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BREAKING ~ Martial Law Declared For NE States

As of 5:00 PM EST Friday, authorities in multiple Northeastern US states have implemented martial law, due to “the weather.”

Facing up to one year in jail and a $1000 fine for merely driving their own cars on public streets and highways, citizens in various areas within the New England region have been hit with executive orders, threatening residents with criminal penalties if they leave their homes and attempt to drive during the current snowstorm.

read more:


H.A.A.R.P. weather modification used to impose M.L. ???

H.A.A.R.P. Status U.S.:

And yet the press and most Northeasters are unaware.

BTW, you can make things up and post them on the internet, but that does not make them real.

I dunno on which planet you live Nancy.

THIS is planet Earth.....

This is one of the reasons they wanted people off the roads.  I really do not believe they meant do not walk out of your house.

first time ever a governor did Martial Law, it was a fine of 1 year in prison if caught driving if you were not suppossed to be, only hospital, first time responders, etc. were to be out and you had to be heading for work only.

1 year in jail?

The penalties definitely are harsh.  I wonder if push came to shove they would actually be implemented.  But seriously, people who are on the roads in this type of weather who do not need to be, put others as well as themselves at risk. 

They clog the roads making it impossible for clean up.

You know us Sheila, we need to be up and running.  Idiots who get in the way, slow the process up tremendously. 

I do believe this was more of a scare tactic to keep people off the roads than anything else.

Planet New Jersey reporting....

Although with the above said.  I think a state of emergency would have sufficed.  Marshall law is over the top.   To say it was Northeast states is over the top as well.  Did New York, New Jersey declare it?  um...

Actually when I checked news feeds, there was no martial law.  There were snow emergencies declared.  That is a different thing than martial. 


"I dunno on which planet you live Nancy."


I live on planet earth.  Reality.  Formerly a resident of NY and CT and RI.  States where I still have family members who were snowed in.  States, at least NY, where there is NO martial law.


And as both SL L and Suzane have pointed out- there was a reason to declare a snow emergency. I have been through several snow emergenices and have been ordered to stay in doors and not drive (could get out and walk and did so). 


Did they decalre martial law?  Not that I have seen in the news on TV, radio, or internet.  Maybe Suzanee and SL L can provide a factual link to such a declaration.  I did just double check and am not seeing one.  Definitely not martial law where my NYers mother lives. 


Writing blogs claiming that there is martial law doesn't make it so. 

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Meaning of State of Emergency differs... Not unusal

"New York State Declares A State Of Emergency"

Conn and Mass did also. 


2ed time this year for NY


"Gov. Cuomo declares state of emergency amid deadly flu outbreak"
Feds too:
"Federal state of emergency declared in Conn. after record-breaking snow pounds the Northeast "

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State of Emergency is completely different than what is being suggested here.

Those cars getting stuck cost the taxpayer alot of money in wasted resources and down time of plowing until removed.  In this part of the world we need our roads open.

Martial law is different:

Martial law is the imposition of military rule by military authorities over designated regions on an emergency basis.

Martial law is usually imposed on a temporary basis when the civilian government or civilian authorities fail to function effectively (e.g., maintain order and security, or provide essential services), when there are extensive riots and protests, or when the disobedience of the law becomes widespread.

So......Not Martial Law. There is confusion here because in a number of countries a "State of Emergency" can give the same authority as Martial Law does. Indeed, the term was used in the USA in earlier times to do just that: give police state powers to the government. This has happened a number of times and often meant the suspension of Habeas Corpus illegally. This was done by Lincoln, Wilson, FDR and Truman.


Precedent was set under Lincoln who suspended Habeas Corpus without Congressional authorization as a State of Emergency.. This action was overturned by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in a Federal circuit court. Lincoln again set a precedent by refusing to comply with the court and by doing so undermined the rule of law and the US Constitution. Suspension of Habeas Corpus falls under Article 1 section 9 which is solely a legislative power.


Several years later (1865) the full Supreme Court again found Lincoln's action to be unconstitutional but the damage had been done. Later POTUS would continue the usurpation of Congressional authority,

The only place I can find anything about Martial Law being declared is on the same sites that talk about FEMA trains taking us away in the same breathe.

Massachuesetts declared a state of emergency.

Parsifal, what you do is dangerous and dishonest.   What I wonder is how many people actually follow and believe your bullshyte.  Of course you can spread whatever you wish.  Like Nancy says it doesn't make it true. 

Well, if you look at other groups that have this post- you will see all the nutjobs that fall for it. 

Who remembers the blizzard of '78?

Rhonda, does that have anything to do with declaring a state of emergency because of a major blizzard that dumped up to 40" of snow on some areas? 

