluation of the dollar that has happened everytime he and Bernanke decide to print more funny money.  What we must blame Obama for is appointing the SAME people his predecessors appointed to positions of power in the Treasury, the FDA, the EPA, et al, (corporate elite execs at Wall Street, Big Ag, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, et al) instead of people who have no conflict of interest.

There is plenty to blame Obama for, that the economy is still getting worse not better, among them (the result of too much funny money, bailouts, and QE's forever). But then I'm sure he knows 'doing the right thing' has a good chance of getting him dead just like it did JFK almost immediately after he issued Silver Certificate currency, which was confiscated within weeks of his death.

(wtf is up with care2 and no paragraph breaks - sorry about that)

3 years ago

I find the tea baggers getting on my nerves more now than ever.   They are all pro-grover norquist to keeping the GWB tax cuts to the wealthiest people forever low.  Pretending this will create jobs when under GWB it was pathetic and the rich got richer.


Clinton had high tax rates for the wealthiest amongst us and jobs were booming.  So, their assanine excuse for creating jobs is lies and more lies and proves they are all in the pocket of the wealthy GOP lobbyists grover, koch bros. etc.


I hope the tea baggers lose big time in the next election and If obama is going to blame them which he will; he better be exact in his defammation and cite truths because people are all fed up with every single one of these arse holes in Wash. D.C. today!

3 years ago

We should also blame Obama for continuing US foreign policy, killing several hundreds of children by drones , and attacking foreign countries that did and do not pose any threat to the USA. Violating the US constitution on this and in other matters. We should blame Obama for refusing to prosecute criminals on Wall Street that are clearly guilty of massive fraud.

There is a VERY long list that Obama is responsible for.

3 years ago

There is plenty of blame to go around which befit both parties and what you cite above pertains to GWB as well.

3 years ago

But GWB isn't president any more. Obama is and has been for FOUR years, and he's done zero to reverse course on any of GWB policies. He's tamped them up instead. That's on him. Period.

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