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US Cities Becoming Gang Zones
4 years ago

"We don't have a gun problem in America.What we have is a gang problem."

4 years ago

David;  gangs have been a problem for a very long time.  It is up to a mayor, the people and police to get control.  In MA, gangs have dispersed all over the state now instead of remaining in Boston where there was an outright war against gangs.   Gangs will be there as long as drugs are traded because they are closely associated. 


Good programs need to be advanced to get the potential gang members who are very young turned around before they get initiated.


I worked at Suffolk County House of Corrections, Boston and they were all gangbangers there.

They graduate to Walpole once they get convicted of murder and that is real hard time.

At Suffolk County, they are immersed in programs all day.

It is on MSNBC, Lock up series.  I find it interesting to see different states handling this problem using incarceration. 

4 years ago

Legalize drugs and the gang problem gets reduced..

4 years ago

They just legalized MJ here and they are opening the 35 stores where you can grow it and buy it ... they actually did it this time as it was on ballot before but nothing done.  This time it is definately being done.


Gangbangers deal in heroin and cocaine, mostly heroin.  I don't think any state is going to legalize heroin.   If you want to get off heroin, there are plenty of methadone clinics all over the place.  Heroin is a big problem.

4 years ago

They won't (willingly) decriminalize so- called "illegal drugs," SL, because it's not about ending crime that was INVENTED by the state and cheered by the statists.  It's all about RACISM, REVENUE and "job security."  Period. 

4 years ago

Marijuana stores are being set up now in MA and time will tell how they work.

That statement is over-the-top Katii.  I think people who deal in drugs are criminal.  That is their means of employment to be drug dealers and they don't care who they sell it to and some of this stuff is poisen.  Why do you think the ERs are full of over-dosed clients everyday?



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