What Parsifal posted here was a dramatic embellishment of what really was going on.  Your post above has nothing to do with this event.

You know there are serious issues that get undermined by rantings that have nothing to do with the event at hand. 

Suzanne before you call someone dishonest, you should check the facts he provided.

For instance,

I can not call you a government shill or a software programm created by IBM employed by the PentaGram to control honest and good-hearted but gullible people in s.c. social networks because I do not know for sure Suzanne...

What I think belongs to me and should not be published.
Also I would highly recommend to say nothing when you have absolutely nothing to say.

Fact is, I posted an article by 'The Examiner', a mainstream media that reported the (true) story of Martial Law in the NE of the USSA first.

If you had read my article, you would have found that link in the bottom of my article.

So this is what I can say.

Here's again the referential source I added in my blog in order to warn Americans:

It is sad for me to observe how America is in such a declining trend in all aspects of society.

And state of denial.

Is there something in your drinking water ?

This statement does of course not apply to Rhonda R. and Dr. Jim

Actually, not only do you concern me, but you also crack me up

Yea, I'm a government shill.

I agree with you on one thing the state of society is sad.  Not exclusively American either.

My drinking water is delicious but thanks for the concern.

You may think I have nothing to say of importance and all I really can say to that is the feeling is mutual. 

Fact is, I posted an article by 'The Examiner', a mainstream media that reported the (true) story of Martial Law in the NE of the USSA first.

The fact is they declared a state of emergency, not martial law.  There wasn't military lined up to shoot us down if we exited our homes.  The state of emergency was declared because these idiots who drive and get stuck in the snow; die, cause clean up issues because the clutter their car leaves on the highway, put emergency workers at risk trying to save their stupid ass, use more tax resources.

Not martial law...

Right, just because  someone put martial law in the title doesn't make it so.


"Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick also signed an executive order banning all non-essential motor vehicle travel statewide beyond 4 p.m., believed to be the first such travel ban since the blizzard of 1978, according to the Associated Press.


Connecticut's Gov. Dannel P. Malloy imposed a travel ban of his own Friday on the state's limited access highways and deployed National Guard troops around the state for rescues or other emergencies."


Maybe Massachusetts hasn't had one since 1978, but I have lived through two whil I lived in New Englad.  One in CT and one in RI.  Travel bans.  NOT martial law.


"I can not call you a government shill or a software programm created by IBM employed by the PentaGram to control honest and good-hearted but gullible people in s.c. social networks because I do not know for sure Suzanne..."


LOL, I think you just did. 

As I pointed out, in NY a "State of Emergency" was  declared for the flu. It wasn't an outbreak of the plague.   IMO, the real point here is that the term is misused by the government.  Every problem cannot be an "Emergency:".  It detracts from the message.  Eventually, people become immune to the words, and when the real thing happens, .....they ignore danger.  A version of the boy who cried "wolf". 


The vast majority of people used common sense in this event.  They stayed off the roads.  There will always be idiots.  Invoking a "State of Emergency" does not cure stupidity.   Else the people of this country should declare a "State of Emergency" exisits in the government...........

Come to think of it....................

Invoking a state of emergency allows for certain actions to take place.  This is not about the flu.  This is it's own instance Jim.  Putting this in place, for example, allows you to leave work without your boss getting pissed at you, so you can get off the road earlier.  Just one example.

This wasn't a conspiracy, it was an emergency in some areas.  You know coming from this area as well as I do what 40", 30", 20" of snow will do.  That is why this bothers me so much.  Sometimes things need to be put in place. 

Do you want your tax dollars being used while a plow driver (on overtime) sits and waits for a car to be removed?  I don't.

Parsifal was selling up there that Martial Law was put in place.  It wasn't.  It sets a picture that is not true.  Terminology or not.

Rhonda, Was martial law declared?   No it wasn't...

This case is it's own and was an emergency situation for some states.  Obviously, you don't share that opinion and it's fine.  It wasn't martial law. 

What exactly does this have to do with what was originally posted?  Nothing directly.

"Putting this in place, for example, allows you to leave work without your boss getting pissed at you, so you can get off the road earlier.  Just one example."

Exactly.  And when I lived in RI, I knew people that were NOT allowed to leave during the blizzard of 1978 and got stuck on I-195.  The one woman spent three days. there. 

Of course, (and this is for Suzanne), they also told me it was worse in RI because the union snow plow drivers were on strike.  That is what I was told anyway, I have not tried to verify that.

This is one state declaring a state of emergency.  It is not on a federal level and only encompassed states that were in a state of emergency due to extremely bad weather/road conditions.  I am not positive but it probably isn't even standing anymore.  I'll have to check on that.  Certainly not martial law.  Not a federally declared state of emergency either.

This is fairly common for natural weather disaster situations to occur and be declared by a mayor or a governor for their area only.  To take the situation and hype it up....

I think when you take a legitimate matter and smoosh it all up with all you suggest it muddies that waters on real, not real and detracts from issues.

Rhonda, it is clear you are discussing what you want to and it is not what I am referring to at all.  Massachusetts never declared Martial Law.  It was hype to suggest something other than the truth.  That is all I am talking about.

I  understand in these situations you do lose certain rights for a moment or two.  Hardly the military cracking down on us.  The Massachusetts situation is what I refer to.  A state level action is what I refer to.

I think the sky is falling.

I'll call my governor....

It is a red/severe alert day.

Ok, we are completely off the hook here...gonna check out.

Was anyone charged with a crime during that blizzard?  I don't know.  Did they go through an indictment process?  I bet they did if they were charged with a crime.


"In the United States, it is called the War Powers.

If that was, in fact, the case, and we are under a war emergency in this country"


Nope, that was not the case, not at all.

I can not call you a government shill or a software programm created by IBM employed by the PentaGram to control honest and good-hearted but gullible people in s.c. social networks because I do not know for sure Suzanne...

I am running out now to get reprogrammed.  I'll try to make it back if my government handlers allow it.

"I don't understand why you don't get my point?"

Because you have confused Katrina (A disaster in the US) with foreign policy that had nothing to do with Katrina?

Because you seem to be confused about the difference between a state ordered "state of emergency" and Federal Martial Law?

Actually... was federal for Conn.  "The storm dumped at as much as 3 feet of snow on Connecticut, paralyzing much of the state. President Barack Obama declared a state of emergency for the state, allowing federal aid to be used in recovery."


Rhonda, did it ever occur to you that declaring these States of Emergency is because of disasters such as the blizzard of 1978, various hurricanes inlcuding Katrina and Sandy, and other sorts of things that have SHUT DOWN localities simply because people were idiots. And people died and proerties were ruined.  I do have to admit that Ray Nagin did not do New Orleans any favors though.


YEah, people survived and people still will survie. 


'A week ago some idiot was burning trash on a windy day near my neighbor's farm.'


And I am sure you are opposed to fire bans like they have up here during drought.  Because you want to be free to burn your trash, house, yard, and others pasture, animals, and others. 

This post was modified from its original form on 12 Feb, 11:54

Nobody forced anyone to stay in New Orleans.  Anyone with transporation could have left. 

Yes Katrina was a "State of Emergency" not "Martial Law"

Contrary to many media reports at the time, martial law was not declared in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, because no such term exists in Louisiana state law. However, a State of Emergency was declared, which does give unique powers to the state government similar to those of martial law. On the evening of August 31, 2005, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin nominally declared "martial law" and said that officers didn't have to observe civil rights and Miranda rights in stopping the looters.[23] Federal troops were a common sight in New Orleans after Katrina. At one point, as many as 15,000 federal troops and National Guardsmen patrolled the city. Additionally it has been reported that armed contractors from Blackwater USA assisted in policing the city.[24]


The point here is what happened as a result.  Some might think those things were good.  I don't. 

Yes: under "State of Emergency"

Feds Find ‘Systemic Violations of Civil Rights’ by New Orleans Police Department

I had two friends that worked relief in New Orleans at the time.  Both were shocked to see police and blackwater disarming people door to door in poor neighborhoods when there were widespread breakins, murders and violence in these same areas.  These were not people on the street.  Many were scared older folks hunking down in their own homes.   Yes.....under s"State of Emergency".   

Again, I'm just saying there should be a better defined use of "State of Emergency". Some other term  that does not envoke so much authority by the government.   LIMITS on what they can. 

"I still can't understand why they stayed Nancy....I think they were just too stupid to leave.That mindset is the govt. is going to step in and save them is dangerous.  "


i don't think it is the government at all.  People have hurricane parties for god's sake.  People do dumb things.  They ski ahead of an avalanche thinking if won't get them.  They go out looking for twisters. 


"I'm just saying there should be a better defined use of "State of Emergency". Some other term  that does not envoke so much authority by the government."


I have never thought of it aa "authority by the government" so much as common sense and a sense ofbeing able to really deal with emergencies without "the public" getting in the way.  Ambulances and such are not government.  Yes, police are- but locally.

This post was modified from its original form on 12 Feb, 12:33

An other point Rhonda how could state authorities impose Martial law when martial applies for decades already ?

Wonder that people simply do not get to the point.

Oh, yeah, maybe it has to do with the American Dream ?

Catrina was an interesting time.  I definitely believe a corrupt local government and overzealous federal government overstepped their authority in that one.  There was some crazy shazizle going on though. 

I am not convinced that calling a state of emergency does not help in keeping people from going out and getting in the way and into trouble during these storms.  I think it keeps people in more than not. 

Rhonda, I agree with you that storms of the past were as bad or worse.  No state of emergencies called then.  I do believe we have become a wimpy society.

When Sandy hit us.  My area had no aide or assistance from government sources or utilities.  It was about 7 days before the first tree cutters and utilities came through.  We as a neighborhood, cleared trees from roads, from homes etc. in the areas that we could.  There are still resiliant and reliable people out there.

I am not big on government interaction in my life.  However, there is a time and a place for it.  I think these state of emergencies help keep people out of the way, which ultimately results in quicker clean up.  Having lived through some major storms over the last two years, I know what they do to a town budget.  The quicker things can get done the better.

Back to the original thought of this post though.  I dont have a problem with a state of emergency being call by the state governments if they see fit or a need to do so.  I have to check into that Connecticut situation Jim mentioned, I am unaware of it and have not read about it.  Will do so though.

Rhonda, I really think that people are going to do what they will.  At least until  cop shows up to make them go inside. 

"It's like this last wildfire season when they were evacuating homes in Colorado.  Some people chose to stay and try to save their homes."

But isn't that exactly what your friends husband did?  Drive home to help her save the animals?  Is it dumb in Colorad or New Orleans but "his right" when it is the neighbors farm?

Nancy, I agree with you that people will do what they wish.  They lack common sense and courtesy.  They act without regard for consequence to themselves or others.

With regard to your neighbor, Rhonda, to be honest I would have tried to rush in to save what's mine as well.  The firemen were on scene already doing their part, what was it this guy could do that wasn't being done already though?  I know it's his and he wants to protect it.  They were on scene dealing with it.  It seems he got through anyway.  He had to deal with someone who was not happy with his actions, but was he reprimanded in any way for his part?

This post was modified from its original form on 12 Feb, 13:19

I can see the husband wanting to move the animals while teh firefighters foughts the flames. 

And especially since it was one person and not the whole twon coming out to watch.

Sorry Rhonda, I misinterpreted.  ANd obviously they made the choice to stay and had some freedom to stay.

IN my area, there are frquent burn bans because of drought.  In my town and surrounding country when I was growing up- no burning allowed. 

Exactly because of this thing. 

Rhonda, I am glad your friends made it through.  I would have saved my stuff too.

The windy thing...there you have it no common sense or courtesy.  People are selfish and dumb.  They don't think through the consequences of their actions.

OUr fireworks were banned this year too because of the drought.  That was kind of sad. 

We are not allowed to buy or sell fireworks in New Jersey at all.  Not even those cute little sparkler things.  Back in the day, when we were it was great.  We were careful.  Now all we cn do is light a candle for excitement, whoopie!

Rhonda, I dealt with damage to our home, property and business through personal insurance.  FEMA was less then available.  The loans they offer are pathetic.  You can do better at a bank. 

I can agree with you about FEMA abnd the national Guard.

Locally is best.  The National Guard does a great job.

Then there was that fiasco over non union help coming in to NJ and LI.  Still don't know if it was a paperwork confusion or an attempt to keep union scale wages.  You'd think with all the disasters they would have worked out details like this and get the repairs done ASAP.  Qualified people want to help?  Let them.  Everyone is afraid of getting second guessed and having legal action against them.  Very sad.

Well you do have to abide by Union rules in Jersey if you want to do that kind of work, even in emergency situations.  Sad!  They claim it was paperwork issues.

I get alot of grief for my feelings on the unions.  I think if everyone dealt with Jersey unions, maybe I wouldn't get so much.

Power and protection over common sense and helping in an emergency situation.

it was a very thorought snow removal, people actually abided by the governor and stayed off the roads as that does produce massive problems esp. when there is extreme wind and the snow was drifting massively.

things back to normal much quicker than expected as people listened and stayed off roads, stayed home.

for a big storm, you would not know it by today. good organization and cops were on loud speakers saying for drivers to be home by 4 pm as there was a driving ban. Also, NO cars allowed to park on main streets, tow in effect.

This post was modified from its original form on 13 Feb, 7:34

Rhonda, snow is play time for many, including myself.  I often laugh at when some states get snow of 1"-3" and have to shut down.  Not that it is funny for them, but it is a dusting for us.

People would be out for sure and probably still were even with the order in effect.

Sheila, glad you guys are getting back to normal.

We do freak out here in Indiana with 3 inches of snow.  Well, not me- I grew up near Buffalo.  But there aren't enough plows- many hills, very poor rural roads.  School will have a two hour delay or be canceled.  Don't want a School bus to end up in a ravine with kids on board. 

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